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I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts last night, and likewise wound down several other social accounts. While, sadly, there isn’t much I can do about the information in those accounts. At this point, the only two profiles I’ve purposefully kept are for Intstagram and YouTube-Instagram because it serves my stream of photographs, and YouTube […]

Learning Nights

I recycled an old poster. As a plus, I fixed a lot of broken shit in the original shapes.

091 Labs business cards

Completely forgot to mention these afore now. :/

“Scrabble” Photoshop template 100% vector. You will need to download and install the News Gothic typeface on your computer in order to make use of this template. This template includes a tile so that you may make your own letters too.

Irish board gaming

This is why I needed a Scrabble board.

Garrett’s fourth birthday

Look at that happy face!

Homebrewing at 091 Labs

Thanks go out to Aafke for the inspiration in the appearance!

Hallowe’en Ignite, 2013

One-liner to expand a CSS file

sed -i 's/]{/] {/g;s/;}/; }/g;s/{ /{\\n\\t/g;s/; /;\\n\\t/g;s/, /,\\n/g;s/\\t}/}\\n/g' < style.css It will turn body { height: 30%; margin: 0 auto; padding: 30 0 30 0; width: 100%; } into: body { height: 30%; margin: 0 auto; padding: 30 0 30 0; width: 100%; } The reverse will absolutely work too – just swap the regex […]

Did this last night

Got bored while giving a Photoshop class.

Garrett’s first day of school!

I managed to call him just before he left for school yesterday, and was hit by a +4 Wall of Excitement. He was extremely happy about it!

180° vertical panorama