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Swings and roundabouts

Swings: I have a staph infection on my face. The beard had to come off. No photographs; I don’t want any lasting record of the 2 euro coin-sized sore/scab on my jaw. Progression of the infection: I get out of the shower on Wednesday, and to my alarm I notice that a large patch of […]

Birthday wishes!

I held off on mentioning my birthday (last Monday) until I had the opportunity to rotate these videos and put them up on YouTube:

Fine. Me. Sans beard.

If you don’t squint you can’t even see the sore! Update: Garrett does not like his new, beardless daddy; he kept asking me to put my beard back on. :(

Jon Snow L’Oreal

Really, the title explains everything. I giggled at this for a good hour. The best source I have for it is here

First exam

C# Good: It built. It ran. Bad: There was a bug I couldn’t fix, and instead worked around. Sloppily. Good: It formatted nicely. Bad: You could charitably call my formatting code “obfuscated”. Other synonyms like “Byzantine” or “Walter Bishop-esque”come to mind. Good: Throwing a stack of copies of “Alive” in the bin is a true […]

It’s Friday!

Second Exam

Mathematics. Eh. It is a bit nerve-racking when, after the first sixty minutes elapse, half of your year gets up and walks out of the exam hall. At the seventy-five minute mark three-quarters of those remaining get up and leave. I am still sitting there patiently working through some matrix problems.

Cats +1

PVP versus PVE

Back around the time of Anarchy Online’s first big expansion, Shadowlands, I had a frightening revelation. To put a date on it, it would be after the release of the expansion, and before I crashed RK1/Atlantean’s economy by causing hyperinflation after I dumped two or three billion credits into the market by AOE kiting Hecklers […]

Google is broken

I had to tap my screen a few times, refresh the page, and finally step outside to verify the report.