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I’ve kinda neglected to blog, Facebook or even tweet much this past month. So here’s a quick bullet point update: Major depressive spell, heavily-tinged with anxiety. I started on Cymbalta 60mg a week ago. It has kicked my arse so far – nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, etc. I broke away from the steely grip […]

We Ride Mammoths

Best arena team, ever.

Happy Easter daddy!


First time playing my Warlock in a year

The barbarians are coming

May 16-August 16. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.

If you don’t ask, I won’t tell


The most maximally epic Alterac Valley ever

Check out dem healz. Before anyone asks about all of the World of Warcraft screenshots (and no one will): I want to preserve some of my best World of Warcraft screenshots. It’s 2012, and I have absolutely none of my Asheron’s Call, Anarchy Online, or early WoW screenshots. Posterity. For the Children™.

Apparently I am a creature of habit

I found some early World of Warcraft screenshots, circa 2004. Compare the GUI with that from last week: The same core aesthetic is evident in each. My GUI then: My GUI now:

This is the moment when I rolled my face across the keyboard in mute rage

I guess some context is needed for the screenshot. In ascending order: World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). Am MMOG has two primary kinds of player-game interaction: Player versus environment (PVE). Player versus player (PVP). PVE features you competing against computer-controlled enemies to complete objectives. PVP has you competitively compete against […]

One week of Instagram

As everyone who cares, knows, Instagram has come to Android. I took a few photographs smartphone snapshots here and there. Here’s the weekly aggregation for archival purposes:

Another C# assignment is completed.

Oh look, a Pastebin!. I get incrementally get less bad with basic stuff, even as I try to deal with the spiraling complexities of a larger project. It’s fun, and I enjoy it so far: It allows for great creative expressions, and grants me the ability to solve problems in a system which isn’t so […]

The view from my desk

I tried to communicate this to a friend via Google Maps and Street View, but even the mighty Google God failed me. So here’s a panorama: I want to apologize for the low quality; the image was snapped with my camera. Even this image doesn’t communicate the entirety of the view. :[

My wedding photographs!

I am only four years, ten months, and twenty four days late posting these in response to the original post. Images sourced from this Flickr stream.

I had a passive-aggressive comment

To Anonymous, Here’s a passive-aggressive response to your complaint that I have too many World of Warcraft-related posts on my blog. There are 1,165 posts on my blog. There are 50 posts in the category “World of Warcraft”. 50/1165 = 0.04291845493562231759656652360515 In layman’s terms, 4.3% of the posts on my blog are about That Game. […]

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