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Prep version 0

I’m not sure if I blogged about this before, but hey. Whatever. I use Dropbox and I post a lot of images here – and as a matter of fact almost every image comes served out of my Dropbox/Public/content folder. I use a tidy little script for this, that I call prep. It’s extensible and […]


Holy shit, but the the blog is five six! years old in two weeks. O.o

2012 resolutions

Stay on antidepressants and do my best for my kids and their mother. Lose 20kg of body weight. My BMI is comfortably in the middle of “overweight”. To that end I am starting yoga classes by the end of the month. And, you know, making an attempt to manage the sugar habit. Finish the year […]

My big 2012 resolution:

Google Navigation It comes on my phone, and I used it for the first time last night to get around Sligo to a friend’s house. Holy shit. I felt like somebody in a spy film, being directed by a voice over my headphones. “Turn left” “Turn right” “Turn around” Being directed was the most awesome fifteen […]


I sat down at a computer for my exam Programming exam. Suddenly, excitement: The Moodle (snork!) server crashed under the load. Systems was easy. Programming was tricky. Creative Media is tomorrow and I have Games on Friday. Then, alcohol.

The Cliffoney photowalk of Thunderous Fury, February 25-26

When: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February, 2012. Where: Cliffoney, Co. Sligo, Ireland. We are situated beside the N15 road right on the outskirts of Cliffoney as you approach the village from Sligo town. (54.428231,-8.458785) Cost: €10, payable by Monday February 20, 2012. I accept PayPal and Google Wallet payments. How do I reserve my […]

Exams are done

Describe the progression of a game: Identify and acquire key properties on the Monopoly board. Invest in your properties and work toward the construction of a hotel. Build up your financial reserves. Drive your enemy before you, pillage their home and listen to the lamentation of their women.

So pretty

Search by Image, Recursively, Transparent PNG, #1 from kingcosmonaut3000 on Vimeo.

Nitpicking Virga

I’m currently halfway through the third book of Karl Schroeder’s Virga pentalogy. This is a fantastically fun series if you make sure you switch your brain off before reading. There’s swashbuckling derring-do, ships of the line clashing, pirates, knaves and heroes, chivalry, conspiracies, secrets, betrayals and the odd, outright “fuck yeah!” moment. All that said, […]

So unhealthy :3

The story of my home life

On the upside, more pussy sits on my face in one week than sits on most other mens in a year. Win.

.@rubot It’s Our Internet, Too

Yes, this conversation again. I came away feeling like I didn’t get my point across really well so I am picking at this again like the obsessive scab-picker that I am. I was six hundred words into a frothy spiel before I impulsively deleted it and decided to make a few assertions/bullet points instead: None […]

Caira started school!


Oh, Texoil

from: Mark Grealish to: cc: date: Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 12:52 PM subject: Why was my cancellation not processed? Hello! In October 2011, I signed up for Texoil Sligo’s direct debit payment plan for oil. Before I placed any order for oil, my bank account was debited, for €50, on November […]

Airtricity Bill Estimator

Wow, my Friday nights are exciting. I wrote a short C# program that will let me estimate how much my next power bill from Airtricity will be. This is to both avoid bill shock and help me plan my budget. Over the weekend I will add the option to export the option to a .csv […]

Oh yeah, new laptop

Screen: 13.3″ Widescreen (1366×768) Processor: Intel Core i5 2430M – 2.4GHz Memory: 4GB DDR3 (1 x 4GB) Hard disk: 640GB – 5400 rpm SATA2 Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT520M – 1 GB DDR3 Optical drive: Dual Layer DVD-ReWriter Card reader: 4 in 1 (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC) Network: Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, BlueTooth 3.0 Colour: […]




I’ve been quiet here. The new laptop is awesome. There are no two ways about it. I’m having a ball playing World of Warcraft and enjoying the Internet, as a whole, in a marginally-higher resolution. Oh yeah, school work. Totally. See:

Reins of the Swift White Hawkstrider

Also, Homework

Mountain o’ Mounts

Soppy Valentine’s Day Message #0

Grab the code here.

C# annoyance

Fuck. FUCK. The next time I need to calculate compound interest daily, I should probably check my sample numbers with a *daily* compound interest calculator. Before, you know, I spend four hours writing a check-check-checker (check3) and proverbially pulling my hair out. Turns out that Google Docs and several other online calculators calculate it yearly.

I’m not one for the meme bandwagon, but…

…this one made me out-and-out guffaw.

The Realist Mermaid needs YOU!

