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Never ask me why.

G**d morning

Garrett woke up before 7. He lapped the room. He jumped on the beds. He lay down on my bed. He lay down on his mum’s. A strategic barrage of kittens completely failed to even slow his onslaught. At that point I conceded defeat and got out of bed. So. Today is [[Sunday]]. Sun’s Day. […]

The Cliffoney dining experience (of furious thunder)

This comes to us mere food mortals from the statuesque Olympian that is my wife: If there are any food allergies or requests please let me know in advance – I can easily prepare vegetarian, dairy or gluten free if needed. Accompanying this is a request for me to poll those of you who are […]

Access I.T. Sligo email in the client of your choice…

Before I talk about student life I need to do something for all of the other geeks coming into the school for the year who do not want to be tied to I.T. Sligo’s email client. Ten minutes of Googling, digging around in help files and copy-pasting rewarded me with this: POP Server:<br /> […]

i r student

As of yesterday, I am. A student that is. A card-carrying student, even. As with most of the other recent experiences in my life, this event can be seen as either profound, frightening, or fighteningly profound. Your outlook will, of course, depend on where you are on the positivity spectrum.

Three packs a week

If you’ve ever been around me for any length of time, you may have chanced to notice the utter disgust with which I treat smokers and smoking in general. You all deserve to die. Etcetera. Let’s move on before I turn this into a diatribe. I lead into the post with that because I experienced […]

Thunder. Fury. Photowalk. Cliffoney.

The much-hyped Cliffoney photowalk of furious thunder lived up to all of our expectations; everyone who made the drive out here in the face of the furious, thundery weather enjoyed a furiously thunderous weekend of photography and walking here in Cliffoney, County Sligo. Mariah and I are burnt out after a busy week of preparation […]

Who needs context?

There are times when it makes everything less fun.

Oh, hello!

For the future historical record, my name is Mark and I am currently undertaking course SG-137, BSc Computing in Systems and Networking, at I.T. Sligo in the selfsame-named town; this town happens to be in the selfsame-named county. As I write, I have just began first year of this exotic three-year course. It’s half-night on […]

Just had my first design class

It is Introduction to Digital Media Design with Colm Davey. The course is structured as a gentle introduction to Adobe Photoshop, design principles and (I think?) critical art assessment. The course isn’t intended to be at all in-depth for Systems people. Instead we’re just there to get a feel for what is involved in designing […]

Garrett’s birthday is off to a great start

me: How is the birthday boy doing? Mariah: garrett says, and this is a direct quote: ballsballsparty?NOWBALLSBALLSNOWNOWPARTYPARTY :wail: while ramming the wardrobe

The great forking

Several of this semester’s modules include a requirement that we keep a personal development blogs, log or diary. I already have a blog, but I (Mariah) don’t (doesn’t) consider it appropriate to mix up my personal posts in this, so I am forking all school-related material to School Hatred, found at That is all. […]

The Scott Kelby photowalk of cascading rain, October 1

When? Saturday 1 October, 2011 from 2pm to 5pm. Where? The fountain, Eyre Square/Kennedy Park, Galway City, Ireland. 53.274716,-9.049387` for those of you navigating by GPS. Cost? Gratis! Free as in beer. How do I reserve my place? You sign up at the official photowalk page on the Worldwide Photowalk website. What should I bring? […]

Happy birthday Garrett!


The first around that I did this level of math (secondary school), I didn’t learn a damn thing. Ann Lucy is one of the sweetest women imaginable, but she was completely incapable of managing a class of eighteen teenagers who weren’t particularly inclined toward learning. Even on the days when I did tune in, and […]

Ubuntu causes girl to drop out of college

Abbie Schubert is a bimbo who dropped out of college because she ordered a Dell laptop with Ubuntu Linux (no, really), and didn’t know how to use it. Take a moment to watch that video and enjoy some painful laughter at her expense, given that all she had to do was ask for help. Between […]

Mr. @artyeva engineered a fence

I can’t even say “built” or “erected” due to the double plus sturdiness of this construct. No, “engineered” is indeed the correct word. All for the tidy sum of twenty five euros, brownies, cake, pizza and one of Mariah’s secret recipes.

This is all your damn fault, Katie

They want my bloooooooooooooooooood. Really. They followed me around the house for two hours this morning screeching to be picked up and loved on. It’s getting (cutely) annoying.

Garret’s second birthday

Garrett turned two last Thursday, although we deferred his party until Saturday so my family could come up to Galway to eat our food and use our wate…join in to the joyous celebrations of my son’s birth. And yeah, I had school during the week too. It was a fun day. While Mariah and Caira […]

Busy busy

Where did my life of languid indolence go? The whole week has been busy between school and wrestling with the kids at home. Travelled to Dublin yesterday to purchase a good-as-new iPad (it rocks). Spent the whole time on the train catching up with college work, and, truth be told, giving myself a crash course […]

Good luck, Liam!

Jen and Josh’s son (the one on the right) is undergoing surgery today to fit tubes to his ear. Best of luck to all concerned.

iPad +1

I blogged about this on The Other Site, but it is oh-so-worth repeating here: I have has iPad. /gloat I guess a user review is in order? Teh Suq The virtual keyboards (landscape and portrait) on the iPad suck if you are in any way a good typist. Sure, I can Google search, Tweet, instant […]

My family is totally normal (no, really)

Apologies for any eye-watering hairy bare legedness. We are oh-so totally normal in this family. Totally normal…


So that five hundred word piece I wrote into my lab book – by hand – on the Dell OptiPlex GX620? Wrong computer. It was supposed to be the GX260. Shut up.

Cuppa tae?

Woo, pseudo-code! #!/bin/sh KETTLEMAXIMUM=1000ml CUPMAXIMUM=50ml CUP50%=25ml CUP75%=37.50ml locate kettle if [water level in kettle do   bring kettle to water tap   turn on water tap   place kettle into stream   fill kettle to $KETTLEMAXIMUM   turn off water tap   place kettle on base elseif [kettle >=$KETTLEMAXIMUM]   place kettle on base fi […]

I quit Solomon’s Boneyard

One hundred thousand kills in a game…and half a million gold sitting in the kitty. Roll on the coming multiplayer.


Okay, I’ve been giving this matter some thought. Here I go: I’m getting rid of my Netbook. I am going to sell off my spare PC kit, my Netbook, those few other worldly possessions that I still lay claim to. The iPad has perfectly superseded my Netbook at the exact tasks I used it for; […]

School Hatred…no more!

Certain unnamed parties rightly gave me grief about the whole downward slope of the last name, so I’ve renamed it to Sibilat Magno Strepitu, “Loud Hissing Noise”. I mean, it sounds fancy…and we all know that presentation is everything.

Three confusions for the price of one

I own a (to get specific) 2GB Kingston DataTraveler I USB 2.0 Flash Drive, purchased (again, to be specific, as I’m going somewhere with this) from Frys of Las Vegas, U.S.A. somewhere in or around February or March 2008. Between then and now, the pen drive has done its job admirably: Stored files and ran […]

My First Photoshop assignment: Complete

(Hopefully) I won’t fail our Photoshop class; I’ve spent enough years working the program. This fix took me about 90 minutes. It was interesting to me for a few reasons: This was a technically challenging task. During the ordinary course of a shoot I take great care to stage/pose the scene so I can minimize […]


Since August I have twice been invited by Social Welfare to present myself at a local FAS training centre for a mandatory training course. Curious about this, and the lack of correspondence about my Back to Education Allowance, I spoke to a very helpful lady in the Sligo office. Turns out that they lost my […]