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I’ve been quiet here. The new laptop is awesome. There are no two ways about it. I’m having a ball playing World of Warcraft and enjoying the Internet, as a whole, in a marginally-higher resolution. Oh yeah, school work. Totally. See:

Reins of the Swift White Hawkstrider

Also, Homework

Mountain o’ Mounts

Soppy Valentine’s Day Message #0

Grab the code here.

C# annoyance

Fuck. FUCK. The next time I need to calculate compound interest daily, I should probably check my sample numbers with a *daily* compound interest calculator. Before, you know, I spend four hours writing a check-check-checker (check3) and proverbially pulling my hair out. Turns out that Google Docs and several other online calculators calculate it yearly.

I’m not one for the meme bandwagon, but…

…this one made me out-and-out guffaw.

The Realist Mermaid needs YOU!

I was going to say “my sister site needs you”, but we’re married, and making that kind of statement while married would quirk all manner of eyebrows. Incest is fun, but honestly, you have to have Cersei and Jamie’s level of sex appeal before you can carry it off. We don’t, sadly. So. Mariah needs […]

Depressing statistics

Although there are good reasons for this. The spreadsheet even updates in realtime – I’ve outsourced my angst to cold and unfeeling technology!

For Dirtdawg

You asked me last night whether it was worthwhile to prospect mined ore instead of either a) smelting it into bars, or b) or just selling the ore straight up. Good question. I’ve been wondering myself. Before I dive into the numbers, I need to throw up an exclusionary disclaimer: Exclusionary Disclaimer: There are a […]

Programming win

Turns out my Airtricity Bill Estimator was excellently close to the mark for a first go:

Semester one exams: All passed

Disclaimers: 1. The statistics were compiled by photographing result sheets pinned up in a corridor with a cheap cameraphone. Bad lighting and bad focus combined to give me the occasional moment of having to creatively interpret a figure. 2. Google Docs rounds figures in a slightly different manner than whatever program was used internally by […]