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Cats and wizardry.



Morbid post

I’m 32, and I’ve been active on the Internet since about the age of 16 or 17. Call it sixteen years for neatness. In sixteen years, I’ve seen everything our species has to offer: Birth and death. Depravities almost beyond recounting. Lies, honesty, generosity, greed, kindness, and cruelty. I mean this pretty literally-I’ve seen the […]

My August 2013 Ignite talk is up

It’s definitely better than my first Ignite talk. I stayed on subject, offered understandable food for thought, and held court in the subsequent questions and answers session.

I’m a loner and a rebel

The Long Walk from the middle of the Corrib

Because why not? It isn’t often that weather and tides combine for this kind of nice shot, so I took the opportunity.

The kids being…themselves

Workshop week #3 @091labs!

Linux course post-mortem

There was a dearth of classes going on at 091 Labs over the summer, so I stepped up to the plate at the start of August and advertised a Linux programming class, spread over four weeks: Learn the fundamentals of programming through the Bourne Again Shell, and all its queerness and oddities of syntax. The […]

ASCII art. Because.

______ ____ ______ ____ / ___/ / |______| _ \\ / | / / / |__ __| |_\\ \\ / | | | / /| | | | | __|/ /| | | | / /_| | | | | |\\ \\ / /_| | \\ \\_/__ __ |_| |_| | \\ \\ ___ | […]

It’s awful, and it’s beautiful

I’m not wont to wax on about new World of Warcraft content, but yesterday’s release of patch 5.4 brought with it some non-linear content in the form of the Timeless Isle. I really like the Timeless Isle-there isn’t an awful fixed reputation grind, and lots of fun little things to do. Rare bosses, fun fights […]

Better s3cmd put

I’ve been using s3cmd to back up the contents of an external disk to Amazon’s S3 service, and honestly, s3cmd is kinda crap. It’s the most accessible tool for S3, and it’s free, but it’s kinda crap. The biggest problem I have stems from when I start, stop, and then resume an upload; already-uploaded files […]


One from Monday. A student in my Bash class asked me: Take a list of footballers and their per-match scores over the season. Sort the list, pick their five best games, and return the averaged scores per game for these five games. I bashed (heh) it out badly on Monday, and rewrote it to be […]

Le Rant

I do pay attention. No, My mum nags me monotonously about my self-isolation, waking hours, unemployment, dress sense, evident lack of friends, and social outlets (mild alcohol and constant virtual violence). Nicole nags me about my health, weight, apathy, diet, and lethargy. Jenny nags me about my raw mental health, since I dump it on […]


Three for three, along with Battlemaster, and Khan. Cave Johnson, we’re done here.


In the most recent World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard changed Tuft of Yak Fur and Oddly-Shaped Horn so as to make them usable in anyzone-including battlegrounds. Combine this with Slow Fall. I have not laughed so hard in many months as I did at our cavalcade of giant flying yak during its assault on the […]

Everyone’s a critic

It began with sushi, and ended with drama.

Sexy Mark diptych

I’ve been jogging.

Speaking of jogging, there was gorgeous fog today