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Happy Halloween

guacamoley: My birthday is officially over, there goes another decade. ¬†And now on to candy foraging! You’re still in your 20’s, silly, because we don’t count years from zero.

Sometimes the worst problems have the simplest fix…

apt-get install aspell /spellcheckingwoesended

Another Ubuntu irritation, slain!

No more sanity-eroding event sounds. Ever. No more startup jingle. No more pop when I click something. [root][firewall] # cd /usr/share/sounds/ [root][sounds] # ls alsa gnome linphone purple speech-dispatcher ubuntu [root][sounds] # mkdir .old [root][sounds] # mv * .old [root][sounds] # ls [root][sounds] #

I spam, therefore I am

<p> Gmail flagged my own message to the 091 Labs mailing list as spam and asked me, as administrator, to moderate it. /boggle

Kaiju: Tumblr versus WordPress

I ping-pong back and forth between a self-hosted WordPress blog and a Tumblr-hosted blog every six months; I say this because we are now reaching the abandon-Tumblr-for-Wordpress portion of the cycle. The complexity, the sheer range of things I can do with WordPress, the buttons to push, knobs to tweak, levers to pull and dials […]

All the world’s flame for (and in) Minecraft

whenever I build a new fortress in Minecraft, it is my standard procedure to clearcut all of the trees immediately adjacent to said fortress. Having a Creeper leap out from behind a a tree trunk and uncontrollably asplode all over me is…well, it is always an unpleasantly moist experience. So I chop down the trees. […]

I need typographic magic!

I’ve been invited to chair a talk on infrared photography for NUIG’s photographic society on Tuesday coming. I need font help from a typographic geek:

Emi, international superstar

(Susan, thank you for the PDF and ensuring attribution! :) The photograph of one Emi O’Donnell comes from of one of my photoshoots from late last year – actually the very last photoshoot I had, one day before I left Las Vegas. Nearly a year to the day, and she and it are both featured […]

Pew pew pew

Plants vs Zombies has taught me that the best defense lies in a skillful melange of caltrops, anti-zombie mines, big walls and FIERY DEATHBALLS.

Forest fire: Quenched!


The Way

One of my absolutely favourite science fiction novels is Greg Bear’s 1985 Eon, a story of first contact, politics, war, time travel, technology and humanity that centres around the aftermath of the the arrival into Earth’s orbit of a spaceship from our own future, the Thistledown. I sit down and try to read Eon at […]


This is one of those awkwardly adorable images that we shame our kids with for decades. Photograph by Mariah Clanton.

Ella’s Hallowe’en

I unfortunately bowed out on most of the night as I was pretty sick. :/

The WordPress iApp is coded from fail

It shouldn’t take me eleven attempts to l update my blog’s information.

The Axes, the Axes of the Dwarves!

So. It’s been an “under the weather” couple of weeks, both emotionally and physically; I’ve had some kind of alien-spawned sinus infection steadily converting my cranium’s contents into alien-spawned-sinus-infection biomass. My cat, Killer, has done her best to aggravate my allergies. It’s a genuine, bona-fide cross-species conspiracy to fucking kill me. I’ve been a bit […]

A beautiful day, a beautiful hat

Jayne! The Man they call Jayne! He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor, He stood up to the man and he gave him what for. Our love for him now, aint hard to explain, The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne! Our Jayne saw the Mudders’ backs breakin’ He […]

Only lightly fictionalized

“You’re so quick to call somebody stupid or silly if they talk across you or against you.” “That’s stupid talk!” /claims victory

Best. Watermark. Ever.


Coming into the Season of Gifts, it is always worthwhile to put out a warning about scammers who target the unwary and the desperate, although my tale comes from an interesting source: The mail. Being who and what I am, I have an excellently robust immune system against unsolicited Internet advertising and general bullshytt, but […]


Ignite returns to Galway this December. I’ve been asked to handle the various flyers and posters for the event, but I’ve really run into a horrible blank in the positioning of some elements. Above is the base look.

‘Tis (almost) the season

I hate Christmas.

I loves my blogging

I do. Unfortunately I am a total fucker for getting distracted by everything and anything. I don’t want to discuss this topic because I might retroactively sound like a whiner. I don’t want to discuss that game because it might betray just how disgustingly addicted I am to it. All that I could, would and […]

Raggedy win

I present to you the most adorable Raggedy Ann to ever Rag an Ann (bonus: There’s an actual Ann in the background!): Photograph by Mariah Clanton.


(via SP-Studio)

Ignite: The Final Work

I see no harm in sharing this because you’ll be seeing it alllllllllllll over Galway, come tomorrow. Albeit a bit molested. I’m still furious about that. You will also be gratified to learn that I will not be speaking at this Ignite.