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Merlin Photowalk report

Distractions have become such a problem that I’m writing this in Vim. I’ll fix formatting later when I import this into WordPress. Okay so, last Saturday’s Merlin Park photowalk was a really fantastic (albeit small!) success and very much enjoyed by everyone who attended, so far as I can tell. There was a small contingent […]

Nyan Cat

I’m not always one to link to the Cat Meme of the Week, but my gods, Caira and Garrett were held hypnotized by this for over an hour. Garrett cried when we closed down the the unofficial official site after thirty minutes. Also: Best. Wallpaper. Ever.

A World of Warpeeves

One of my biggest World of Warcraft pet peeves are PVE podcasters and bloggers who don’t regularly PVP. They talk about how “hard it is” and that “it is as much about participating and having fun as it is about winning.” No. Winning is the entire point of an arena or battleground. It is the […]

Caira’s 5th: The aftermath

“Party!” “Zzzzzzz.” “Party!” “Zzzzzzz.” “Party!” “Zzzzzzz.” “Party!” “Zzzzzzz….go to sleep Garrett.” “Party! Party! Cake party! Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”


We’re moving house! :D

Reins of the Raven Lord

Fuck. Yes. According to Masserah’s statistics, I got the drop on my 65th kill. Now I just need to farm my Deathcharger.

091 Labs has gone to the birds…

We held an impromptu “Recapture your Lost Childhood” workshop that featured entertaining my children and feeding ducks breads. From left to right is Mariah, Caira, Garrett, Jodi, Domhall, Aaron and Oisin. Updated! There actually were birds:

Midnight is that magic moment. No, seriously.

If I ingest caffeine I can usually sail on the buzz until I hard crash at about 3-4am. I’ve made arrangements for September’s photowalk, put out some threads asking for help with some technical headaches, read a whole chapter of A Dance with Dragons, cleaned the kitchen and a load of laundry. I’m about to […]

The fucking nuclear option

Okay, so I fucked my pretty, happy, auto-configured desktop configuration by installing Gnome Shell. It wasn’t worth it. I’ve found Gnome Shell to be sluggish, fiddly and honestly less usable to me than Openbox. My experience may not reflect yours, however. I want to fix it, roll back the changes and generally remedy this situation. […]

Cock and balls

The computer’s PSU exploded. The hard disk is okay and merrily humming away connected to my laptop. Here’s a video of an explosion for illustration:

Supper time

Caira wanted a peanut butter-style grilled cheese sandwich. Her My Little Pony wept blood as some nameless thing, incandescent and fey, sprang forth from blistering lions of the frying pan. Caira described the sandwich as, “A little burnt, but that’s okay.”

Cheese: Caira