I was going to say “my sister site needs you”, but we’re married, and making that kind of statement while married would quirk all manner of eyebrows. Incest is fun, but honestly, you have to have Cersei and Jamie’s level of sex appeal before you can carry it off. We don’t, sadly. So. Mariah needs […]

Depressing statistics

Although there are good reasons for this. The spreadsheet even updates in realtime – I’ve outsourced my angst to cold and unfeeling technology!

For Dirtdawg

You asked me last night whether it was worthwhile to prospect mined ore instead of either a) smelting it into bars, or b) or just selling the ore straight up. Good question. I’ve been wondering myself. Before I dive into the numbers, I need to throw up an exclusionary disclaimer: Exclusionary Disclaimer: There are a […]

Programming win

Turns out my Airtricity Bill Estimator was excellently close to the mark for a first go:

Semester one exams: All passed

Disclaimers: 1. The statistics were compiled by photographing result sheets pinned up in a corridor with a cheap cameraphone. Bad lighting and bad focus combined to give me the occasional moment of having to creatively interpret a figure. 2. Google Docs rounds figures in a slightly different manner than whatever program was used internally by […]


The Cliffoney photowalk of Thunderous Fury

On $(period): It was originally “morning”, but then I got sick and “morning” became “day”, and “day” became “week”. It goes without saying that there are photowalks, and then there are photowalks. There are a good many photowalks where everyone puts on their Serious Photographer face, waxes lyrical about their myriad Photographic Achievements afore the […]

Website evolution

Our year has been given its website project: Build one. CSS and HTML must be used. Bonus marks are being given out for the use of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ruby, and dynamic web pages. Behold! The evolution of the front page.

The website project forges ever onward!




I’ve kinda neglected to blog, Facebook or even tweet much this past month. So here’s a quick bullet point update: Major depressive spell, heavily-tinged with anxiety. I started on Cymbalta 60mg a week ago. It has kicked my arse so far – nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, etc. I broke away from the steely grip […]

We Ride Mammoths

Best arena team, ever.

Happy Easter daddy!


First time playing my Warlock in a year

The barbarians are coming

May 16-August 16. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.

If you don’t ask, I won’t tell


The most maximally epic Alterac Valley ever

Check out dem healz. Before anyone asks about all of the World of Warcraft screenshots (and no one will): I want to preserve some of my best World of Warcraft screenshots. It’s 2012, and I have absolutely none of my Asheron’s Call, Anarchy Online, or early WoW screenshots. Posterity. For the Children™.

Apparently I am a creature of habit

I found some early World of Warcraft screenshots, circa 2004. Compare the GUI with that from last week: The same core aesthetic is evident in each. My GUI then: My GUI now:

This is the moment when I rolled my face across the keyboard in mute rage

I guess some context is needed for the screenshot. In ascending order: World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). Am MMOG has two primary kinds of player-game interaction: Player versus environment (PVE). Player versus player (PVP). PVE features you competing against computer-controlled enemies to complete objectives. PVP has you competitively compete against […]

One week of Instagram

As everyone who cares, knows, Instagram has come to Android. I took a few photographs smartphone snapshots here and there. Here’s the weekly aggregation for archival purposes:

Another C# assignment is completed.

Oh look, a Pastebin!. I get incrementally get less bad with basic stuff, even as I try to deal with the spiraling complexities of a larger project. It’s fun, and I enjoy it so far: It allows for great creative expressions, and grants me the ability to solve problems in a system which isn’t so […]

The view from my desk

I tried to communicate this to a friend via Google Maps and Street View, but even the mighty Google God failed me. So here’s a panorama: I want to apologize for the low quality; the image was snapped with my camera. Even this image doesn’t communicate the entirety of the view. :[

My wedding photographs!

I am only four years, ten months, and twenty four days late posting these in response to the original post. Images sourced from this Flickr stream.

I had a passive-aggressive comment

To Anonymous, Here’s a passive-aggressive response to your complaint that I have too many World of Warcraft-related posts on my blog. There are 1,165 posts on my blog. There are 50 posts in the category “World of Warcraft”. 50/1165 = 0.04291845493562231759656652360515 In layman’s terms, 4.3% of the posts on my blog are about That Game. […]

Pirate Masserah


Swings and roundabouts

Swings: I have a staph infection on my face. The beard had to come off. No photographs; I don’t want any lasting record of the 2 euro coin-sized sore/scab on my jaw. Progression of the infection: I get out of the shower on Wednesday, and to my alarm I notice that a large patch of […]

Birthday wishes!

I held off on mentioning my birthday (last Monday) until I had the opportunity to rotate these videos and put them up on YouTube:

Fine. Me. Sans beard.

