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Ungimping the Gimp, part 3

(As an aside, the above video is my first HTML5 YouTube embed, because it puts flash playback to shame on my Netbook. Technology advances ever onward!) I used The Gimp for a few solid hours this morning. Observsations: GEGL grinds The Gimp to a halt. I have no idea if it is tied to the […]

"And now that I’m older…"

“Ware ye, inquisitor! Stay thy hand; still thy tongue; hold thyself to silence lest ye awaken the dread beast Fanboi.” Wake Up by The Arcade Fire just popped up on my playlist. It is as good a reason to write a blog post as any. So, dear reader(s). Here’s a fun fact: I can make […]

It isn’t you, it’s me.

I mostly skip out on my social obligations because I get depressingly bored and cannot tell the bulk my cousins apart (the Bohermore crowd excepted!). The norm in my family has become: Invite Mark to [gathering]. Breathe a quiet sigh of relief when Mark expresses mild surprise at the invite but politely declines the invitation. […]

Fuck it!

I’m painfully typing this on my iPod because Windows and ITunes have been painful ass pains all night long. Who’d have thought it would take me over an hour and finally having to use a second machine to set up a new, Irish, iTunes account because iTunes is a steaming piece of shit? Steve – […]

Oh, software

Disclaimer: I’ve been furious since I came home from 091 Labs last night to discover that somebody had daubed Killer with motor oil. What kind of retarded asshole gets a thrill from doing shit like this? So, software. I tend to look at software in incredibly negative terms; terms such as What features in this […]


Making a honeypot on Twitter to catch spambots is always surreal. Think about it for a second. I’m effectively walking down the main street of town screaming out random words with a gun in my hand. “Jihad! Obama! SEO! Ranking! Google! Taliban! Jesus!”. Finally somebody leaps out of the crowd saying, “I really like the […]

Ungimping the Gimp #3

Ungimping the Gimp #1 Ungimping the Gimp #2 Well welcome to part four of this one-part series on The Gimp, one of the jewels of the open-source community and maybe the finest FOSS raster editor. Here is how I save a single-layer .JPG file in Adobe Photoshop after I open it, say to sharpen it: […]

Trust is the sound of the soul’s last breath

(Gorgeous quote from Lord of Chaos, above) I have disabling trust issues. I’ve been told this by family. And friends. Coworkers and associates too. By my wife and her family, friends, coworkers, and associates. And, recently, a mental health worker whose judgement I respect and trust. The problem is that while I am in no […]

Half a step left…

…two steps forward and a hop to the right after a quarter turn counter-clockwise. I’ve been abnormally disaffected and out of sorts since those obfuscous (new real word squee!) hours between today and yesterday. Everything is a quarter turn in the wrong direction. Case in point: I have access to something that has been of […]

The top 10 badass objects in the universe, #1

No matter how far back you go in my life, you’ll discover that I have this absolutely unshakable adoration for the universe as a whole, the exploration of our solar system (and beyond!) and an unimpeachable respect for ever woman and man who has been involved in this great work. The most powerful memories of […]

More vistas of Azeroth!

All from the Outland, today: Auchinduon, Nagrand (again) and Terokkar Forest.


This was my hypothetically conjectured yesterday: This was my empirically observed yesterday: /prologue It has been a quarter of a year since May. A full season of three months! In May I started a major on- and offline panic because I openly discussed hanging myself before taking off for a full day to a photowalk […]

Minor thing:

I’m making a small change to this blog that will only add to your own pleasure in reading this humble page, dear reader(s): I’m going to serve images from Dropbox instead of uploading via Tumblr so as to enjoy a larger size that Tumblr’s mandated 500 pixels limit. You get larger images (and maybe a […]

Writing Light

Finally, I update my own blog. On this Sunday August 15th coming I will be at 091 Labs holding a talk on photography entitled Writing Light. Writing Light is a recounting of the separate histories of the camera obscura, the precursors to photography, photography itself. I also explore the state of the modern photographic art […]

We’re on the radio!

Barry and Oisin will be on Galway Bay FM tonight from 7-8pm as guests on the Art Show. They’ll be discussing our Hackerspace week, my talk (woo!), my photowalk and all of the other great stuff 091 Labs are doing over the next month. Unfortunately for the technical elite, none of Galway Bay FM’s Internet […]

"Caution: May cause drowsiness."

No shit? On Thursday I blogged that my hospital’s psychiatric consultant was going to move me away from just Lexapro and onto a combination of Lustral and Zispin because of my severe sleep upsets caused by Lexapro. I gave the script to my doctor for ratification on Thursday evening. On Friday morning I collected the […]

Oh yeah: The talk?

