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New year’s wasn’t /too/ bad

My evening? I chatted to a few friends in America, and founds their new year’s eve was on par with mine; I missed the actual Irish new year because I watched a talk from a pair of PHD students who hacked Cisco phones; I tracked down glorious – chapter-by-chapter – spoilers for the final Wheel […]

A train that runs Linux!

Just like how North Korea is the best Korea, the best pun is a visual pun.

It’s a big Black can.

No comment. None. Zip.

I’m on campus.

The “Travel the Imperium!” posters

They just came up in a conversation.

Know your robots!

All in one place, for my convenience.

Not bad.

As of now, the blog is seven years old and has one thousand, three hundred and thirty-three posts. Zero broken links found. Or maybe I’m just narcissistic and never link anywhere?


I still have it.

The cycle continues! Poor Oisin.


Not much, but by its very definition, anything at all is infinitely more than zero.

Reins of the Fiery Warhorse

What a long, strange trip it’s been