If you don’t squint you can’t even see the sore! Update: Garrett does not like his new, beardless daddy; he kept asking me to put my beard back on. :(

Jon Snow L’Oreal

Really, the title explains everything. I giggled at this for a good hour. The best source I have for it is here

First exam

C# Good: It built. It ran. Bad: There was a bug I couldn’t fix, and instead worked around. Sloppily. Good: It formatted nicely. Bad: You could charitably call my formatting code “obfuscated”. Other synonyms like “Byzantine” or “Walter Bishop-esque”come to mind. Good: Throwing a stack of copies of “Alive” in the bin is a true […]

It’s Friday!

Second Exam

Mathematics. Eh. It is a bit nerve-racking when, after the first sixty minutes elapse, half of your year gets up and walks out of the exam hall. At the seventy-five minute mark three-quarters of those remaining get up and leave. I am still sitting there patiently working through some matrix problems.

Cats +1

PVP versus PVE

Back around the time of Anarchy Online’s first big expansion, Shadowlands, I had a frightening revelation. To put a date on it, it would be after the release of the expansion, and before I crashed RK1/Atlantean’s economy by causing hyperinflation after I dumped two or three billion credits into the market by AOE kiting Hecklers […]

Google is broken

I had to tap my screen a few times, refresh the page, and finally step outside to verify the report.


Faith in humanity -1

[W From] [Littleben]: wanna do 2s? For 1600 rate this week, currently 1500 [W To] [Littleben]: I saw you spamming trade earlier. Are you just sending blind /tells to every possible healer? :) [W From] [Littleben]: u can just say no, there’s no need to bark [W To] [Littleben]: Hehe Littleben is ignoring you. :|

Project Euler

I was led onto the existence of the wonderful Project Euler through, of all things, an Ars Technica article highlighting unfortunate changes coming to Visual Studio 11. It’s fun, it is challenging, and I am doing some genuine learning through the site. I’ll post my code as I complete problems.

Project Euler Problem #1

Project Euler Problem #2

using System; public class Two { static void Main() { int a = 1; int b = 1; int c = 0; int sum = 0; int cap = 4000000; do { c = a + b; if (c % 2 == 0) sum += c; a = b; b = c; } while (c […]

Project Euler Problem #3

using System; public class Three { static void Main() { long a = 600851475143; int b = Convert.ToInt32(Math.Sqrt(a)); int c = 0; for (int i = b; i >= 2; i--) { if (a % i == 0) if (ChkPrime(i)) { c = i; break; } } Console.WriteLine('{0}', c); } static bool ChkPrime(int c) { […]

Project Euler Problem #4

using System; public class Four { static void Main() { int a = 0; int b = -1; int c = 999; for (int i = 100; i < = c; i++) { for (int j = 100; j <= c; j++) { a = i * j; if ((a == Reverse(a)) && (a > […]

Project Euler Problem #5

using System; public class Five { static void Main() { int a = 20; int b = 0; while (b <= 0) { for (int i = 11; i < 20; i++) { if (a % i != 0) { a += 20; break; } else if (i == 19) { b = a; break; […]

It’s over 9000!

I’ve started raiding through Open Raid, a free service built upon World of Warcraft’s cross-realm raiding. Ventrilo, competent PVPers and raiders who can follow directions. Really, what is there to not like?

Big exams #3 through to #6

Listos version: Games Design: Winged it on the strength of a treatise on how sprites are drawn. Database Administration: I did not go. I had reasons. See below. Web Design: Oh so easy. Systems and Networking: Very easy. Games Design: One of the two subjects I will probably have to repeat. I hit my big […]

Project Euler Problem #6

using System; public class Six { static void Main() { double a = 100; double b = 0; double c = 0; for (int i = 1; i < = a; i++) { b += (i * i); c += i; } c = c * c; if (b > c) Console.WriteLine("\n{0}\n", b - c); […]

Project Euler Problem #7

The answer is a bit of a trick, and there is actually a hint within the question: Start your prime count at 2, not at 1, or 0, like me. using System; public class Seven { static void Main() { int a = 2; int b = 0; int c = 10001; while (b < […]

Project Euler Problem #8

I started here for clarification on the problem’s requirement. I had more problem correctly parsing the input than I did in crunching the highest product (three hours versus two minutes?). :/ — using System; using System.IO; public class Eight { static void Main() { int[] a = numIn(); int b = 0; int c = […]

Project Euler Problem #9

Okay, this one was tough. Not in the computation – it took me about an hour to refine and submit my solution once I Googled the algorithm; my real problem was in completely understand the requirements of the question, and what it implied. I looked up the Pythagorean triplet, and the history of it. — […]

Took the kids to the beach :)

Did they enjoy it? You tell me.

