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New year’s wasn’t /too/ bad

My evening? I chatted to a few friends in America, and founds their new year’s eve was on par with mine; I missed the actual Irish new year because I watched a talk from a pair of PHD students who hacked Cisco phones; I tracked down glorious – chapter-by-chapter – spoilers for the final Wheel […]

A train that runs Linux!

Just like how North Korea is the best Korea, the best pun is a visual pun.

It’s a big Black can.

No comment. None. Zip.

I’m on campus.

The “Travel the Imperium!” posters

They just came up in a conversation.

Know your robots!

All in one place, for my convenience.

Not bad.

As of now, the blog is seven years old and has one thousand, three hundred and thirty-three posts. Zero broken links found. Or maybe I’m just narcissistic and never link anywhere?


I still have it.

The cycle continues! Poor Oisin.


Not much, but by its very definition, anything at all is infinitely more than zero.

Reins of the Fiery Warhorse

What a long, strange trip it’s been


Caira, January 2013


A mouse ran right across the kitchen not three feet away from us, and the idiot was more interested in being a whore in my lap than in the discharge of her feline duty.

Caira with tortoise

Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake

Self-hatred II

Mark would never nefariously steal another person’s photograph. Never ever. I am completely consumed with the blackest of hatred for Mariah. I can’t say it has destroyed me; I already am. Every thought is about how I want her to die, how I want to die, and want to see the look on her face […]




Dalaran, Crystalsong Forest

67 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop. I would recommend viewing the image at full size, owing to detail.

Stormwind, Elwynn Forest

93 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

The ruins of Lordaeron

Never forgive, never forget: The Kingdom will be retaken. 68 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

The Shado-pan Temple, Kun-Lai Summit

Since people keep harping on about the skies in Kun-Lai Summit. This was an exceptional pain in the arse as because I gave special attention to the sky. 97 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

Orgrimmar, Durotar

Red on red on red; Orgrimmar is another scene people keep harping on about. Orgrimmar is tricky to shoot because the city just plain doesn’t look good from above. It is turned in, turned down on the canyons it inhabits, and overwhelms the foot-level visitor while underwhelming the aerial one. I ran an alt around […]

Shattrath City, Terokkar Forest

87 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

Halaa, Nagrand

Alliance on a Horde server? Want the stylish Dark War Talbuk? No problem bro. Just farm 100 dust, spend forty minutes taking over the town, farm another 100 dust, spend another forty minutes taking over the town, farm seventy five dust, and spend another forty minutes taking over the town. From hell’s heart I stab […]

The Barrens, Kalimdor

Requested by southofsanity06 on Reddit. 69 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

The Twin Monoliths, Valley of the Eternal Blossoms

95 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

I was noticed!

WoW Insider ran a short article on my panoramas last night.

The Dark Portal, Hellfire Peninsula

The ground portion of this scene is precisely what I want it to be, but the blasted sky just crushes it. I used two stitches: One for the whole scene, and one less distorted scene for the Dark Portal itself (I did the same here) that I blended in. But the sky, the sky! I […]

The Thandol Span, Arathi Highlands

Something something best of intentions something thing Irish light. This is going to look washed out unless I take the sliders to plaid. 76 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms

59 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

The Cauldron, Searing Gorge

Took three tries before I settled on the stair as the focus. 73 screenshots captured at 1366 x 768 on ultra settings, and stitched together in Hugin. Coloured, levelled and sharpened in Photoshop.

Who doesn’t like layers?

Netherstorm, Outland

~Six hours of cloning and blending to merge three stitches: One each for the eco-domes, and the third for Manaforge Ultris. The two bridges linking the three took the bulk of my time.

Sentinel Hill, Westfall

I’m done. I completed the fifteenth only because I wanted a pretty grid on Dropbox.

Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge, Thousand Needles

The Great Wall, Valley of the Four Winds

I hate artists statements, mostly because I believe it is possible to convey what your work is about without coming across as a pretentious ass. With that made clear, I have noticed an evolution in the fisheye panoramas – I’ve moved away from simply cramming as much acreage as possible into the scene, and a […]

The Battle for Gilneas

I had some downtime toward the end of a game. :D The lighting and palette is the same kind of drab as the Thandol Span, although I had a better time fixing it.

