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Learn to program in the Linux shell from August 19!

Linux scripting and programming courses @091labs. Four weeks, four classes, beginning August 19, 7pm. Subjects include: The fundamentals of computer programming. Installation and maintenance of a Linux system. Bash shell syntax, structures, and pipelines. Practical tasks for shell scripts. Passing data to and from binary programs. Binary shell programming with C#/Mono. Requirements: Laptop computer. Installation […]

CSS and HTML for 1-5 flexible columns

I’m drunk, but these seem useful to people, so here we are. I’m a bit annoyed with all of those stupid posts that all-caps scream about their super-duper tabulated-design-fuck-whatever-compliant multi-column design, but fail to give you just the CSS and HTML with a concise explanation. These frameworks use nested divs (look at the ASCII graphs […]


First one, and now the other.

Your mother is so $m that $n occurs

Your mother is so fat that the hypergiant star NML Cygni has her name in the second line of its address. Your mother is so fat that if she were a ISO 1216 standard sheet of paper, her size would be A-10. Your mother is so fat that if she were a metropolitan statistical area, […]


Always make sure you backup the latest version of your essential Linux scripts before you wipe your hard disk. Just spent two annoying hours recreating them from scratch.

August 2013

I have been slacking a little in manifest textual updates on the blog; Facebook currently has the audience of friends who care about my existence, and it is easy to just dump an update onto my wall and forget about it. Generally, I’m in good form. I’ve started to change my food intake, reduce my […]

Big crap (literally)

Item Date Time Calories Coca Cola (can) 17/08/2013 03:16:00 138.6 Coca Cola (bottle) 17/08/2013 03:16:00 210 Double Cheeseburger 17/08/2013 03:16:00 440 Double Cheeseburger 17/08/2013 03:16:00 440 Original Doritos 17/08/2013 03:16:00 500 Like, holy shit. I’ve been trying to change my eating habits for the past two weeks. Less sugar, less prepared food, more veg, and […]

Workshop Week #1: Finished

Yes there are liberal Dune references.

Ubuntu desktop

Openbox with a bunch of dockapps (lal, Dropbox, Redshift, etc.) running. Just because I haven’t done one in years. The wallpaper is one of my own.

The Linux workshop went okay

Smaller turnout than expected. :/

Something something Jabba

I am Overweight. I took a measuring scale and ruler to my decrepit this morning to help gauge where I am, and where I should be. My body mass index is planted firmly in the “overweight” section of the chart. Stark pleading, appeals to vanity, and hopeful wishes all failed to change the number over […]

Stern. Thoughtful. Aloof. Masculine. Strong-jawed. Intelligent. Markā„¢.

iPhone 4S swipe panorama. Clone corrections on one eye and background. Sky was burned for drama, and everything converted to black and white.

Caira and Garrett together

Mariah took Caira and Garrett to San Diego and Big Bear for a few days. Dump of purloined photographs incoming.

Caira smiling

Studious Garrett

Caira ice-cream triptych

Garrett ice-cream triptych

I talked at Ignite last night O.o

I had four or five straight shots of whiskey infusions of liquid courage through the course of the event, and boy was I tender this morning. Ciaran Winters asked me to consider giving a talk at three o’clock, I threw ideas at Jenny over Skype while I walked the beach at half-past the hour; I […]

Seriously, the hackerspace needs to make this a rule

I am getting a tad weary of someone ambushing me with questions, requests, or even friendly requests when I have my headphones in and I’m trying to focus (and the gods know, focusing is hard for me).


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Arachnids. This game out of a conversation at 091 Labs about Reddit’s /r/spidersgonewild/. Let it never be said that I cannot be creative in a pinch.

@vlastikb went deeper

Any more of this, and the site might collapse!

First day back to school (and rain)!

Increment numerical variables with sed (kinda)

This was my day, today: Regular expression. I am currently parsing dictionaries and lists of words into numerical arrays, and it was too tedious to do by hand, so I wrote this: It turns each separate line into an array element. Copy, paste, delete the trailing comma. There are PHP functions for this (open()..explode()), but […]