Another from the beach

This one’s clocked up a fair few likes on Instagram.

Project Euler Problem #10

As of the time of publishing, I have not yet submitted this solution to the website because it is offline. I have, however, searched around and verified the correctness. I kept returning an incorrect answer until I switched variables a and b to long. It works. This was a boring problem: I just copied my […]

Project Euler Problem #11

I took a pure brute force approach to this problem: Working with [x,y] coordinates is a headache. I also chose to go the route of testing every valid combination; way, way too many submissions on the Project Euler forums (and on the Internet in general) are along the lines of “I just did Ctrl+F for […]

Here comes the sun!

Galaxy of Passion – A Star Wars Telenovela

Still a better story than the prequel.

Project Euler Problem #12

This was a question of two parts: Calculate the next triangle number in sequence. Take said triangle number and calculate how many divisors it has. Loop until you find one with 500, and break. The first part was simple: Start with n = 1. For every iteration of the loop, add n to n, and […]

Project Euler Problem #13

After I submitted my solution, I Googled around and found a fair deal of “lol, this one is easy!” And, yeah, it is. Add 100 numbers together and output the first ten digits of the sum. So, easy. C# is persnickety about numbers and handling. Out of the box, C# does not like working with […]

Project Euler Problem #14

using System; public class Fourteen { static void Main() { long a = 1000000; long b = 0; long c = 0; long d = 0; for (int i = 1; i < = a; i++) { b = Chain(i); if (b >= c) { c = b; d = i; } } Console.WriteLine("\\n{0}\\n", d); […]

The Transit of Venus

I missed it owing to being on the incorrect portion of this rotating oblate sphere (and, yes, rain). It is the last time Venus will transit the sun from Earth in this century-and unless I live to the ripe old age of 136, also the very last time in my life. This makes me sad, […]

Project Euler Problem #15 (in progress)

Solving this problem requires an understanding of Pascal’s Triangle, “…triangular array of the binomial coefficients in a triangle.” TL;DR: The integers in each row is equal to the sum of the two above it. While I still do not have a fully working solution for problem 15, I have written a heavy-handed Pascal’s Triangle generator. […]

Project Euler Problem #15

So, the answer was staring at me all along. No, really. Look at this picture: On the left is a bog-standard Pascal Triangle. On the right is the example problem on the Project Euler website. I drew this diagram on paper, and what immediately leaped out of me was that the number I need (the […]

Project Euler Problem #16

/twitch Anything to avoid using VS, right? For my pain, I learned that Bash, while being excellent for fast big arithmetic operations (compared to C#), doesn’t enjoy working with large multiples or exponents. using System; using System.Numerics; class Program { static void Main() { BigInteger a; string b; int c = 0; a = BigInteger.Pow(2, […]

I walked to Grange last night (and then back home)

The main road became a tributary road. The tributary became a boreen. The boreen became a mud track in a forest. The forest track gave way to a raised causeway in a bog. After the sun set, there were sheep.

Project Euler Problem #17

Non-admission: I Google around for other solutions to problem as I work on them. I have no intention of copying anyone else’s approach to a problem, although I do look for mathematical terms to search for in turn. Looking at many of the posted solutions, I saw either crazily branching decision structures or more-or-less tiresome […]

Problem #18

I am irked by this. I have an algorithm. However, to find it I had to go look up the solutions of other users who have blogged about it. Blah.

Project Euler Problem #18

I am beginning to feel as if my head is full of mush every time I have to deal with a jagged array in a loop. I stole the solution from here, but the code is entirely my own. In short, you begin at the bottom-left corner of the jagged array. You move to the […]

Garrett meets SNES

Charon at 29 days

She is starting to show the same temperament as her queen: Nosy, friendly, and in constant need of yet another belly rub. Charon’s coat is a shade lighter than Lucy’s – a dark charcoal grey instead of black – and her stripes are more prominent than her queen’s in daylight. Charon’s coat is (like my […]

How many avout does it take to change the light bulb?

1 avout to change the light bulb. 1 assistant to help him up the ladder, and then hold it steady. 9 who have fallen back to avocations to grow a tree, chop it down, and carve it into a stepladder. 5 more to collect the sand, smelt the glass, blow the bulb, and spin the […]

Problem #19 non-solution

I’ve been having way too much fun with these: using System; public class Nineteen { static void Main() { } // Days in one month. Assumes "1-12" input. static int daysMonth(int year, int month) { int[] a = new int[13] {0,31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31}; int b = 0; if ((leap(year)) && (month == 2)) b = 29; else […]

Not the most l33t of newbies

Caira turns with the keyboard and Garrett can’t help but use a controller.

