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All a-tumbling

A huge thanks from Mariah and I to Michelle of the Galway Circus Project and her daughter Nicola for arranging this tumbling class for the kids. They really had a ball at it, as you can see. :) The photos weren’t altered (a shocker for me!). My laptop is all-Linux right now, and I can’t […]

I’m a 1%-er!

According to numbers presenting in Troy Hunt’s analysis of leaked Sony passwords, I am among the 1% of people who use incomprehensible and wrist-spraining passwords.

It’s all in your perspective?

Oh, marriage. I’m right around the age (30) where marriage and kids become a natural topic of concern in relationships. Specifically among those whom I went to school with and lived near, however casually and coolly I might know them now. And guess what, kids? In all of your stupid, expensive, stereotypical “fairytale” weddings where […]


I got this in my inbox today: Dear Mark, Your NETELLER account has a negative balance of 25.89 EUR and is being assigned to our Collections team for resolution. Please make arrangements for the prompt repayment of your outstanding balance. You can email for information on available payment options in your region. We appreciate […]


Marirah fell down the stairs last night and sprained her ankle. We were in casualty in UCHG until 3am. I fell down the stairs this morning (while carrying Garrett) and got a sweet foot-long bruise on my arm. Garrett came through unscathed. He laughed and clapped.

I’m teeth -1

Caira and I kicked roughhousing up a notch. We took adventure time to the next level.

Teeth +0.5

Following a referral on I visited the Galway branch of the Smiles franchise. Wow. Seriously: Immediate appointment, friendly service, an up-front and frank policy regarding involved costs…and a further appointment for filling work next Tuesday. Fair play.

These photos did *not* sit in a folder for two weeks

The rest of the Grealish clan v.2

In fairness, it has been about five years since I last did this:

I can’t think

There’s some kids show on the TV in the living room, the washing machine is going brr, brr, brr, the dyer is humming, the dishwasher is whooshing, Caira is standing here staring at me and Garrett is pounding his head against the floor upstairs (from the sound of things). I’m already stressed about tomorrow and […]

Blood and glory!

So I guess that all my work here, here and here has paid off, because according to the Arena Junkies Arena Title Calculator I’m in line for titles from Season 9 (Ruin battlegroup). Hello and hello Challenger (top 35%) and Rival (top 10%). (Let’s get the obligatory subtext that none of this is any kind […]

Teeth +lots

I went to the dentist today. I really like her bed(chair?)side manner: She said hello, sat me in a chair, Did Stuff To My Mouth for ninety minutes, bid me good day and walked away. No stupid small talk. Okay. So. My smile: Fixed. If you’ve ever met me in person (or chatted to me […]

Photowalk: This Saturday July 2, Merlin Park forest and castle

I see absolutely no harm in posting this here, because any kind of larger crowd for this photowalk is very much welcome. No better chance to photograph a ruined keep in a mysteriously misty, wet and rainy forest (because really, when isn’t it wet, rainy or misty here) is to be found than in Galway […]