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Stolen from Jackie

They visited Las Vegas in January.

My in-game GUI screenshot

I had people asking me. Here you go. ;)

Be triumphant with Triumphant

In the beginning, there was a guild on Arthas. An Alliance guild. An Alliance guild wholly focused on player versus player combat. A core Alliance PVP-focused guild. An Alliance PVP Core guild, you might say. They are Alliance Guild α. The guild master of Alliance Guild α, after months of trash talking Horde Guild β, […]

Again? Again.

[mark][~] # rm -r /cygdrive/f/World\ of\ Warcraft/ Pew pew pew goes the folder.

This is why I PVP

As battleground games go, it was hard-fought. I spent the entire match rushing with my guildmates between one or another cap trying to push back the black tide of Horde that swept down upon us. Near the end of the game I wound up running solo defence at the Farm and then Blacksmith for more […]

I maded breakfast…

…and then I eated it.


HOWTO: Stop your Acer Aspire netbook running Ubuntu from going to sleep when unplugged

The largest annoyance I’ve encountered to date while running Ubuntu Linux on my Acer Aspire D150 netbook has been with Gnome Power Manager. A reported problem on the bug trackers and forums, I and other users have been forced up until now to use an alternative like XFCE4’s (excellent and standalone) power manager. Until this […]

Costume time

Garrett and Caira kiss

Dance, bitch

What else can one do when confronted with the lack of balance in 2’s? We had a dance party at about the twenty five-minute mark. And ninja’d a victory, basically, by lulling them.

The bunny cometh