Om nom nom nom nom

Project Euler Problem #19

Mark now knows more than Mark ever wished to know about leap years, months, days, and weeks – generally a whole lot of the Georgian calendar and calendar days versus solar days. using System; public class Nineteen { static void Main() { int a = 0; for (int i = 1901; i < = 2000; […]

Project Euler Problem #20

using System; using System.Numerics; public class Twenty { static void Main() { BigInteger a = 100; string b; int c = 0; for (int i = 99; i >= 1; i--) a *= i; b = Convert.ToString(a); for (int i = 0; i < b.Length; i++) c += b[i] - '0'; Console.WriteLine('{0}', c); } }

Project Euler Problem #21

It took me a few adjustments – namely having to eliminate numbers those numbers whose summed divisors equalled the original (6, 28, 496, etc.). I reduced my workload by eliminating primes. using System; public class TwentyOne { static void Main() { int a = 1; int b = 0; for (int i = 1; i […]

Project Euler Problem #22

My stroke of brilliance: c += ((b[i] - '0') + 10) % 26; Take b[i]. In this example make it the letter ‘A’. Subtract ‘0’. You are left with. 17. Add 10. It becomes 27. Modulo 26. It returns 1. Works for every other letter (although you have to change the value of “z” to […]

Project Euler Problem #23

This problem sucked. A benchmark for my solution is seemingly required for proper horn-tooting: 00:00:03.9170605 This problem, like Problem #19 threw me to the mental wolves. Keeping with the comparisons to #19, I also had to build up a supporting clade of methods to process the different elements of the problem. The core of the […]

Grades: January and June

January: Systems and Networking: 83% Digital Media with Photoshop: 78% Programming with C#: 78% Games Culture: 88% Mathematics: 61% Learning to Learn: 71% 76.5% June: Systems and Networking: 89% Programming with C#: 68% Web Design: 62% Database Management: N/G Games Design: N/G Mathematics: 70% 72.3% Eh. I could have, should have done better. A bad […]

Father’s day 2012

[Minecraft] The Lyceum

Project Euler Problem #24

00:00:00.0716283 This one hurt my head, even after I was led onto Narayana Pandita’s algorithm. The algorithm depends on finding the largest integer that is smaller than another integer in the sequence/array; however, I’ve looked at several code solutions that just come in from the right and pick the first integer that is smaller than […]

Project Euler Problem #25

My submission was incorrect until I realized that my algorithm starts outputting Fibonacci numbers at the fourth Fibonacci term; it excludes the leading 0,1,1. I therefore set my counter to 3. using System; using System.Numerics; public class TwentyFive { static void Main() { BigInteger a = 1; BigInteger b = 2; BigInteger c = 0; […]

It is *never* too late to jump on a bandwagon


Killer endures

…even if she is a veritable tubcat these days.

Subtitled: For science!

If they fits, they sits



Apologies for the terrible quality.

[XNA] Create an infinite background texture loop

Update: I created a standalone class here. I don’t like to resort to third-party instructional guides for most goals. While I’m perfectly happy to use a specific step in the solution to the problem, I prefer that my answer to be my own as much as possible. This is simplified example code for XNA to […]

[XNA] I shall not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

I am Negatron One. In any stressful situation, I immediately assume the worst possible outcome will ensure, and act accordingly. Coding-wise, today was pretty fucking stressful; although I came out the far side of it with some valuable lessons learned, and some great reusable code, all I think is “I’m a failure!” I’m not. Here’s […]

Know your robots: N.E.P.T.R.

[XNA] Muzak

I decided last night that my repeat project would be a timed side-scroller that featured a catchy chiptune soundtrack. To that end, I need an encapsulated MP3 player that can: Load an .m3u file Offer random forward seek. Backward seek to a. the start of the song, and b. the previous track. Be pausable and […]

[XNA] Current status.

Scrolling, layered backgrounds, user input, and a soundtrack: Working. Next target is collision detection and improved font (read: Less messy) font handling.

[XNA] Muzak II

I did some basic soundtrack-handling last night. I ran into problems getting it to run before I discovered that Content.Load(bar) can only be called from the main class. That was a bit of a pisser, and it forced me to rewrite my class. I am defending its existence on the grounds of potential extensibility. class […]

[XNA] What is my actual summer assignment?

