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What is @091labs coming to?

Bloody disgraceful, if you ask me!

HOWTO: A jolly good fire

Mariah selfishly taking off back home to America has seen me left to fend for myself. I mean, it was a full week before I realized that the fridge didn’t miraculously replenish itself when it was emptied of produce, and I’m still getting the hang of laundry a month later. Turns out that after all […]

Labyrinthus: The Poster

Very much inspired by 70’s Eastern European science fiction films.


My word of the day: I have a math’s exam in fifty minutes that I’m not ready for. Oh sure, I’ve revised. I intellectually ready for the challenge of my sets I am. I am not, however, physically ready. All I want to do right now is crawl away home, curl up in bed with […]

I passed everything

I’ve been tweeting about this all afternoon, so apologies to anyone reading this post and thinks I’m tooting my own horn. Okay okay, I am tooting my own horn. Just not redundantly so. For this is the For Eternal Posterity post. I am pleasantly shocked that I passed everything. On the intellectual level, I’m not […]

I used to be an adventuer like you…

Help me out here

I’ve been hawking this around on Twitter. There are going to be more parts. Anyone not Las Vegas local want to suggest Las Vegas local scenery for me to poorly draw?

I’m in Galway

I’m infamous for my well-fuck-it-why-not? impulsiveness. I got out of bed at 4am yesterday morning and decided I was going to Galway, story, end of. Here I am now, legs up in 091 Labs and listening to some #occupyGalway twit shitting out of his mouth and into a megaphone. Really, guys? It’s the Week Before […]

echo “Hello, world!”

I am doing some house cleaning and catch-up work with this blog while I procrastinate over my real home work. I had to hold a short presentation at school earlier in this semester, and with a free choice of topic allowed, I picked Linux. When I created this presentation I the notion of being able […]

Oh my

It isn’t very often that I feel like I’m better off than someone else, but fuck me, the guy who sat behind me on the Galway bus tonight takes the entire fucking packet of biscuits. Married at 19 (knocked his girlfriend up). Had 5 kids with her before they split. Had 2 more girlfriends. And […]

Incremental cat

Worth a mention. I’m sure who she belongs to, exactly. She’s friendly, vocal and loves her food. She pops up at the back door every couple of days making kitten eyes at me until I feed her.

Hell hath no fury like a geek thwarted

I will have this app on my phone. Update: Got it. Took me about an hour.

Sold the iPad; bought an Android phone

Day and night. Day and fucking night. One of the biggest killers for me about living out in Cliffony has been the lack of reliable Internet access. I had an O2 HotShot dongle, but O2’s 3G coverage seems to end somewhere around Galway. Since I moved out to County Sligo in August I’ve been stuck […]

HOWTO: Easy full-page images in LaTeX

The was the most useful thing I leaned all semester. If you want to have a full-page borderless image in a LaTeX document you have two real choices: You can go down the path of defining a custom box within the document, and wrestle with the specifics of setting this box, and filling it with […]

The top 5 pros and cons of living alone

Pros: I can leave the towel on the bathroom floor. There’s nobody around to critique my totally radical air guitar. The toilet seat stays up. Mark only washes the dishes when Mark wants to wash the dishes. My circadian rhythm is migrating West. I’m currently on New York time. Cons: I go to visit family […]

Came home to one less cat. Other cat is making up for it.

I came home from Galway last night to find Lucy completely hysterical and Nyx missing. I feel really, really fucking terrible about Nyx being gone, but as of right now I am not too worried. I’ve searched the roadsides a mile on either side of the house – and there’s no dead cat or any […]

My precioussssss….

Thank you Mariah for putting Garrett on last night! He melted my heart. He’s been sick, but he made up for it by demanding hugs, impersonating Gollum and telling me what every member of the Fellowship of the Ring ate at any given point in the story. His photographic recall was awesome.

Revision isn’t doing so bad…

I brushed up on my Programming last night, and I’m one-third of the way through my Systems (I’ve finished RAM and I’ve nodded my head at CPU). I don’t really want read back up on mobos and expansion slots, but it’s my first exam on Friday coming. Life is pain. I don’t have any exceptional […]

This video is everything my new year’s eve isn’t

And honestly, I’m happier having twenty kilometres of raw Irish countryside between and them kind. Actually… ADVENTURE TIME MARATHON. WOO!!!!