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Cats and wizardry.



Ho ho ho, deformed monsters!

(That’s what I told the Horde as I rained (reigned?!) death upon them from my reindeer >:) So, folk, gentlemen and ladies, this, this I tell you now, this was my Christmas: Why yes, your eyes don’t deceive you. At least not on this occasion. Sometimes they might, when you look at me and think […]

Garrett Clanton Grealish, master of ham

So, um

03:03:22 Mariah Clanton … 03:03:25 Mariah Clanton mark 03:03:31 me Mariah Elizabeth 03:03:42 Mariah Clanton caira is singing a song to the tune of ‘i got you babe’ 03:03:52 Mariah Clanton but she’s changed it to ‘i got you bitch’

Most. Adorable. Cats. Ever.

I came across this while researching something else entirely:

Steak Sandwiches

Something that has always irked me about Ireland is our half-assed attempts to implement some foreign dish. Paddy told Joe about this foreign yokey he had while on holiday in Spain, and wouldn’t it be just great if we could have the same thing at home? No, Paddy, it wouldn’t. To me, Paddy, a “steak […]


I’m utterly convinced that the next tier of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm raid instances is going to feature an encounter where I have to slap the ass of the main tank and cry “yahoo!” in order to avoid a wipe.