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Caira’s selfies

Cats for adoption!

Queen Lucy, and kitten Charon. These wonderful cats need a new home by August 16 (two weeks from now). They are: Friendly. Used to small children. Love being held. House-trained. Call to email me: 086 190 8088.


Check out Flyatron on Github! Gameplay is barebones (you move, you shoot, you die), and buggy, but it runs. Current issues: Owing to the order in which mines despawn after detonating, bullets following the first bullet will despawn until the explosion animation concludes. Ordering, again: If the player hits a mine at their spawn point […]

The Walk

From a few weeks back.

You know you are arguing with my family when…

‎”Can you buy me string bin liners?” “Sure, what size?” “STRING bin liners.” “What size are they?” “They have a drawstring.” “What size is the bin?” “I don’t know. Just buy ones with a drawstring.” “How do you not know how big the bin is?” “When I go to Dunnes, I just buy the string […]

[XNA] Flyatron 1.0!!

You can grab the source here, and if you are so interested in trying the game then shoot me an email or leave a comment here! Changelog: General: * New game icon! * Added new font size. Game.cs: * Collected nukes now accumulate for later use (right-mouse click). * Tidied UpdatePlay(); some code was shuffled […]

I’m a shitbag

I am tired of glossing over just how screwed up my home life is, how completely insane Mariah is, or how horrible a person I can be to everyone around me. I am my father’s son. Can’t deny it anymore, not after slapping Ciara. Circumstances don’t matter. I did it, and no amount of hugging […]

True love

There I am in the Gala Express in Eyre Square. Some lad on the radio was describing himself as being half-Ewok because “my mum is from Monaghan, but my dad is from the planet Endor.” The girl across the counter made eye contact with me and we said, simultaneously, “Endor is a moon…” I am […]

Ghetto Creeper vector (PSD)

Using a reference image, I filled in square shapes with the appropriate colours. Enjoy. Grab it here.

Your pal Creeper


Hallowe’en Ignite!

Ubuntu died

I did an in-place do-release-upgrade yesterday. The laptop was not completely plugged in, and the battery went out when the upgrade process was about 75% complete. Since then, things have been…very interesting due to the lack of 64-bit recovery media in the hackerspace.

My summer?

I had ~2000 words written about it before I realized, TL;DR, Mairah was a girl cunt, I was a boy cunt, the children had to watch us try to kill each other when we weren’t ignoring them, and it all ended in fire. Upside? Divorce. Downside? Little or no access to the children for the […]

[WOW] Main’s Transmogrification

More of the new transmogrification

On my last day in Cliffoney

I had to make one last run out to Cliffoney to settle matters with the landlord, and I killed some time wandering the beach while waiting for the bus back into Sligo.