Entirely for my own benefit, since I keep forgetting, and hate delving into Windows Live every day: Create an empty game project in Visual studio 2010. Add the Code and Content files found (in the Live Group). In the Game1 class: Add the using namespace AnimatedSprite to access the classes from Game1. Create a new […]


[XNA] Front menu

I need to spin this off into its own class tomorrow.

[XNA] Rage murder kill.

Let’s carry on from last night. While I know I said that I was going to delve into collisions next, I wound up seguing into game state instead. There’s a great write up on game state here, but if you’d like a TL;DR, then simplest way to describe game state is thus: if (X == […]

Molten Core? More like Molten CORED.

Legendary x2.

[XNA] Meet the Flyer

Know your robots: R2-D2

Know your robots: Maximilian

Know your robots: MSE-6


[XNA] Flyer Spritesheet

Know your robots: Bender

What does Bender do? Break rules. I had Bender fully drawn from the front for this picture, and while technically correct, it looked stupid; Bender is almost always shown in Futurama in profile or perspective. It looks better, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to draw. The arms stuck straight out because Photoshop […]


It’s a great start to a Saturday when you challenge your asshole former rated team leader to arena wargames, and then crush him repeatedly, to the point that he rage quits out of the game.

The Siege of IOC-558

(Blatant DS9 reference.) For a non-premade game (I went in with three friends, the Alliance defence was exceptional; we lost all of the bases almost immediately, and we were pushed back to the keep; at one point in the first ten minutes High Commander Halford was down to 50% health. Through luck and strong (strong) […]

[Bash] Download an Imgur album

If I see one more rectangle this morning, I will scream. Instead I am writing a very simple Imgur gallery downloader for a friend, using extant Bash utilities. #!/bin/bash wget $1 LIST=files.list mv $(ls -1 .) $LIST # Strip the file down to the actual image links. cat $LIST | grep href | grep jpg […]

[Bash] Download ALL of an Imgur user’s images

I’ve consulted Imgur’s API and asked around: There does not seem to be any download limits in place. That said, my script does place nice, and you can throttle requests if you wish. Imgur’s API does include a way to just fetch a list of a user’s albums and their respective images, but I’ve spent […]

Know your robots: Wheatley

Know your robots: Zoidberg

Completely non-canon, but why not?

The two faces of Garrett Grealish

The two faces of Caira Clanton

091 Labs…

Putting the “hack” into “hackerspace” since 2010.™


Because it’s that kind of day

[XNA] Collisions (and a general update)

One of the coolest things in older video games (read: Asteroids) for me was the wrap: The sprite moves off the screen and smoothly appears on the far side. Imagine my crippling disappointment this morning when I started playing around will collision detection and discovered that it is basically eight lines of code: if (rectangle1.X […]

[XNA] Player class v1.0

Pretty basic: Take in a basic sprite and movez0r it. About the only part of the code I am actually happy with are the keyboard controls; I simply pass the KeyboardState to the class and let the class worry about it. // Move player. player.Move(Keyboard.GetState()); Easy. My next project is timers.

[XNA] Keeping a sprite on screen

I’m making a class for collision detection right now. if (rectangle1.X < 0) rectangle1.X = 0; if (rectangle1.Y < 0) rectangle1.Y = 0; if (rectangle1.Y + texture1.Height > gameHeight) rectangle1.Y = gameHeight - texture1.Height; if (rectangle1.X + texture1.Width > gameWidth) rectangle1.X = gameWidth - texture1.Width;


‎[W From] [43:Waynne]: My alliance guild has a “contract” on you that if we take a screen shot of killing you we get 1k, I can pay you but my hordies only have like 40g

Charon’s first adventure

[Bash] Prep version 3

I use a fairly basic script that formats pictures, uploads them via Dropbox, and inserts paste-ready HTML code into my clipboard. With some minor modifications this script can be used on Linux, Windows (Cygwin), or OS X. Taking a break from animating sprites, I wanted to improve this script, in order to reduce my work. […]

[XNA] What is Flyatron?

I’ve been working on the individual components of Flyatron without giving much thought to what the end game will be. Here it is: It is a single-player shooter/survival game. The player character, the H.E.R.O. Egregious Robot Ordnance (H.E.R.O.). The player is relentlessly pursued by a Malevolent Airborne Robot (M.A.R.). The M.A.R. is a simply a […]

Know your robots: K-9

[XNA] Timed events are working.


[XNA] New sprite guy

I am currently animating my PC, and found that the non-circular helm on the old PC sprite made my life a complete pain in the ass. Rather than fine-tuning every, single, frame, I redrew him with a circular helm. Also, more pixels.

[XNA] Ridiculously simple animation.

Pastebin. About 14 hours of work, learning from scratch. A fair bit of this time was spent in revising the sprites to fit.

