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Galway LAN party?

Protected: I hate blog fragmentation

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JavaScript “hello world”

Yay, milestone. <html> <head> <title>JSON Test #1</title> <style type="text/css"> #test { color: black; height: 100px; left: 25%; position: absolute; top: 25%; width: 500px; } </style> </head> <body> <div id="test"></div> <script> var data={ firstName: 'Mark', lastName: 'Grealish' }; document.getElementById('test').innerHTML = data.firstName + ' ' + data.lastName; </script> </body> </html>

Is the hackerspace open?

This started as my own tongue-in-cheek take on 091 Labs’s Lo-lo project, an open/closed state indicator for the hackerspace. It has the dangerous potential to become something moderately more obsessive, because the four lines of jQuery at its core don’t fucking work in Internet Explorer (shocker). The page, the CSS? Validates perfectly. The JavaScript I […]

The beach at Cliffoney

Me? Weekend? Wanton excitement?


I passed my repeats

Oh, how was *my* bus trip?

Shit shit shit

Semester 3…begins!

My lecturers are universally saying “ERMAGHERD, ERXPERNERNTAHL KERV!” about this semester’s difficulty, but so far I am only truly frightened about mathematics. I have six streams up until December: Mathematics, Windows Programming, Web Programming, Client-side Scripting, Software Analysis, and Database Development. Out of the six, I am only really concerned about Mathematics, because fuck math. […]

[Bash] Batch renaming files

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact I’ve been using Linux for more than a decade, I’ve done a great job of avoiding sed. I have done my best to make up for it in the recent past by learning how to at least find and replace, either within a file or in a filename. […]

College year 2, week 1

Not too bad so far, although I’ve already missed an afternoon of classes because I had to sort out matters relating to my grant and payments; also, if you consider my proclivity toward doing everything at the last possible minute, and the weird little things that always happen around me, everything has been eerily smooth. […]

Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?]

[Site] The back-end is experiencing issues

The back-end of the site is experiencing intermittent problems, but it shouldn’t affect your browsing.

And now, back to my study.

[Mark][~] # rm -Rv /cygdrive/c/World\ of\ Warcraft/ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/.agent.db’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/.curseclient’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbility.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityEffect.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityState.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetAbilityTurn.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetBreedQuality.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetBreedState.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetEffectProperties.adb’ removed `/cygdrive/c/World of Warcraft/Cache/ADB/enUS/BattlePetNPCTeamMember.adb’ […]