Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Something something something Children’s Week


New personal best!

38 KBs, and 0 deaths. And we didn’t really farm the graveyard.

Happy 32nd, Mark

Building up mental inertia

I’ve sunk myself into virtual worlds and escapist fantasies since last September. There was World of Warcraft (a lot of it), fantasy, novels, and the Internet as a whole to run off into while I had my breakdown. It was great. Brilliant. I need to stop now, and get back in line with the real […]

I think Killer missed me

[MUD] Muddy mudness

I’ve thrown a lot of idle thoughts at the concept of the MUD project, and it keeps coming back to me that I would be literally out of my depth. I have, to date, scarcely finished one barely-working shooter, let alone delved into the intricacies of a graphical multiplayer role-playing game. I am going to […]

Oisin Grealish

The Esso station on the Headford Road has changed quite a bit!

Gorgeous moonset over Galway city centre!