The Gate of the Setting Sun, Pandaria

Five, six hours on this? There are three compositions of the same scene: The first for the gate itself, to eliminate distortion. The second for the world as a whole The third for the sha-corrupted Kypari tree at the bottom, to provide balance to the scene. Finding the correct lines to blend along was a […]


Dalaran II

The first Dalaran was shit. It was pixelated, the angle was dull, and I cropped out several towers for the sake of fitting it in. So here’s this instead: I also tastefully posed this to obscure the Horde banner so as to project a post-purge view of the city.

The Valley of Kings, Loch Modan

Coldarra, the Borean Tundra

Board game nights @ 091 Labs

Blurb to follow.

Photo restoration

Via Reddit.

Special project @ 091 Labs

I think the main piece looks shit, but I really like this:

So yeah, there’s a 0.16% chance of this happening.

Malygos dropped both the Azure and Blue drakes at the same time. O.o

Toshley Station, Blade’s Edge Mountains

The big wad of mountain on one side bugs me, but not enough for me to fix it.

Telredor Harborage, Zangarmarsh

Salvaged from my Twitpic account

I downloaded my entire Twitter archive last night, and uncovered my old Twitpic account while I rifled through five year old tweets. These five are the only ones worth a repost here:

Garrett, March 2013

Compare and contrast with Caira’s stolen photograph. This one wasn’t. Mariah and I have had a tiny thaw, and she gave me these.

Games nights at 091 Labs!

The TARDIS and a Dalek

Jenny asked me to produce some custom pinball apron cards for Frax’s machines. You can see some examples here. Here’s the Dalek and TARDIS from them:

Absurdly high-resolution Minecraft grass/dirt texture

Was for a poster piece that didn’t pan out. 5600 x 5600 vector master (.PSD). Enjoy.

Beggar’s Haunt, Duskwood

Niuzao Temple, Townlong Steppes

Terokkar Forest, Outland

100% CSS egg

I won’t call it pretty, but it works! .egg { /* Ratio between width and height should be 1.318:1. */ width: 200px; height: 263.6px; background-color: #fff; /* curve ratio 0.75:1 */ border-top-left-radius: 170% 225%; border-top-right-radius: 170% 225%; /* Curve ratio 1.41:1 */ border-bottom-left-radius: 170% 120%; border-bottom-right-radius: 170% 120%; }

Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra

I normally don’t whore the sliders, but this just looked so good with more colour!

Wrecking Ball

I started off healing on my Shaman Masserah, but recently I have moved toward my Death Knight. Sure, healing can be a joy when you have a good partner: I can carry entire battlegrounds, surmount impossible odds to bring us victory, and laugh with impunity as the Horde try and fail to kill me. On […]

The joy of victory

I am on death’s door with the flu. I’ve dictated my will, written my final letters, and bid my loved ones a bitter goodbye. But now, even as the abyssal dark and gelid cold smother me, I feel the urge to write about PVP in World of Warcraft. So I’ve been told time and again […]

The Argent Stand, Zul’Drak

Naxxramas, Dragonblight

The tint hurt my eyes, so I doubled the red channel to fix the colour balance.

The Sulfuron Spire, Hyjal Summit

The sky was tricksy.

Update from Sligo

I have spent the past six months hiding from my responsibilities, family, friends, college, and classmates. If you a friend or family member, you know why I crashed, you will understand why I’ve been contact-adverse, and you may also have seen me at my worst, or near enough. What you haven’t seen is the procrastination, […]


A proposal for an experiment

I have noticed that many Irish Catholics bless themselves when in proximity to, or otherwise pass a church. I conjecture it is down to one of two effect, but I cannot tell which it might be through casual observation alone: There exists a spiritual inverse-square law. Every time you halve your distance to the church, […]

2013’s April Fool

AKA “Mark’s going back to America!” I used this letter as my base template. I grabbed the logo from Google, a “scanned white page” from Google, and copy-pasted the fold lines from the original letter. I wrote and formatted the text in Google Docs, exported it as a PDF, and overlaid the scanned page and […]

School update

I wrote code for the first time since last summer, and with coding, comes some fairly hard choices what to do with myself after the summer. I’ve burned a lot of bridges over the last year, burned them very well indeed. College, over the past year, has been a complete loss. I’ve been on time […]

Garrett and Caira, April 2013

Taken by Jackie during the Taylor family visit to Las Vegas.

What strange new thing is this?

Grandeorc <Evil Orc Bank Conspiracy> Masserah? A Horde presence?

