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A proposal for an experiment

I have noticed that many Irish Catholics bless themselves when in proximity to, or otherwise pass a church. I conjecture it is down to one of two effect, but I cannot tell which it might be through casual observation alone: There exists a spiritual inverse-square law. Every time you halve your distance to the church, […]

2013’s April Fool

AKA “Mark’s going back to America!” I used this letter as my base template. I grabbed the logo from Google, a “scanned white page” from Google, and copy-pasted the fold lines from the original letter. I wrote and formatted the text in Google Docs, exported it as a PDF, and overlaid the scanned page and […]

School update

I wrote code for the first time since last summer, and with coding, comes some fairly hard choices what to do with myself after the summer. I’ve burned a lot of bridges over the last year, burned them very well indeed. College, over the past year, has been a complete loss. I’ve been on time […]

Garrett and Caira, April 2013

Taken by Jackie during the Taylor family visit to Las Vegas.

What strange new thing is this?

Grandeorc <Evil Orc Bank Conspiracy> Masserah? A Horde presence?

Orgrimmar: Hot sky at midnight

Elementary mathematics versus trade chat:

[2] [Xikten]: 6 - 6 * 6 = ? [2] [Prettzz]: 0 [2] [Galishavi]: -30 [2] [Squix]: 0 [2] [Zedtardd]: 30 [2] [Xikten]: lol at 0 [2] [Shavok]: its 30 baddies [2] [Theetroll]: 2256577564423123356 [2] [Katzbalger]: galishavi wins [2] [Shearshock]: 30 [2] [Liljugg]: ya mum [2] [Shearshock]: bedmas cmonnn [2] [Gwizzle]: OVER 9000!!!!! [2] [Xikten]: […]

[MUD] The Game

To start with a verbatim quote from an email: As some of you know, I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth toward the end of last year, and beyond some consulting HTML and CSS work, I haven’t touched code about the end of last August. I am in need of some kind of project […]

On the other hand, I can be as bad as everyone in trade chat.

I rolled a new level 1 on Kel’Thuzad to see what the PVP environment was like. This all went down in the space of 120 seconds: [W from] [Nullah]: <I Declare War> (Level 17) Is looking for anyone and everyone of all levels to PvP! We are a PvP/leveling guild that will help you with […]

Letter to my sister

Jenn, I need to open up and say something to someone before I completely lose my mind. I don’t expect a reply, or really want one. Mum is completely stuck in an old-fashioned notion of mental health and although she means the absolute best for me, she can’t reach past the idea that I’ll be […]

[MUD] The World

The greatest and most important part of any MMOG is the game’s world, that is to say the 2D or 3D environment that the player character roams through. Monsters live in the world, quests take place in it, and players from across the world come together to call it Home. And because of it’s encompassing […]

Deliciously recursive

Why yes, I am wearing a Zach Galifianakis t-shirt.

instasort 1.0

I just spent thirty minutes writing and testing a shell script. This shell script searches a folder, analyzes a photograph’s geometry using mogrify, and then, if the image is square, move it to another folder. I’ve eyeballed the folder, and found three matching images. This script will take approximately twenty minutes to execute. I’m not […]

Who doesn’t love panoramas?

The locations are variously in north Co. Sligo and south Co. Donegal respectively. St. John’s Point, Donegal: Drumaneary, Donegal: Lissadell, Sligo:

A red Rover a-roving

Lissadell, Sligo: St. John’s Point, Donegal: Mountcharles, Donegal:

Lissadell, Sligo

Some of these images overlap with an earlier post; apologies!

Saint John’s Point, Donegal

Aafke came a-visiting.

Vlastik has been quietly encouraging me to get away from Sligo for some time. He was one of the first people I spoke to after my breakdown, and he has been sympathetically pushing me to get out of Sligo and into company. As I admitted elsewhere, I badly needed a support network to help me […]

While I am spamming photos: I went walkies yesterday

Nothing exciting. Move along home.