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On the Corrib Princess

Alas for Old Spice having stolen all the good lines. Mariah and I took Garrett and Caira up the River Corrib on the Corrib Princess. Considering it was either child’s first time on a boat, their reactions were underwhelming genuinely unexpected and surprising: Garrett Garrett spent the first ten minutes screaming “Wa-wa-wa-waterrrrrr!” while trying to […]

I picked this one, Jen

Two edits were performed: I cloned out dirt that was apparently on the lens. It was distracting. I cropped the image to a standard 10×8″ size. Okay, so I picked this photograph over your own favourite for a couple different reasons. Firstly, this image fits my personal sense of aesthetics: The backdrop is clean, you […]

Garrett and the Chocolate Cup

I brought home a hot chocolate (with frothy cream and marshmallows, thank you very much!) from town today… and Garrett went absolutely batshit about it. Candy in liquid form. It was completely hilarious to see him noisily slurp it down while moaning in pleasure, with the occasion exclaimed “Candy! Candyyyyyyy!” It was less fun afterwards […]


What? Saying “The twilight zone” is ridiculously trite at this point. Gmail’s new preview pane is miserably unusable on my netbook’s 1024×600 10″ screen: HAY GUYZ, could we possibly squeeze more crap onto the screen? I do feel my screen-size places me into the [[penumbra]] of Google services: I am too small to enjoy the […]

Caption this

…so, what happened next?

Cheese: Garrett

Monsters 1.0: Wolfman

I’m thinking aloud. This is a visual focus for me, courtesy of MAKE 8-BIT ART. A dapper wolfman with gold tooth in a sunny pasture. Discuss.

Monsters 1.1: Vampire and ghost

Once again this is courtesy of MAKE 8-BIT ART. Focus for a project in the works. :D

Monsters 1.2: Merman king

A third image courtesy of MAKE 8-BIT ART. A fey merman king glowers in a fey manner while wearing a fey golden crown.

Props 1.0: Weapons #1

Sword, double-bladed axe, dagger and recurve bow. Again, from MAKE 8-BIT ART. Move along.

Props 1.1: Weapons #2

Halberd, longbow and arrow.

Props 1.2: Weapons #3

A little more fantastical and exotic this time: Fiery sword, glass war hammer, obsidian dagger and kite shield bearing a personal insignia. This is all for now. I think I have enough to work with beyond a landscape scene or two.

It’s a double egg all the way across the pan?

What does it mean? I totally didn’t break the yolks. For once. Even with a double yolk.

A quiet snowscape

Last one. Scout’s honour. Dib dib dib.

(Caira’s) teeth -1

The tooth fairy…cometh! Garrett holds up the guilty corn cob: And yeah, my own half-missing front tooth (see here):

Everyone listen to this!

Help me give my shy friend unwanted attention by listening to this and/or favouriting them:

Access Google+ as an Apps user!

Kinda. Please put the pitchforks down and give me a second to explain. You cannot actually access Google+ as an Apps user, but you can access it without having to manually switch profiles or open up an incognito session of X or Y browser. Here is how: …that’s it, really. At least for me. […]

M…m…more photowalks

There will be three, approximately. Four if you count the Cliffony retreat of furious thunder… On October 1 I will be hosting a Worldwide Photowalk in Galway City, leading from Eyre Square to Massimo’s Pub over the course of a Saturday afternoon. This is already Set in Stone, and won’t see many updates on this […]

Caira in Merlin Woods

You emailed me, tweeted me and shared with me on Google+. I completely put you off (and off and off). But no more. I love the photograph of Caira. Her mom does too. Caira kinda shrugged and looked confused. Heh. Thank you for coming to the Merlin Park photowalk. I’m looking forward to seeing you […]

Well, shit

After a decade of denial, I turn out to be my father’s son after all.

Meet Slinker (or is it Stinker?)

Regardless of which, we’re adopting two gorgeous black kittens from Katie and Matthew of 091 Labs.

New home sweet home

Just some random images from Mariah’s iPhone for the time being. I’ll throw up some words about the house (and the photowalk!) later today. In short: It is gorgeous out here on the Sligo coast. Our neighbors came over and introduced themselves to us. I’m used to students or crackheads for neighbours, so it was […]


I’ve been pissing about with Instagram on Mariah’s iPhone for the past few days. Okay, so it has its perks and its pitfalls: Instagram’s iOS app is slick>. The complete lack of a native web interface feels like sand under my eyelid. So there’s this app that does all of the things I used to […]

The Littlest Browncoat

Gar! The man we call Gar!

So yeah, we went to the beach

An outing. As a family. A so-called “family outing” if you will. Caira collected a bunch of shells, Garrett did a fantastic slow-motion dive into a thistle patch while chasing sheep and Mariah muttered something about “contented” while we watched the sun sink into the North Atlantic ocean as a family. It was fun, really […]

Here I am, here I remain

I’m going to hold back my final judgement until I’ve sat through the first Atlantic winter storm and deep freeze (it hit fifteen below last year and water pipes burst nilly willy), but tentatively: I like it out here. There’s a lot to enjoy about being out in the middle of nowhere on Ireland’s Atlantic […]


I’m into day four of an epic headache. Disprin isn’t doing shit for it and I’m about to murder one or more of my children if they don’t find a recreational activity that doesn’t involve slamming into me repeatedly with a kitten held high in each hand. Garrett, I’m looking at you here. Your affection […]

A crazy ass-confession

Mariah is Californian, and uses a uniquely-Californian lexicon. One of her favourite stock phrases is: “[adjective]-ass [noun]”, i.e., “crazy-ass doll”, “stupid-ass bitch” or “expensive-ass car”. Sometimes, I mentally move the invisible hyphen one word to the right because “crazy ass-doll” makes for a far more entertaining mental image than “crazy-ass doll”. A doll-shaped ass? A […]

The Cliffoney photowalk of furious thunder, September 10-11

When: Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September, 2011. Where: Cliffoney, Co. Sligo, Ireland. We are situated beside the N15 road right on the outskirts of Cliffoney as you approach the village from Sligo town. (54.428231,-8.458785) Cost: €10, payable by Monday September 5 2011. How do I reserve my place? Pay the deposit fee or let […]

Real fucking salsa

If there’s one thing I can owe to my wife Mariah, it is my perverse love of obscenely fucking hot pan-Mexican (Tex-Mex, Cali, etcetera, etcetera.) food. Good, hot salsa and corn chips is a particular favourite. Unfortunately all of the salsa sold in supermarkets here in Ireland is basically pisswater. Doritos “Hot” Salsa, I am […]

Suicide is never the fucking answer

Can we please all get on the same page as me about this? Suicide has tangentially and not-so-tangentially appeared in my life. I have had serious depressive bouts on and off over the last couple of years and in conjunction with ongoing stresses in my life, I found myself deeply suicidal in 2010. Two weeks […]

Successful parenting anecdote #143

14:45:45 Mariah Clanton Locked myself out had to toss Caira through a window lol

Cliffoney photowalk of furious thunder: The routes

Day Three huzzahs to Darren for running Caira and I around the the Dartry Mountains last night! The scramble up [[Benbulben]] almost did it in for my poor cheap shoes, but the view out south across Sligo and into Co. Mayo was definitely worth it. We visited/drove by a few spots, but it was the […]