Orgrimmar: Hot sky at midnight

Elementary mathematics versus trade chat:

[2] [Xikten]: 6 - 6 * 6 = ? [2] [Prettzz]: 0 [2] [Galishavi]: -30 [2] [Squix]: 0 [2] [Zedtardd]: 30 [2] [Xikten]: lol at 0 [2] [Shavok]: its 30 baddies [2] [Theetroll]: 2256577564423123356 [2] [Katzbalger]: galishavi wins [2] [Shearshock]: 30 [2] [Liljugg]: ya mum [2] [Shearshock]: bedmas cmonnn [2] [Gwizzle]: OVER 9000!!!!! [2] [Xikten]: […]

[MUD] The Game

To start with a verbatim quote from an email: As some of you know, I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth toward the end of last year, and beyond some consulting HTML and CSS work, I haven’t touched code about the end of last August. I am in need of some kind of project […]

On the other hand, I can be as bad as everyone in trade chat.

I rolled a new level 1 on Kel’Thuzad to see what the PVP environment was like. This all went down in the space of 120 seconds: [W from] [Nullah]: <I Declare War> (Level 17) Is looking for anyone and everyone of all levels to PvP! We are a PvP/leveling guild that will help you with […]

Letter to my sister

Jenn, I need to open up and say something to someone before I completely lose my mind. I don’t expect a reply, or really want one. Mum is completely stuck in an old-fashioned notion of mental health and although she means the absolute best for me, she can’t reach past the idea that I’ll be […]

[MUD] The World

The greatest and most important part of any MMOG is the game’s world, that is to say the 2D or 3D environment that the player character roams through. Monsters live in the world, quests take place in it, and players from across the world come together to call it Home. And because of it’s encompassing […]

Deliciously recursive

Why yes, I am wearing a Zach Galifianakis t-shirt.

instasort 1.0

I just spent thirty minutes writing and testing a shell script. This shell script searches a folder, analyzes a photograph’s geometry using mogrify, and then, if the image is square, move it to another folder. I’ve eyeballed the folder, and found three matching images. This script will take approximately twenty minutes to execute. I’m not […]

Who doesn’t love panoramas?

The locations are variously in north Co. Sligo and south Co. Donegal respectively. St. John’s Point, Donegal: Drumaneary, Donegal: Lissadell, Sligo:

A red Rover a-roving

Lissadell, Sligo: St. John’s Point, Donegal: Mountcharles, Donegal:

Lissadell, Sligo

Some of these images overlap with an earlier post; apologies!

Saint John’s Point, Donegal

Aafke came a-visiting.

Vlastik has been quietly encouraging me to get away from Sligo for some time. He was one of the first people I spoke to after my breakdown, and he has been sympathetically pushing me to get out of Sligo and into company. As I admitted elsewhere, I badly needed a support network to help me […]

While I am spamming photos: I went walkies yesterday

Nothing exciting. Move along home.


Something something something Children’s Week


New personal best!

38 KBs, and 0 deaths. And we didn’t really farm the graveyard.

Happy 32nd, Mark

Building up mental inertia

I’ve sunk myself into virtual worlds and escapist fantasies since last September. There was World of Warcraft (a lot of it), fantasy, novels, and the Internet as a whole to run off into while I had my breakdown. It was great. Brilliant. I need to stop now, and get back in line with the real […]

I think Killer missed me

[MUD] Muddy mudness

I’ve thrown a lot of idle thoughts at the concept of the MUD project, and it keeps coming back to me that I would be literally out of my depth. I have, to date, scarcely finished one barely-working shooter, let alone delved into the intricacies of a graphical multiplayer role-playing game. I am going to […]

Oisin Grealish

The Esso station on the Headford Road has changed quite a bit!

Gorgeous moonset over Galway city centre!


Frank @ Renville

Frank has been wanting to try his hand at landscape and nature shots, and so I was brought out to Renville last night for some sunset shooting. It was fantastic to be out there; I think the last time I was in the forest park was at some point in ~2010, and it honestly has […]

Let’s hope for another month of summer exams!

Not self-hatred

Well my twenty-two month stint in Sligo is over and done with, and I can’t say for sure whether or not I miss it. On one hand, the city is tiny, completely lacks any amenities after six o’clock, can be compared to a ghost-filled wasteland, and is a three hour bus ride from anywhere with […]

Wrecking Ball II

My final kill was an Arena Master. :D

Blackrock on a fine Sunday

[Bash] Prep version 4

It’s been a year, so why not? You can find the previous incarnation here. This version adds: Functions! Error checking. Markedly-improved batch handling. The core function hasn’t changed: Resize photographs, add them to my Dropbox folder, and put HTML code for them into my clipboard. #!/bin/bash # Script takes input as Folder Image Image(...) dropbox=/cygdrive/c/Users/mark/Dropbox/Public/content […]


Well there goes the single hardest achievment in World of Warcraft. It’s all downhill from here, right?