[XNA] Flying Flyatron fly-mines!

This was my week past

[XNA] Flyatron’s on the final stretch

Remaining to do: Fix scoreboard (it doesn’t collate correctly). Import gun/bullet function code (already animated). Animate player death. Animate new game. Add power ups. Add sound effects. Only the last item presents any great difficulty.


Caira’s selfies

Cats for adoption!

Queen Lucy, and kitten Charon. These wonderful cats need a new home by August 16 (two weeks from now). They are: Friendly. Used to small children. Love being held. House-trained. Call to email me: 086 190 8088.


Check out Flyatron on Github! Gameplay is barebones (you move, you shoot, you die), and buggy, but it runs. Current issues: Owing to the order in which mines despawn after detonating, bullets following the first bullet will despawn until the explosion animation concludes. Ordering, again: If the player hits a mine at their spawn point […]

The Walk

From a few weeks back.

You know you are arguing with my family when…

‎”Can you buy me string bin liners?” “Sure, what size?” “STRING bin liners.” “What size are they?” “They have a drawstring.” “What size is the bin?” “I don’t know. Just buy ones with a drawstring.” “How do you not know how big the bin is?” “When I go to Dunnes, I just buy the string […]

[XNA] Flyatron 1.0!!

You can grab the source here, and if you are so interested in trying the game then shoot me an email or leave a comment here! Changelog: General: * New game icon! * Added new font size. Game.cs: * Collected nukes now accumulate for later use (right-mouse click). * Tidied UpdatePlay(); some code was shuffled […]

I’m a shitbag

I am tired of glossing over just how screwed up my home life is, how completely insane Mariah is, or how horrible a person I can be to everyone around me. I am my father’s son. Can’t deny it anymore, not after slapping Ciara. Circumstances don’t matter. I did it, and no amount of hugging […]

True love

There I am in the Gala Express in Eyre Square. Some lad on the radio was describing himself as being half-Ewok because “my mum is from Monaghan, but my dad is from the planet Endor.” The girl across the counter made eye contact with me and we said, simultaneously, “Endor is a moon…” I am […]

Ghetto Creeper vector (PSD)

Using a reference image, I filled in square shapes with the appropriate colours. Enjoy. Grab it here.

Your pal Creeper


Hallowe’en Ignite!

Ubuntu died

I did an in-place do-release-upgrade yesterday. The laptop was not completely plugged in, and the battery went out when the upgrade process was about 75% complete. Since then, things have been…very interesting due to the lack of 64-bit recovery media in the hackerspace.

My summer?

I had ~2000 words written about it before I realized, TL;DR, Mairah was a girl cunt, I was a boy cunt, the children had to watch us try to kill each other when we weren’t ignoring them, and it all ended in fire. Upside? Divorce. Downside? Little or no access to the children for the […]

[WOW] Main’s Transmogrification

More of the new transmogrification

On my last day in Cliffoney

I had to make one last run out to Cliffoney to settle matters with the landlord, and I killed some time wandering the beach while waiting for the bus back into Sligo.


Galway LAN party?

Protected: I hate blog fragmentation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

JavaScript “hello world”

Yay, milestone. <html> <head> <title>JSON Test #1</title> <style type="text/css"> #test { color: black; height: 100px; left: 25%; position: absolute; top: 25%; width: 500px; } </style> </head> <body> <div id="test"></div> <script> var data={ firstName: 'Mark', lastName: 'Grealish' }; document.getElementById('test').innerHTML = data.firstName + ' ' + data.lastName; </script> </body> </html>

Is the hackerspace open?

This started as my own tongue-in-cheek take on 091 Labs’s Lo-lo project, an open/closed state indicator for the hackerspace. It has the dangerous potential to become something moderately more obsessive, because the four lines of jQuery at its core don’t fucking work in Internet Explorer (shocker). The page, the CSS? Validates perfectly. The JavaScript I […]

The beach at Cliffoney

Me? Weekend? Wanton excitement?


I passed my repeats

Oh, how was *my* bus trip?

Shit shit shit

Semester 3…begins!

My lecturers are universally saying “ERMAGHERD, ERXPERNERNTAHL KERV!” about this semester’s difficulty, but so far I am only truly frightened about mathematics. I have six streams up until December: Mathematics, Windows Programming, Web Programming, Client-side Scripting, Software Analysis, and Database Development. Out of the six, I am only really concerned about Mathematics, because fuck math. […]

[Bash] Batch renaming files

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact I’ve been using Linux for more than a decade, I’ve done a great job of avoiding sed. I have done my best to make up for it in the recent past by learning how to at least find and replace, either within a file or in a filename. […]

College year 2, week 1

Not too bad so far, although I’ve already missed an afternoon of classes because I had to sort out matters relating to my grant and payments; also, if you consider my proclivity toward doing everything at the last possible minute, and the weird little things that always happen around me, everything has been eerily smooth. […]

Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?]

