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Google’s voice search…

…is pure fucking hilarity. So I signed up for a VOIP service so I can keep in touch with Mariah and the kids in the U.S.A., and to that end I picked up a microphone attachment for my iPod. Call quality via Fring has been excellent. Chatting hands-free has been excellenter. Being able to freely […]

The top ten badass objects in the universe, #3

Just as I did coming out of part one and into part two I want to briefly go back and show up something new and cool about Titan: The above link takes to you to a news article explaining how the Hale Telescope at California’s Palomar observatory captured a occultation of two distant stars by […]

Ignite the West!

I have offered myself up as a virgin sacrifice speaker at Friday’s coming Ignite the West event, hosted (of course) at 091 Labs. For the majority of people completely unfamiliar with the format of Ignite, it is a five-minute long public talk accompanied by a slideshow presentation. Twenty slides. Fifteen seconds per slide. Get it […]


Oh gods, but what a horrible flashback to my early Linux days and my nightmares of dependency hell. Package A would require package B. Package B would require package C. It was one of the things that drove me away from Linux during my first The proliferation of Linux package managers – Portage, Aptitude, Pacman, […]

Galway photowalk: Final details

I have the final up on the 091 Labs blog. The weather forecast isn’t too promising, with a positive mixture of rain and thunder promised. Joy. If all else fails we can retreat to the Labs and while away the day talking about photography. The time and place is 10am at the Labs, should you […]

Internet privacy: The great white whale

*One, two, three, four, I declare a backfill post. I originally wrote this in 2010 almost immediately after my first Ignite talk. I left out a great deal from in and around that night, so I have corrected some bad grammar in the post below, and added my expanded thoughts on this below the break. […]

Caira and Garrett at a water park!

Photographs by Mariah Clanton.

Blogging hat: On

A quick glance at my drafts shows nothing piled up – yay! I have tons to say today, woe for you.

Put your Ubuntu buttons back where they belong

Link: Put your buttons back where they belong. In Ubuntu. I seriously wind up fucking Googling this at least once a week, so here you go, me. A handy link right on your blog!


Spacetrawler is one of the newest and most perversely funny webcomics currently out there on the Internet. Started on January 1 of this year (2010) by Christopher Baldwin, a former MAD Magazine illustrator. The comic, bluntly, is all fucked up, with a cast who includes coyote-eating survivalist, a sleazy Russian who will sleep with anyone […]

The photowalk was a huge success!

A small big success, but none the less big for its smallness. Some people might call it a small success, but they aren’t thinking big. I mean, is a success a success despite its lack of success? Yes. Is a success a big success in the face of arbitrary declarations of smallness? Also yes. So […]

We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… ‘This Land’.

I think we should call it… your grave! Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE! Real defense is best handled in-depth, or so my years of video gaming have taught me. Identify any avenue for attack by an enemy and utterly remove that avenue. Then […]

Tumblr is aimed at micro-blogging…

…but I somehow utterly fail at banging out less than 500 words at a time. Fail fail. House is back on television tonight, Fringe is back on Thursday and Stargate: Universe will be back on next week. All is well.

Jupiter and Europa

Conjunctions aren’t what I usually pay a great deal of attention, but tonight (September 10) will mark Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth for both the past, and next, fifty years. Despite my best attempts to convince people on Twitter that Jupiter will be larger than the full Moon at perigee, the gas giant won’t be […]

Photography @091labs

Straight from my message to the 091 Labs mailing list, slightly edited for context: This is The Official Announcement for a four-twelve week photographic course that will try to blitz through the basic portions of digital and film photography, film development, digital post-processing, print preparation and (online) presentation. Roughly and somewhat sardonically, the modules are […]


Nothing frightens, titillates and thrills like a prescription antidepressant that: Requires a liver function test before you can take it. Carries a starkly-worded paragraph about what signs of mania or dementia I should watch out for in myself, in the initial weeks. I’ll hazard a guess and say that I am probably expected to cloister […]

Cataclysmic Warlocks

Every World of Warcraft player associates themselves with a class. Even if they may have a clade of alternate characters to their name, you can put them against a wall and make them pick one. For me, it is the Warlock, a damage-oriented class who works through indirect means such as demonic pets and damage-over-time […]


Please Don’t Capitalize Every Word in a Sentence When You Are Trying to Make a Point. It makes you look like a fucking moron.


I can’t quite put my finger on why I think so, but I suspect that there may be a bug in how Blizzard’s iOS Armory application renders my character in 3D. ;)