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This is why I PVP!

The Horde team completely wiped during our initial offensive push, and I wound up healing through waves of Alliance attacks inside of our keep. Fifty one minutes, and fifty million points of healing.

Caira and Garrett, July 4

Fireworks! Thanks go to Mariah for the photographs.

Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet. Now leatherbound.

Huge cheers to Frank for the early Christmas present!

Arrakis, home of the Spice!

Salusa Secundus: Sun! Sand! Sardaukar!


TL;DR: StarMade is a Minecraft, but set in space. With spaceships. And missiles, and lasers. I can’t recall the last time that another game has dropped by and dragged me away from World of Warcraft. StarMade is buggy, broken, and lacks in a lot of features (just like Minecraft at launch!), but the sheer fun […]

July update

Family: Mum is sick, tired, in constant pain from arthritis, and I don’t think I care at all. I love her-she’s my mother and I her son-but I don’t like her. Mum’s been an unflagging negative in my life: First she passively put up with dad’s abuse, then she tenaciously apologized for him after he […]

Tonight was a good night.

They were very, very happy to see me.

Nyan Cat family vectors (.psd)

I made these wallpapers for Caira’s iPad. I found that the quality of Nyan* resources on the Internet is awful (if I can see pixels, you’re doing it wrong), so I grabbed some reference images and made my own vectors. Click the first image to download. Enjoy!

NML Cygni

Click on the image to view the full size (4961 x 7016):

Round down a decimal of arbitrary precision to n.

For Darren. :D using System; public class DecimalRound { static void Main(string[] args) { // args[0] is the decimal to round to. // args[1] is the decimal. int sentinel = 0; // 1. Split the number. decimalStr[0] is the leading number. string[] decimalStr = args[1].Split('.'); // 2. decimalStr[1] is the decimal. int[] decimalInt = new […]