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I was asleep for four hours…

…but those four hours somehow felt epic. The head-and-throat ache I woke up with were certainly epic. Bleah. I am house-and-cat sitting for Frank. Tomorrow morning I will be Ella sitting for Jennifer. So. I am awake and a-blogging. Remember the Valdoxan? It hasn’t ruined my sleep pattern! I am beginning to set early and […]

Highlighting Plumes

Highlighting Plumes “The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Dec. 25, 2009. The view was obtained at a distance of approximately 617,000 kilometers (383,000 miles) from Enceladus and at a Sun-Enceladus-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 174 degrees. Image scale is 4 kilometers (2 miles) per pixel.”


I was perfectly hale when I arrived in Loughrea on Thursday night at seven o’clock. By eight o’clock I was in bed sick and sleep. This sucked because I was babysitting both Ella and Frank’s cat Scratchy (I’m not sure who was harder to keep an eye on). Friday? Mostly not so bad. It felt […]

Add Cygwin to Windows 7 taskbar

Link: Add Cygwin to Windows 7 taskbar This is the most inordinately useful tip that I have discovered today. Thank you, Google.

Surface Detail

Was it? Yes it was! Surface Detail was on the bookshelf at my local store. /squee

You are here

Well. I am. This is a chunk of my main Minecraft map as outputted in an isometric viewpoint by the wonderful Cartograph utility. The image has been cropped and brightened from the original, which was indeed dull. On one hand it was heartily humbling just to see the size of my home base against the […]

Meriadoc, 2006-2010

Hi Mark, i unfortunately have some bad news. Murphy was very ill he had pyothorax which is a rare infection in the lung cavity. There was nothing shy of a painful drawn out $3000 proceedure and hospitalization to do for him. Pyothorax is one of those things that happens out of the blue and it […]


I’ve really had nothing major crop up this week beyond the manifest threefold horribleness of the flu, a depressive spell, and Merry dying. I’m on the up; this very moment finds me on a couch (I know my dues are due!) at 091 Labs sipping a a literally ice-cold can of Red Bull. I think […]


I have an upbeat lead-in for this post: I’ve successfully upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu Linux’s 10.10. Easily as it turns out. Single-command-and-a-reboot stuff: do-release-upgrade I did have some a niggling problem in getting the new-old Gnome environment functional as I had been using Avant Window Navigator in place of gnome-panel. AWN just did not […]

Caira > your kid.

Photograph by Mariah Clanton.


I recovered 7795 files that hadn’t already been restored. Dropbox support is the best.


Holly, I promised you a full, explicit and a very public explanation of my preference to log instant message conversations and emails whenever and wherever possible. Everyone else: This is my public disclaimer to you that I will record all of our conversations for the purposes of posterity. My desire to do this stems, I […]

I have a potty mouth

I swear a lot. In fact, I’d say that I curse like a sailor, turn the air blue, etcetera. In light of having just made a full disclosure about my chat logs, it only seemed fair that I dive into them and, with the Power of Linux, see how many times I’ve fucked and blinded […]

Export your Tumblelog

Link: Export your Tumblelog I’m not necessarily using it, but the existence of a tool that allows take-home-with-me goodness is very welcome and good to mention. I actually have used it in the past when I moved my last Tumblelog into WordPress (as 720nm). Speaking as I am on this topic, Tumblr has some limitation […]

My Unspeakably Marvelous Ubuntu Maverick Updates

Openbox Okay so: Since the occasion of my upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 last week, I have encountered unusual behaviour from gnome-settings-daemon, the Gnome settings daemon. When it launches under Openbox, it draws a new and additional root window right over my existing Openbox/X/GDM root window. This is a Bad Thing; the new root window effectively obliterates […]

What would Warchief Garrosh do?

Marshmallow Noms and Costumes

Photograph by Mariah Clanton.


My Tumblr dashboard is now purple. Unexpected.

Daddy’s little artist

Somebody is following her daddy into visual media. /proud

(Thinking aloud) New project: Music/Media folder synchronization

…over the Internet. My image archive is fine, stored as they are on a 1tb disk. “Master” processed images are doubly backed up to Flickr. My documents and (most) preferences are all already online, through Dropbox or Google. What I want to do is synchronize my entire music library out over the Internet. So: Set […]

Children, eh?

Mariah Clanton: garrett is trying to lock himself in a dog kennel, he went and got himself a sippy cup and a teddy, climbed in the cage and is trying to clos the door behind him Mariah Clanton: caira is naked and flat out refuses to put on clothes while stating she wants to be […]

Caira’s art

Tomorrow promises to be interesting…

I’m installing Ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop by way of installing Kubuntu 10.04, changing my repositories, uninstalling KDE, installing Gnome and then updating the entire shebang with apt-get update. Installing, configuring and running DynDNS so as to enable remote management of my (new) Linux desktop. Getting weirdly wonky with Wine to run World of Warcraft […]

[solved] I am dumb

I am in the process of setting up a Linux-powered Internet-facing home server for the purposes of testing and education. I mentioned all of this earlier on in the weekend. So: Computer? Set up just fine. I had to “bootstrap” (I use this term loosely) from a Kubuntu 10.04 CD into Ubuntu 10.04. GRUB? Bleah. […]

Ding, 80!

Last Thursday I reached level 80 in WoW for the second time, after my Warlock. I hate alt characters, and this is only the fourth time that I have ever had a maximum level character in the six on-and-off years that I’ve played the game. I’m happy to present my new main character: Masserah, a […]

World of Warcraft on Linux :D

I had to find, download and move one wldap32.dll to my base World of Warcraft directory, but past that it Just Worked. +1, Wine, +1.


[mark][windows] # rm -r World\ of\ Warcraft/