Snakes and Ogres and whales, oh my!

Al-li’s Skymirror is full of win.

I moved to Windows 8

(dun dun dun)

Grealish triptych

Ow, back, ow

I slipped, flew, and landed hard on my back last night, while wandering around Terryland forest park right behind Currys, and wound up in Casualty at UCHG for five hours. The consensus is that nothing broke, inside or out, and that I pulled a line of muscles that run up the middle of my back. […]

Grealish triptych #2

Caira and Garrett, June 2013


This is why I PVP!

The Horde team completely wiped during our initial offensive push, and I wound up healing through waves of Alliance attacks inside of our keep. Fifty one minutes, and fifty million points of healing.

Caira and Garrett, July 4

Fireworks! Thanks go to Mariah for the photographs.

Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet. Now leatherbound.

Huge cheers to Frank for the early Christmas present!

Arrakis, home of the Spice!

Salusa Secundus: Sun! Sand! Sardaukar!


TL;DR: StarMade is a Minecraft, but set in space. With spaceships. And missiles, and lasers. I can’t recall the last time that another game has dropped by and dragged me away from World of Warcraft. StarMade is buggy, broken, and lacks in a lot of features (just like Minecraft at launch!), but the sheer fun […]

July update

Family: Mum is sick, tired, in constant pain from arthritis, and I don’t think I care at all. I love her-she’s my mother and I her son-but I don’t like her. Mum’s been an unflagging negative in my life: First she passively put up with dad’s abuse, then she tenaciously apologized for him after he […]

Tonight was a good night.

They were very, very happy to see me.

Nyan Cat family vectors (.psd)

I made these wallpapers for Caira’s iPad. I found that the quality of Nyan* resources on the Internet is awful (if I can see pixels, you’re doing it wrong), so I grabbed some reference images and made my own vectors. Click the first image to download. Enjoy!

NML Cygni

Click on the image to view the full size (4961 x 7016):

Round down a decimal of arbitrary precision to n.

For Darren. :D using System; public class DecimalRound { static void Main(string[] args) { // args[0] is the decimal to round to. // args[1] is the decimal. int sentinel = 0; // 1. Split the number. decimalStr[0] is the leading number. string[] decimalStr = args[1].Split('.'); // 2. decimalStr[1] is the decimal. int[] decimalInt = new […]


Learn to program in the Linux shell from August 19!

Linux scripting and programming courses @091labs. Four weeks, four classes, beginning August 19, 7pm. Subjects include: The fundamentals of computer programming. Installation and maintenance of a Linux system. Bash shell syntax, structures, and pipelines. Practical tasks for shell scripts. Passing data to and from binary programs. Binary shell programming with C#/Mono. Requirements: Laptop computer. Installation […]

CSS and HTML for 1-5 flexible columns

I’m drunk, but these seem useful to people, so here we are. I’m a bit annoyed with all of those stupid posts that all-caps scream about their super-duper tabulated-design-fuck-whatever-compliant multi-column design, but fail to give you just the CSS and HTML with a concise explanation. These frameworks use nested divs (look at the ASCII graphs […]


First one, and now the other.

Your mother is so $m that $n occurs

Your mother is so fat that the hypergiant star NML Cygni has her name in the second line of its address. Your mother is so fat that if she were a ISO 1216 standard sheet of paper, her size would be A-10. Your mother is so fat that if she were a metropolitan statistical area, […]


Always make sure you backup the latest version of your essential Linux scripts before you wipe your hard disk. Just spent two annoying hours recreating them from scratch.

August 2013

I have been slacking a little in manifest textual updates on the blog; Facebook currently has the audience of friends who care about my existence, and it is easy to just dump an update onto my wall and forget about it. Generally, I’m in good form. I’ve started to change my food intake, reduce my […]

Big crap (literally)

Item Date Time Calories Coca Cola (can) 17/08/2013 03:16:00 138.6 Coca Cola (bottle) 17/08/2013 03:16:00 210 Double Cheeseburger 17/08/2013 03:16:00 440 Double Cheeseburger 17/08/2013 03:16:00 440 Original Doritos 17/08/2013 03:16:00 500 Like, holy shit. I’ve been trying to change my eating habits for the past two weeks. Less sugar, less prepared food, more veg, and […]

Workshop Week #1: Finished

Yes there are liberal Dune references.

