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The Litany Against Politicians

I shall not vote. Voting is the mind-killer. Voting is the little death which bring total obliteration. I shall face the election. I shall allow it to pass over me and through me. Where it has passed there will be nothing. Only I will remain.


I filled out and submitted my CAO application early last week. On the form, I was asked to describe my qualifications and history in one thousand characters or less. Being the occasional idiot that I am, I skimmed the question and set myself the task of writing one thousand words. I came away with nine […]

I win

19:40:33 Mariah Clanton fucking seriously 19:40:38 Mariah Clanton I HATE COMPUTERS 19:40:40 me Rage, goddess 19:40:49 Mariah Clanton AND FUCK YOU MARK, YOU WERE RIGHT. FUCKING LINNUX. 19:40:53 Mariah Clanton i’m installing it once i reformat 19:41:00 Mariah Clanton shut up :|

It’s V-day

I have a shotgun, lawn chair, airy perch, laptop, four-pack of Red Bull and enough ammo for each one of you sons of bitches. Bring on the love, fuckers.

V-day #2

Stolen content

Adorably ugly, I say.

V-day #3

There. I’ve covered the entire spectrum. Shoo. Come back in a year. (Happy birthday bose frau! <3)

Rode the six hundred

Gobshite to right of me, Eejits to left of me, Feckers in front of me Volley’d and thunder’d; Inadvertently or otherwise, I’ve directly insulted most of the political candidates running in Galway over the course of the past week. If it wasn’t for the fact that all of this occurred on Twitter in relation to […]

Behold my (Windows) desktop: