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Hello, world!

If can read this post, then Self-hatred has successfully moved from Digiweb to its new home at Blacknight. Rejoice, friends!

Something just struck me

In The Book of the New Sun one of the challenges that Severian the Torturer faces are alien animals that feed on body heat. They are described by Gene Wolfe as being flitting black wisps of matter that attack the face so they can crawl inside your mouth, to more easily get into your body:

The “thank you” post

A lot of great people helped me out in Galway in the past two days. In order: Domhall Walsh walked me through the steps of disassembling my Acer netbook and servicing the components at two o’clock this morning. We identified upgrade and replacement paths for components and fixed the loose screen hinge. It was an […]

Is the whole #occupy movement hypocritical?

I posted this last night on G+, but G+ is G+. I want a larger audience to see this, so I am reposting it here. I’ve made some slight edits to this version for clarity. Is the #occupy Movement Hypocritical? I’m sitting here in Galway, above Eyre Square, and waiting for a large transfer between […]

#jesus saved

You should too.

Semester: Half over

I’ve neglected this blog bit in the past two weeks, sorry. The first semester of my first year in my first college (13?) is half-finished. Contrary to my preliminary expectations of school, I’m doing fantastically: I (so-far :) haven’t failed. I expected to drop out weeping and tearing at my breast in the very first […]

First school report: DRM

Thanks to @jschneider for her help in preparing this report: Digital Rights Management: In your Electrons, Controlling your Bits This report was written between 11pm and 4am on the night before it was due. The report was rewritten between 9am and 11am on the day that the report was due. The quality reflects my haste. […]

What is this “work” of which you speak?

Nice: One thousand posts

Party at my place.

Hey @quiddityingot

You used to nag me on a daily basis to blog more frequently and more verbosely. Sometimes you’d nag on an hourly one, too. I have the emails. But oh my, how the tide has turned! I’m officially launching a three pronged campaign of concerted guilt tripping Facebook, email and Twitter. I don’t care if […]

@quiddityingot Even the Chinese want you to blog more

Dare to think, dare to act, dare to write!


I think I can edit the blurb to fit Joss Wheadon (omg <3) in there somehow. The project brief called for a fair amount of advanced beginner Photoshop to be used, but I settled for some good typography and tasteful presentation. I’ll post a full defense of my piece in the morning. Now…I sleep!

.@e_eric @sineadw I have some great slogans, but no font

I’m borrowing liberally from vintage airline and travel posters for my visuals, but for the life of me I just cannot imagine what font the Spacing Guild would use. Any suggestions?

Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles

“Few products escape the CHOAM touch … Logs, donkeys, horses, cows, lumber, dung, sharks, whale fur — the most prosaic and the most exotic … even our poor pundi rice from Caladan. Anything the Guild will transport, the art forms of Ecaz, the machines of Richese and Ix. But all fades before melange. A handful […]

Visit Giedi Prime!

Sure the planet is a hub of industry, but I think even a Guild (or CHOAM!) artist would be hard-pressed to do anything but make the damn place look smoky and mysterious. If it is hard to discern any detail from the filter, sorry – the entire point is that Barony is obscured by industrial […]

Giedi Prime v2.0

Increased legibility and a logo in keeping with the first poster in this series. I really like both versions, however.


Bulshytt: (1) In Fluccish of the late Praxic Age and early Reconstitution, a derogatory term for false speech in general, esp. knowing and deliberate falsehood or obfuscation. (2) In Orth, a more technical and clinical term denoting speech (typically but not necessarily commercial or political) that employs euphemism, convenient vagueness, numbing repetition, and other such […]

Caladan: The Emerald of Delta Pavonis

Contrast this to Giedi Prime: You’re up high in the hills, looking down on an unspoilt coastal plain and dhows out on the sea beyond it. Caladan has been done before. I wanted something that wasn’t a rehash. Everything screams serenity. Peace. The colour scheme is all cool, soothing colours. Earthy tones. I tried a […]

Caladan. Improved.

Can we all please forget about the other one? Please? A big part of the Atreides family culture is la corrida. A common rite of passage is to step into the ring and defeat a Salusan bull (…or not. A bull is what killed the Old Duke). I figured this would be more of selling […]

Yogi the Bear Poster: From Sketch to Finish

I printed off the final Yogi poster today. It looks great. All my five hours of back-breaking hard work paid off tenfold. The printer in the Lab really can’t handle blacks or deep shadows, but thankfully the only area of the image so affected is a small portion of the bottom left-hand corner. So here, […]

Fixed the search box

Sorry. /embarrassed

Today’s my dad’s eighth anniversary

I’ve already said everything I’m going to say about him: …this stems, I guess, from my dad. Other than as (earlier) a raging, drunken figure full of violence, and (later) a broken, sick man slumped on the couch, I don’t know really him. I can tell you his name, age at death, date of birth, […]

My evening’s super, thanks for asking.

Caladan v2.0 sketch

Compare: I dropped the Atreides banner because I want this CHOAM/Guild campaign to be decidedly apolitical. Fact: The scanners in school are f-u-n.