Ubuntu desktop

Openbox with a bunch of dockapps (lal, Dropbox, Redshift, etc.) running. Just because I haven’t done one in years. The wallpaper is one of my own.

The Linux workshop went okay

Smaller turnout than expected. :/

Something something Jabba

I am Overweight. I took a measuring scale and ruler to my decrepit this morning to help gauge where I am, and where I should be. My body mass index is planted firmly in the “overweight” section of the chart. Stark pleading, appeals to vanity, and hopeful wishes all failed to change the number over […]

Stern. Thoughtful. Aloof. Masculine. Strong-jawed. Intelligent. Mark™.

iPhone 4S swipe panorama. Clone corrections on one eye and background. Sky was burned for drama, and everything converted to black and white.

Caira and Garrett together

Mariah took Caira and Garrett to San Diego and Big Bear for a few days. Dump of purloined photographs incoming.

Caira smiling

Studious Garrett

Caira ice-cream triptych

Garrett ice-cream triptych

I talked at Ignite last night O.o

I had four or five straight shots of whiskey infusions of liquid courage through the course of the event, and boy was I tender this morning. Ciaran Winters asked me to consider giving a talk at three o’clock, I threw ideas at Jenny over Skype while I walked the beach at half-past the hour; I […]

Seriously, the hackerspace needs to make this a rule

I am getting a tad weary of someone ambushing me with questions, requests, or even friendly requests when I have my headphones in and I’m trying to focus (and the gods know, focusing is hard for me).


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Arachnids. This game out of a conversation at 091 Labs about Reddit’s /r/spidersgonewild/. Let it never be said that I cannot be creative in a pinch.

@vlastikb went deeper

Any more of this, and the site might collapse!

First day back to school (and rain)!

Increment numerical variables with sed (kinda)

This was my day, today: Regular expression. I am currently parsing dictionaries and lists of words into numerical arrays, and it was too tedious to do by hand, so I wrote this: It turns each separate line into an array element. Copy, paste, delete the trailing comma. There are PHP functions for this (open()..explode()), but […]


Morbid post

I’m 32, and I’ve been active on the Internet since about the age of 16 or 17. Call it sixteen years for neatness. In sixteen years, I’ve seen everything our species has to offer: Birth and death. Depravities almost beyond recounting. Lies, honesty, generosity, greed, kindness, and cruelty. I mean this pretty literally-I’ve seen the […]

My August 2013 Ignite talk is up

It’s definitely better than my first Ignite talk. I stayed on subject, offered understandable food for thought, and held court in the subsequent questions and answers session.

I’m a loner and a rebel

The Long Walk from the middle of the Corrib

Because why not? It isn’t often that weather and tides combine for this kind of nice shot, so I took the opportunity.

The kids being…themselves

Workshop week #3 @091labs!

Linux course post-mortem

There was a dearth of classes going on at 091 Labs over the summer, so I stepped up to the plate at the start of August and advertised a Linux programming class, spread over four weeks: Learn the fundamentals of programming through the Bourne Again Shell, and all its queerness and oddities of syntax. The […]

ASCII art. Because.

______ ____ ______ ____ / ___/ / |______| _ \\ / | / / / |__ __| |_\\ \\ / | | | / /| | | | | __|/ /| | | | / /_| | | | | |\\ \\ / /_| | \\ \\_/__ __ |_| |_| | \\ \\ ___ | […]

It’s awful, and it’s beautiful

I’m not wont to wax on about new World of Warcraft content, but yesterday’s release of patch 5.4 brought with it some non-linear content in the form of the Timeless Isle. I really like the Timeless Isle-there isn’t an awful fixed reputation grind, and lots of fun little things to do. Rare bosses, fun fights […]

Better s3cmd put

I’ve been using s3cmd to back up the contents of an external disk to Amazon’s S3 service, and honestly, s3cmd is kinda crap. It’s the most accessible tool for S3, and it’s free, but it’s kinda crap. The biggest problem I have stems from when I start, stop, and then resume an upload; already-uploaded files […]


One from Monday. A student in my Bash class asked me: Take a list of footballers and their per-match scores over the season. Sort the list, pick their five best games, and return the averaged scores per game for these five games. I bashed (heh) it out badly on Monday, and rewrote it to be […]

Le Rant

I do pay attention. No, My mum nags me monotonously about my self-isolation, waking hours, unemployment, dress sense, evident lack of friends, and social outlets (mild alcohol and constant virtual violence). Nicole nags me about my health, weight, apathy, diet, and lethargy. Jenny nags me about my raw mental health, since I dump it on […]


Three for three, along with Battlemaster, and Khan. Cave Johnson, we’re done here.


