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slowpain ≠ slickeasy

I have a functioning Linux installation on my laptop – Fedora Core 15 as it happens. Compared to the slickeasy process of setting up Ubuntu, getting Fedora Core to the same point in usability has been very slowpain. While using any non-Ubuntu distro while in the mindset of a vanilla Linux home user, I’m always […]


Who am I? I am Mark, son of Francis and Mary, sibling of Frank and Jennifer, husband of Mariah, and father of Caira and Garrett. I am agreeably introverted, mildly misanthropic, aggravatingly sarcastic and undeniably a know-it-all. I’m an avid reader and passionate geek. I’m a member of the superior left-handed minority of the population. […]

Maths: 20% done.

I got about halfway through the paper before the time ran out. I didn’t make a complete shite of matters, but I already know that I am way behind on the class on topics such as factorization and quadratic equations.

Garrett’s birthday cake

For Clan Clanton.

Have someone following me on Twitter

Their bio: I’m a child with stars in my eyes, love in my heart and photography in my blood. My hand to god, I thought it read “I’m a child with blood in my eyes” in the week before I bothered to click into their profile.

Best worst nap wake-up call ever

Caira was running around the house at something like quarter of light speed, to judge by the volume of her wailing and copious blood loss. Doofus. Yes, daddy will always love you, even if I sometimes smirk when you have a nose bleed.

Back with Ubunutu

I obliterated the Fedora Core installation and went back to running with Mint. Fedora just pissed me off endlessly; I guess that I am still carrying a chip on my shoulder from the days of truly fucking nightmare dependency issues when installing packages, but it just didn’t click with me. Fedora drowned me in its […]

Oh, ouch

Updated 00:40 October 8: I have my Stanza library backed up into a folder on my desktop. I’ll do a mass upload to ‘txtr on Monday. I updated my iPad to iOS 5. Stanza, an app that I completely rely upon , crashed and crashed hard after the update. Stanza ate my entire book collection […]

<3 LaTeX <3

A fair portion of my supposedly study-oriented weekend was spent in the recovery of ebooks deleted in an iOS update gone wrong, and the ongoing hunt for a worthy ePub reader for my iPad. Besides my iPad, I have spent most of today (Sunday) in the company of an old friend, that most excellent of […]

I wrote a script

I win. /* * Description: This is a simple program to collate three match scores and then average the total. * Author: Mark Grealish ( * Date: 10/10/2011 */ using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace prac1QV5  {    class Program    {      static void Main(string[] args)      {       int score0, […]

Goobye ‘txtr, hello iBook

‘txtr isn’t all that bad of an ebook service, but it just didn’t work out for me. It has a lovely barebones interface, a great web-device connectivity and plain gorgeous ePub rendering compared to Stanza’s. Unfortunately: The ‘txtr website fails when I try to upload any PDF or ePub document bigger than about 20MB. It […]

I’ve been researching Digital Rights Management all day…

I have learned that: Opponents of Digital Rights Management are as numerous as the stars. They are only occasionally well-spoken, but what they lack in eloquence they make up for with their Zerg-like numbers and unquenchable zealotry. Supporters of Digital Rights Management have entirely written off the Internet as a forum for meaningful communication, due […]

I’m in your seminar, learning to listen.

I want to apologize in advance to all of Tuesday’s speakers; I’m piss-poor with names and so I made no effort whatsoever to remember yours. About two hundred people from the I.T. were bussed down a country hotel on Tuesday for a symposium training all of this year’s new class representatives. Our host, Castle Dargan, […]

Party. My place.

I got a credit card. I used it to pay for Mariah’s end of season escape to Blackpool in England. Herself and the kids will be gone for five days from Thursday. So. Party. My place. BYO. Who’s up? Who’s in? Who’s down for this?

Random interlude: The metrics of an exam result

We had our first random Photoshop exam last week. We received our results yesterday (Sunday). For lack of anything better to do before I have food in my belly, I’ll break down the metrics: Limitations: Our aggregate score was based on two differently-weighted components – the theory and the practical. I am just looking at […]

The worst part of this whole “college” thing?

Having to go into class on those days when I feel like shit and just want to go crawl away into a hole somewhere. Like today.

Look again, I’m on a bus

Caira and I are on the bus to Galway for the guaranteed-to-be-awesome Scott Kelby Photowalk of Cascading Rain. Just as the Cliffoney Photowalk of Furious Thunder wound up being held during our battering by the dregs of Hurricane Katia, today’s weather forecast for Gaway is for rain rain rain. If this kind of correspondence keeps […]

Undocumented Applications

I have absolutely nothing against Windows and Microsoft. I toast them every bit of deserved success in the desktop arena. But Windows on the desktop just isn’t for me; Linux has always offered me the perfect user experience on the desktop because it allows me to tweak, fiddle and change almost every damn thing. Want […]

Mono == C#

…but that won’t stop me from gloating about my first programming written entirely with Mono and Monodevelop: /gloat using System; namespace wageCalc {      class MainClass      {        public static void Main (string[] args)        {              Console.WriteLine (“Welcome to wageCalc v1.0. All support queries and emails should go to:nntMark Grealish (”);              Console.WriteLine […]

Pee Cee of Olde, Arise from Thy Grave

I’m building a new-old computer from parts to sell. An older vintage of factory-new parts. Make sense? My biggest stumbling block in its construction has been the motherboard’s BIOS. It unfortunately doesn’t support booting via USB. And, well…let us timeline this motherfucker. Mark’s computer-for-sale does not support booting from USB. Thursday ---> Try a different […]

Resorting to the nuclear solution is getting old

Fuck, it works, but I’d have thought that more computer know-how would somehow let me finesse my solutions a bit more. As opposed to, you know, fucking beating them with a hammer. So, the PC I’m constructing and the problem I had getting an operating system onto it. I did wind up travelling into Sligo, […]

I need to turn up to class more…

Something something I may fail one or more classes because I miss lectures.

Semester Photoshop project: Selected

It’s a bigger-budget version of the above. I’ll whip it up during the Halloween break.


This is why I will fail school: (The original was stolen from here)


The Spice should flow to all the people, and not the Great Houses alone.

#occupyvycanismajoris (v2.0)

I did a better job. I snagged some shots of the sun from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory AIA image browser and used it to represent VY Canis Majoris. I’m pretty use that using the sun to represent VY Canis Majoris in a representation of VY Canis Majoris opposing the sun is rich in weird metaphor. […]

#occupyvycanismajoris (v3.0)

Best of both worlds. I took the legibility fixes and removed the picture of the sun. Simple. A statement of facts and a hashtag for information.

#occupyvycanismajoris (v5.0)

Author’s note: I went from 3.0 to 4.0 last night making tweaks to the scene before I scrapped it all and jumped to 5.0. [[Eurostile]]. Fantastic font, really. Used everywhere. People even write love letters to it. Let’s compare Eurostile to Impact, the so-called [[Tautology_(rhetoric|tautological]] font. Impact has…impact. Impact impacts you. Impact is the triumphant […]

I like churches

I say this as a man who is legally irreligious: I like churches to the point that I’d almost call it love. These buildings are places where a community assembles to feel a part of something greater and more lasting than themselves. And – setting aside all of the iconography of whatever religion it is […]

[Solved] Riddle me stupid

Update November 2: I raised my problem with Domhall last night during the deconstruction of my laptop. Domhall posited that the problem might simply because by one of the WiFi repeaters in the school library having blacklisted my wireless adapter’s MAC address. He then went on to show me how I can replace the Mini […]