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Dalaran II

The first Dalaran was shit. It was pixelated, the angle was dull, and I cropped out several towers for the sake of fitting it in. So here’s this instead: I also tastefully posed this to obscure the Horde banner so as to project a post-purge view of the city.

The Valley of Kings, Loch Modan

Coldarra, the Borean Tundra

Board game nights @ 091 Labs

Blurb to follow.

Photo restoration

Via Reddit.

Special project @ 091 Labs

I think the main piece looks shit, but I really like this:

So yeah, there’s a 0.16% chance of this happening.

Malygos dropped both the Azure and Blue drakes at the same time. O.o

Toshley Station, Blade’s Edge Mountains

The big wad of mountain on one side bugs me, but not enough for me to fix it.

Telredor Harborage, Zangarmarsh

Salvaged from my Twitpic account

I downloaded my entire Twitter archive last night, and uncovered my old Twitpic account while I rifled through five year old tweets. These five are the only ones worth a repost here:

Garrett, March 2013

Compare and contrast with Caira’s stolen photograph. This one wasn’t. Mariah and I have had a tiny thaw, and she gave me these.

Games nights at 091 Labs!

The TARDIS and a Dalek

Jenny asked me to produce some custom pinball apron cards for Frax’s machines. You can see some examples here. Here’s the Dalek and TARDIS from them:

Absurdly high-resolution Minecraft grass/dirt texture

Was for a poster piece that didn’t pan out. 5600 x 5600 vector master (.PSD). Enjoy.

Beggar’s Haunt, Duskwood

Niuzao Temple, Townlong Steppes

Terokkar Forest, Outland

100% CSS egg

I won’t call it pretty, but it works! .egg { /* Ratio between width and height should be 1.318:1. */ width: 200px; height: 263.6px; background-color: #fff; /* curve ratio 0.75:1 */ border-top-left-radius: 170% 225%; border-top-right-radius: 170% 225%; /* Curve ratio 1.41:1 */ border-bottom-left-radius: 170% 120%; border-bottom-right-radius: 170% 120%; }

Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra

I normally don’t whore the sliders, but this just looked so good with more colour!

Wrecking Ball

I started off healing on my Shaman Masserah, but recently I have moved toward my Death Knight. Sure, healing can be a joy when you have a good partner: I can carry entire battlegrounds, surmount impossible odds to bring us victory, and laugh with impunity as the Horde try and fail to kill me. On […]

The joy of victory

I am on death’s door with the flu. I’ve dictated my will, written my final letters, and bid my loved ones a bitter goodbye. But now, even as the abyssal dark and gelid cold smother me, I feel the urge to write about PVP in World of Warcraft. So I’ve been told time and again […]

The Argent Stand, Zul’Drak

Naxxramas, Dragonblight

The tint hurt my eyes, so I doubled the red channel to fix the colour balance.

The Sulfuron Spire, Hyjal Summit

The sky was tricksy.

Update from Sligo

I have spent the past six months hiding from my responsibilities, family, friends, college, and classmates. If you a friend or family member, you know why I crashed, you will understand why I’ve been contact-adverse, and you may also have seen me at my worst, or near enough. What you haven’t seen is the procrastination, […]