Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Bwahahahahahhaha. No, really.

Of all the weird things someone could wax philosophical about, I want to talk about player versus player combat on World of Warcraft’s Arthas server. According to Warcraft Realm, 77% of Arthas’s population is Horde. Depending on how you round, that’s four-fifths (up), or three quarters (down), which is a noticeably severe imbalance. I come […]

So, I went to Galway

As promised. I avoided talking to mum on the phone, and instead walked into the house at half one. I spent five minutes painfully trying to describe my mental state before mum answered a phone call from her friend and started to gossip. I bid her goodbye, and walked out. The worst part were two […]

Sick Caira, December 2012

This pissed me off: Caira was sick enough to be hospitalized and no one said even one word about it to me until almost a year later. Learning about this in September cemented many opinions, many of them negative.


If I don’t post an Instagram snap within twenty four hours of posting it, the odds are pretty healthy that it will rot in ignoble exile in my feed. So here, before and after of some dental work: I am back in mid-January for more work – yay. I can’t really stress just how much […]

Great pedants think alike

Tuesday morning fog

@vlastikb came to town

I am way, way behind in putting these snapshot up, but with Instagram’s new terms of service I have a good reason to get caught up. I’m not going to post everything from that day; most of the shots are just seascapes. Instead here are my favourites: Vlastik took me down to Easkey. The very […]

Murder most foul

I tripped, ketchup flew.

Christmas Eve, Sligo

Sligo had a gorgeous sunset yesterday evening, but in typical fashion the only photograph I like looked like shit: Totally wasn’t trying to channel Moonrise at Hernandez by Ansel Adams. Nope.

Merry Christmas

It’s December 28, 2012. My brain has been switched off since approximately September 25. Between then and now I’ve gone through, oh gods, a lot. Enough that it’s easier to use bullet points: Three or four outright suicidal spells. Hopelessness, immediate death wish, and pondering the best way to go. It was a toss up […]

Better shot of the smile

End of year family dinner

Possibly a Charon sighting