The Dimensions of a Heighliner

Dune (1965) The Spacing Guild Heighliner in Dune is one of the more iconic starships in science fiction. Helighliners serve as means of transportation, fulcrums for events and convenient plot devices throughout the books of the series. In the first novel, they were described as being of such gargantuan size that Duke Paul Atreides says: […]

Garrett is sick

Or so this Instragram tells me. :(

House Atreides

This post was edited on my iPad (dun dun dunnnnn!) I went through a few versions of this banner on paper, and I’ll honestly say that some of the masking was a complete pain in the arse. I drew this banner tonight after I put off my much more complex Ix project; the Ix picture […]

I sprained my wrist.

I did it while writing a school report. Shut up.

Programming assignment: Done

And now I should probably tackle the festering abscess that is my Systems backlog.


I am a helpless romantic. I see our world through kaleidoscopically-tinted glasses. It’s the inevitable result of being an introvert whose nose spends every free moment buried in a novel. I’m biding my time until Caira settles down enough that I can ambush her classic children’s books like The Hobbit and Goodnight Dune. The above, […]

Ix: The City of Ten Thousand Lights

If there’s anywhere in the Imperium that is all gleaming skyscrapers surrounding wide civic plazas, it is the subterranean city of Ix. Ninth planet of Rodale and capital of the Ixian Confederation, the colony of Ix was founded by scientist fleeing the Butlerian Jihad, and with the explicit protection of the Spacing Guild during its […]

No power cord? No problem!

I badly needed to move some data from my laptop’s hard disk to my external storage. However, the power cord for the disk frayed through. No problem! I dismantled the MyBook enclosure and popped the SATA disk into this wonderful bit of technology. Hallelujah!

Meditating on Death

I live in a rational universe. This rational universe is a universe that hums along nicely to a set of celestial gearworks. To help you understand it, I’ll repeat the old joke: Physics is applied math, chemistry is applied physics, biology is applied chemistry, sociology is applied biology and religion is applied sociology. That’s my […]

I’m impressed

That one – one! – little cat with only three – three! – good legs can stick herself to my shoulder within thirty – thirty! – seconds of me sitting down:

I’m feeling whimsical.

I’ll change it back tomorrow. Thank you, O spam algorithm.

Ix: From sketch to award-winning masterpiece


I’m using a fire, among the oldest of human technologies (say a good half million years?) while I upload files to my wife’s website using the Internet, one of our most recent (20 years).

Let me see

I started on a new Cymbalta prescription yesterday. I got home at 7pm, started dinner, sat down on the couch for a minute and woke up at 5am. Ouch. I’m just glad I was only chopping vegetables and had nothing turned on, because I would have likely burned the house down. I have another two […]

…and by day she eats lettuce

Uh, okay

I found out this morning from another student that our Photoshop lecturer was displaying my Yogi poster in class as an example of How To Do It Right. Oh, oh how I squirmed. I have nothing at all against this! Heck, my ego is stoked. I just don’t like being put in the limelight at […]

Extradimensional Cat mocks your laws of physics

200% of the cat in a volume intended for 75% of the cat. Impressive.

1950’s vintage @091labs

I gave the mailing list and blog personal alone time with the poster. Feedback has been excellent. I reused the template from the Realist Mermaid poster because it seemed to fit exactly what I wanted, without me having to go out and reinvent the bloody wheel from scratch. I really went out of my way […]

Why a television show and an ICBM are the same thing

I’ll open this up with a disclaimer: I am a nitpicky geek. /disclaimer Producing a television show, weirdly, has a lot in common with designing a ballistic missile. In the minds of every missile designer exists the perfect missile. This perfect ballistic munition can carry an infinitely large warhead, at an infinite speed, over an […]

Craptastic awesome!

I had a letter in the mail this morning inviting me to an interview to discuss my attendance record for the semester to date. I’m not sue what I’ll say. Argue depression, boredom and interest? Watch this space.


School presentation +1.

I got my DRM report back…

9/10 for relevance of content. “Relevant content included”. 4/5 for presentation. “Very well laid out and excellent referencing”. 4/5 for expression and grammar. “Very well written”. 9/10 for clarity and inclusion of headings. “All headings included with relevant material”. 9/10 for bibliography. “Excellent bibliography”. You can find the report here.

It isn’t the queerest logic I’ve seen

if He is (unshaven/bearded/unkempt) He is [wearing] (a hoodie) He is [using] (Linux) He is [typing] [furiously] then he is a guru; and [ask] him for (computer/photoshop/life) advice fi Welcome to the next three years of my school life. -_- I mean, today I’ve been asked for advice on changing course, on Photoshop, on how […]

Well the meeting wasn’t what I expected

It wasn’t a dressing down. I spent the weekend mentally bracing myself for just this. The biggest thing that came across in the interview meeting was concern that I am not falling behind. The complaint about attendance came from my programming lecturer. We had a good chat about being back in school and my interests, […]

Presentation: Done. Lab book: Handed in.

I have nothing left to do until January but revise, revise, revise! /face_sunglasses

For @realistmermaid

I wanted to keep the original as much as possible, sorry – I just couldn’t fit in anything longer. If you want fancier, you can try here or grab the .PSD/vector when I upload it tomorrow.

Lifetime Achievement: Nonplusser

I really am a master of leaving a person nonplussed. Today alone I left several classmates and a teacher utterly befuddled. /flex

“Keep Calm and Carry On” Photoshop template You’ll need to download and install this font from K-Type in order to make use of the template. Enjoy! :)