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Chocolate face

Important: My email address

Well Google has upgraded their Apps service, so as to permit the use of every one of their existing services through an Apps account. With this great new boon in hand I am moving my primary email address from to


[shahadet][~] # find . -perm 777 | wc -l 1892 [shahadet][~] # In layman’s terms, there are 1892 files and folder which can be read, written to, overwritten or (if executable) executed by anyone, assuming they have the correct credentials to access the system.

Precociousness: Defined

Mariah Clanton: so, uh, caira thinks santa is a moron Mariah Clanton: well they were seeing santa at toysrus Mariah Clanton: and he asked what she wanted Mariah Clanton: so she told him she wants a littlest pet shop rescue puppy Mariah Clanton: and he misunderstood, thought she meant a real puppy, and told her […]

My blog is magical

If I bitch about something here, loudly and roundly, I fix it inside of clicking “Publish”. So. I want to run ISIS v3 so I can calibrate and work upon Voyager space probe images. Unfortunately it is only built for specific Linux distributions – Suse and RHEL; working outside of those means the running the […]

Photowalk: Finished

Who is this ersatz rapscallion pointing toward yonder azure skies?

The Story

For (maybe) the past six years I’ve been kicking around the basic plotline for The Story. The Story is ostensibly a hard science-fiction tale of how we went there and back again. I actually do have a fair amount of research undertaken; a basic plot, timeline and back story formulated; a rich coterie of interesting […]

Is it Christmas-in-May yet?

‘Tis the season

Photographs by Mariah Clanton.

My Circadian rhythms: You sadden me

Really now, is my expectation that you cooperate with Ireland’s daylight hours and customary hours of retail operation, my desired schedule and the desire of my family to interact with my on a normal, human basis? You disappoint me, leave me feeling depressed and downtrodden. If your conduct toward me does not display a marked […]

My daughter is awesome

I’m reliably informed that today at the park Caira took on and single-handedly defeated an entire gang of fourth grade bullies. Today I stand before you as a proud father.

Many Linuxes, Single /boot

What’s the correct plural for Linux? Linuxii, Linuxes, Linux, Linii? So, last night at seven o’clock this morning I found myself in #ubuntu on IRC trying to help a new user who wound up with an unbootable machine because of a problem with grub. Typically, it was self-inflicted. He originally ran Lucid 10.04 on an […]

Disassembly and consumption

What follows is a lengthy, edited quote from Larry Niven’s 1968 novel, A Gift from Earth, that I just finished reading: The man they wheeled into the organ bank operating room was unconscious…he had been tried and condemned, but in law he was still alive. It was a legal point, nothing more. The operating room […]


It’s three thirty in the morning and I find myself employing that most effective of headache cures: Ibuprofen washed down with a caffeinated beverage. Shut up, naysayers. My sleep is almost fixed. I skipped sleeping on Sunday night. I scummed to dreary unconsciousness at somewhere around 4pm yesterday afternoon an slept fully dressed until about […]

Tell me more

Ding, 85


Unashamedly stolen from my sister-in-law

Photographs by Holli Clanton.

(Spoilers) Tron Legacy in ten bullet points

It was a powerfully surreal experience to watch Thirteen play a happy-go-lucky, naive character. If you are a House fan, this alone is worth the price of admission. C.L.U.’s take-over-the-world plot made absolutely no fucking sense. None. Zero. Look at C.L.U.’s master plan logistically: He’s going to subjugate the entire world One aircraft carrier, a […]

Some light seasonal reading:

Waystation to the Stars: The Story of Mir, Michael and Me When astronaut Michael Foale said good-bye to his family on May 16, 1997 to join the Russian space station Mir, it hadn’t seemed like anything more than a routine mission. But within days of his arrival in space, everything started to go wrong. First […]

Panorama: Deepholm

Panorama: Stormwind Mk. II

Mark the Virtual Eco Something Something

Remember the forest in Minecraft that I accidentally burned to the ground? I’m replanting it with the aid of MCEdit. Those 282 unsaved edits? Trees I planted. /conscientious

Curse you, my lack of fax machine!

€8.00 works out to $150, right?