[Site] The back-end is experiencing issues

The back-end of the site is experiencing intermittent problems, but it shouldn’t affect your browsing.

And now, back to my study.

[Mark][~] # rm -Rv /cygdrive/c/World\ of\ Warcraft/ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/.agent.db’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/.curseclient’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbility.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityEffect.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityState.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityTurn.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetBreedQuality.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetBreedState.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetEffectProperties.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetNPCTeamMember.adb’ […]



I hate myself. Again. I’ve had the exact moment that I hit Ciara seared in my brain. I can feel my hand connect with her face, hear the crack, and think “Oh shit” over and over and over. Putting aside the angry silence/occasional death threat from the Clanton clan, this has completely destroyed my confidence […]

Winter hats


With all respect due to Frank Herbert, he’s a one-trick pony. Dune is the science fiction novel that has shaped me and my appreciation for the genre more than any other – but Mr. Herbert is still a one-trick pony. Hear me out: Mr. Herbert was singularly fascinated with emergent behaviour in populations put under […]


So there I am in Tesco..

…queuing for the checkout when a teeny-tiny three year old girl catches sight of me. She gasps, she gapes, she gestures: “That’s Santa! That’s Santa!” Why…why any right-minded person, adult or child…why would they think this?

What a difference two weeks makes!

October 1: a last glorious huzzah from summer. November 1: snow on Truskmore!

I threw my wedding ring into a river

For the sake of relating its history: The silver ring was bought from a Paiute woman at the 2007 Snow Mountain Pow Wow during the Memorial Day weekend, a few days before I got married. The ring went on and came off as things got better or worse, until I finally stuck it on my […]

In Galway

Farewell, Galway

Despite the whole joke that the only known reason for humans falling asleep is that we get tired, my body is pretty vicious about letting me know when I’ve gone without; I did not sleep on Friday/Fright night in order to reset my sleep schedule, and paid for it. I decided pretty abruptly early on […]

Talking about depression

Yeah yeah, obligatory crazy face. Depressives – and everyone else with a mental illness for that matter – have a number of great reasons to not discuss their situation: Ridicule and stigmatization by friends and family. Negative repercussions from current and potentially future employers. A desire to not burden others with your problems. Thing is, […]

Round 2: Glorious vengeance

See here for the first round.


Bwahahahahahhaha. No, really.

Of all the weird things someone could wax philosophical about, I want to talk about player versus player combat on World of Warcraft’s Arthas server. According to Warcraft Realm, 77% of Arthas’s population is Horde. Depending on how you round, that’s four-fifths (up), or three quarters (down), which is a noticeably severe imbalance. I come […]

So, I went to Galway

As promised. I avoided talking to mum on the phone, and instead walked into the house at half one. I spent five minutes painfully trying to describe my mental state before mum answered a phone call from her friend and started to gossip. I bid her goodbye, and walked out. The worst part were two […]

Sick Caira, December 2012

This pissed me off: Caira was sick enough to be hospitalized and no one said even one word about it to me until almost a year later. Learning about this in September cemented many opinions, many of them negative.


If I don’t post an Instagram snap within twenty four hours of posting it, the odds are pretty healthy that it will rot in ignoble exile in my feed. So here, before and after of some dental work: I am back in mid-January for more work – yay. I can’t really stress just how much […]

Great pedants think alike

Tuesday morning fog

@vlastikb came to town

I am way, way behind in putting these snapshot up, but with Instagram’s new terms of service I have a good reason to get caught up. I’m not going to post everything from that day; most of the shots are just seascapes. Instead here are my favourites: Vlastik took me down to Easkey. The very […]

Murder most foul

I tripped, ketchup flew.

Christmas Eve, Sligo

Sligo had a gorgeous sunset yesterday evening, but in typical fashion the only photograph I like looked like shit: Totally wasn’t trying to channel Moonrise at Hernandez by Ansel Adams. Nope.

Merry Christmas

It’s December 28, 2012. My brain has been switched off since approximately September 25. Between then and now I’ve gone through, oh gods, a lot. Enough that it’s easier to use bullet points: Three or four outright suicidal spells. Hopelessness, immediate death wish, and pondering the best way to go. It was a toss up […]

Better shot of the smile

End of year family dinner

Possibly a Charon sighting