In the most recent World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard changed Tuft of Yak Fur and Oddly-Shaped Horn so as to make them usable in anyzone-including battlegrounds. Combine this with Slow Fall. I have not laughed so hard in many months as I did at our cavalcade of giant flying yak during its assault on the […]

Everyone’s a critic

It began with sushi, and ended with drama.

Sexy Mark diptych

I’ve been jogging.

Speaking of jogging, there was gorgeous fog today



I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts last night, and likewise wound down several other social accounts. While, sadly, there isn’t much I can do about the information in those accounts. At this point, the only two profiles I’ve purposefully kept are for Intstagram and YouTube-Instagram because it serves my stream of photographs, and YouTube […]

Learning Nights

I recycled an old poster. As a plus, I fixed a lot of broken shit in the original shapes.

091 Labs business cards

Completely forgot to mention these afore now. :/

“Scrabble” Photoshop template 100% vector. You will need to download and install the News Gothic typeface on your computer in order to make use of this template. This template includes a tile so that you may make your own letters too.

Irish board gaming

This is why I needed a Scrabble board.

Garrett’s fourth birthday

Look at that happy face!

Homebrewing at 091 Labs

Thanks go out to Aafke for the inspiration in the appearance!

Hallowe’en Ignite, 2013

One-liner to expand a CSS file

sed -i 's/]{/] {/g;s/;}/; }/g;s/{ /{\\n\\t/g;s/; /;\\n\\t/g;s/, /,\\n/g;s/\\t}/}\\n/g' < style.css It will turn body { height: 30%; margin: 0 auto; padding: 30 0 30 0; width: 100%; } into: body { height: 30%; margin: 0 auto; padding: 30 0 30 0; width: 100%; } The reverse will absolutely work too – just swap the regex […]

Did this last night

Got bored while giving a Photoshop class.

Garrett’s first day of school!

I managed to call him just before he left for school yesterday, and was hit by a +4 Wall of Excitement. He was extremely happy about it!

180° vertical panorama




WTB new life

Preamble Over the past, well, let’s call it two decades, there has been a huge amount of public education on the dangers of depression, and how it can lead to suicide. The upshot of this is that if I ever discuss my depression with my family or friends, there’s an instant alertness in them: Is […]

Caira and Garrett, November 2013

Since nobody bothered to take any Hallowe’en photographs of them:


I moved house two weeks ago. Mumble blog update. I’m out of Prospect Hill, and in with two friends, Alanna and Casey, down behind the Jes on Sea Road. I like it a lot. It’s quiet, my housemates are awesome, I’m close to Salthill (for walking), and not a single item I own reeks of […]

November 2013

I was awake from about 11am Wednesday to 10am Thursday doing work for Alanna, then slept from 10am to 2pm, then slept again from 8pm to 2am Friday morning. I have gone ruined my sleep yet again. Joy. The last few weeks have been remarkably interesting, although my own appreciation and enjoyment of this have […]

Oh happy days

[P] [Aorien-Und]: u want to use vent? [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: im in askype witha friend [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: shouoldnt nee if were not retared lol [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: need [P] [90:Masserah]: *we’re *shouldn’t *retarded [P] [Aorien-Und]: oh i know. i just meant for fun [P] [90:Masserah]: I already feel unsafe [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: ? [P] [90:Masserah]: You can’t even […]

Temple of Kotmogu 1600-0


Caira and Garrett, November 2013

December 2013

I’ve made any number of private posts on the blog in the past two months-lengthy spiels about my emotional journey, all carefully hidden away from Mariah, because what the hell Mark, how dare you let her see you be hurt! I mean, given that I have kept Self-hatred going for eight years (come January), it […]

Christmas at Prospect Hill

It was a pretty good Christmas, on the whole.

Silvershard Mines 1600-0

The Chili of Dooooooooom

Just before Christmas, Alanna was gifted with two dessicated Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers by her coworker. They came with disclaimers and lurid warnings of blindness, insanity and death-so what better way to warm up after the Christmas than to dump them into a chili? Alanna, Casey, and myself were all apprehensive about this scorpion. It’s […]

Christmas 2013 letter to mum

December 25, 2013 Mum, I’m sorry for all of my silences-the missed calls, the requests ignored, the glares, the tense, snappy answers. I really, truly am; I have a veritable walk-in closet full of skeletons, and every time we talk it feels like you inadvertently me about one or another in just the wrong kind […]