Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



So there I am in Tesco..

…queuing for the checkout when a teeny-tiny three year old girl catches sight of me. She gasps, she gapes, she gestures: “That’s Santa! That’s Santa!” Why…why any right-minded person, adult or child…why would they think this?

What a difference two weeks makes!

October 1: a last glorious huzzah from summer. November 1: snow on Truskmore!

I threw my wedding ring into a river

For the sake of relating its history: The silver ring was bought from a Paiute woman at the 2007 Snow Mountain Pow Wow during the Memorial Day weekend, a few days before I got married. The ring went on and came off as things got better or worse, until I finally stuck it on my […]

In Galway

Farewell, Galway

Despite the whole joke that the only known reason for humans falling asleep is that we get tired, my body is pretty vicious about letting me know when I’ve gone without; I did not sleep on Friday/Fright night in order to reset my sleep schedule, and paid for it. I decided pretty abruptly early on […]

Talking about depression

Yeah yeah, obligatory crazy face. Depressives – and everyone else with a mental illness for that matter – have a number of great reasons to not discuss their situation: Ridicule and stigmatization by friends and family. Negative repercussions from current and potentially future employers. A desire to not burden others with your problems. Thing is, […]

Round 2: Glorious vengeance

See here for the first round.