Not done. I was supposed to have polished it off this afternoon. I’m fucked. You’re fucked. This whole department’s fucked. /whip crack

Monday, 2am

I’m wide-awake and sitting in the kitchen trimming my nails while the kettle boils. Then I will consume delicious instant noodles. As an aside: I really miss Nong Shim; Nong Shim are as of yet the only brand of instant noodle that have gazed into my crepuscular soul and found something to love. Yes, the […]

Deserving plug for a newbie blogger

Link: Deserving plug for a newbie blogger <p> Quick! Click! Comment! Link! Retweet and repost!

Garrett at 11 months

Photographs by Mariah Clanton.

The top 10 badass objects in the universe, #2

It began as “amazing”. Ended as “badass”. Sorry, English professors. In part 1 of this series I mentioned RX J1856.5-3754, neutron strange quark star that lies about 400 light years from Earth away off in the constellation of the southern crown. Today I’m sticking closer to home: Titan “Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet.” Fact: Arrakis is […]

I am a Dwarf

Well sure. I’m short, stout, claim Scottish ancestry, boast a quaint Celtic accent, and have been known to scream “Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!” and swing an axe when flustered. But I have come before you here today to talk about how I am a whole different kind of Dwarf. As well. J.R.R. Tolkien divided up […]

The Texan

Link: The Texan This is another deserving plug for another deserving friend. Now, dammit Jenny, go post more often.

Filling that big ol’ hole

One Mister Yarrumk will appreciate the title. For those not in on the joke, all I’ll say is that white holes, black holes and our inability to differentiate between them by measurement of Hawking radiation alone are nature’s own double entendre. Mandatory crudeness aside I do have a hole in need of filling in regards […]

The hole…fills!

Earlier today, I did some out-loud thinking about what my archiving needs are and how I might fill them. I wound up openly re-evaluating my attachment to Dropbox. I’ve returned here to re-evaluate that. So exactly what was it I wanted? My Dropbox in transparent, friendly Dropbox-on-my-desktop form on a shared/public computer. Protection against other […]


I have been very ungracious a guest over the past week with my extended World of Warcraft binge. While it felt very very good to finally plumb the depths of three years of pent up desire to log in, shut down and play for a few days on end, I was ultimately being rude to […]

Why, god, why?


On the table beside are my totems for a night of blogging: Ibuprofen, to kill my headache. Water, with which to swallow the Ibuprofen. Red Bull, caffeine to complement the Ibuprofen. Lexapro, because. After last week’s fuck-up with Zispin, I’ve gone back to wondering if I’ll ever be fixed. Not just depression fixed. Fixed fixed. […]

HOWTO: The Intranet Condom (with Dropbox)

Thanks go to Jenny for the colourful title of this fun little Dropbox hack. So earlier in the week I blogged about my simultaneous desire have seamless access to my remote Dropbox account while simultaneously preventing nefarious local access. Tonight I found a great solution. Dropbox on demand, streaming live to the Internet with zero […]

For the record…

I hate – fucking despise – any kind of wireless connection configuration on a Linux beyond these three steps: /etc/rc.d/networkmanager start nm-applet & Browse for, and connect to, my wireless network. I cannot give an explanation for this deep, irrational fury beyond it triggers a claustrophobia-like itch and ticks off that mental checklist for “bad […]

Panoramas of Ironforge and Stormwind

More Vistas!

This time I’m going in for a fisheye-chic of Ironforge and Stormwind:

The first step in any quality Ubuntu installation:

sudo su apt-get remove openoffice* There was also a whole bunch of other crap that I took out too – Canonical and Ubuntu could stand to have a slim, minimal net-based installer that lets me skip the junk.


It’s a bit of a running joke on Twitter that each time I say “fuck” my blog’s traffic has a small spike. Beyond that, ignoring the vulgarity, fuck is a surprisingly expressive word. You can load it down with any kind of nuance and reflection and then interject it into almost any kind of conversation: […]


I just had something of a deja vu experience: Calming down a child who has just woken up frightened from a nightmare. I – being a quasi-insomniac who just keeps odd hours – was awake anyways reading a book when I started to imagine I was hearing a voice. I ignored it. “Why,” you ask, […]

I’m sick

I’ve spent eighteen out of the last twenty-four hours unconscious and the back of my throat feels like a xenomorph has been drooling acid down there for most of it. Daddy needs teh Lemsip.


Telephony isn’t a huge deal for me, partly because I harbour a terrible anxiety about phoning strangers, and partly because emailing, instant messaging, tweeting or even calling around to talk in person is so much more convenient. However it is still important to maintain a phone connection for both employer and emergency family contacts, although […]

Netbook interfaces

I’ve always interpreted being a power user as being a person who know exactly and precisely what they want their computer to do for them, and having the means to extract just that. As a power user I want an abject lack of distractions and annoyances from my user interface coupled with the ability to […]