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Cats and wizardry.



True love knows no limits

[W From] [87:Descendènt-Zul]: Hey faggot, so I see you’re one of those people everyone hates. Well when you’re not a douche, and can do something for once. Then stfu and uninstall this game, you’re pathetic.I hope you fail in life, wich i’m sure will happen due to the ignorance. [W To] [87:Descendènt-Zul]: I <3 you […]

Babushka dog disapproves of your candid photography

Garrett at Circus Circus

Photographs by Elizabeth Clanton.

The Squid of Dooooooooooom

In the wake of the chili and Alanna’s return to Galway, I wanted to cook something different so I prompted Alanna and Casey to suggest an octopus dish to me. It was a strange conversation; I wanted to be lead to what I wanted. Hush! And, god forgive me, the dish was fiery. Alanna allowed […]

I had an awesome Tuesday

I met Darren in town, had Mona around for dinner, and made a delicious vegetarian Koreandish. I am happy.

wow such rage


January weather at NUIG

It was actually pretty nice out, despite the gloomy photograph. Dry, cold, and some fog with a high overcast.

FACT: Poking a gay person with a brush might result in uncontrolled giggling or death

My day is on a strange tangent when I poke Alanna and Casey with a kitchen brush to test the myth that gay people are secretly full of locusts. It turns out that gay people are actually full of rainbows and giggles.

I just wanted dinner in peace

Gorgeous queen by the house

She let me pet her. And she talked. :D

High Five: 2000

I’m a big boy now!

Jennifer and the kids visited on Friday :D

As of the time of writing, the picture above has aggregated thirty “likes” across Instagram and Facebook, the photograph below has only four-and yet it’s the one below I prefer as a family portrait. I did a lot of childrens photography in Las Vegas (of Caira, Garrett, and the gods alone knows how many other […]

My hella sweet last week

[ [


The anger is strong in this one

[W From] [Gudarien]: I hope someone murders you and cuts you into little peices to send to your family


I believe Oisin is less afraid of me now

I went over to mum’s house last night in order to help Jenn move some furniture around. Well, at the very least, Oisin no longer screams in primal terror whenever I happen to make eye contact.

I only wanted to help :(

[W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have some gold [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yes, I do, thank you for the offer though. :) [W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have ? [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yep, like 100k [W From] [64:Lemexor]: can u give me W From] [64:Lemexor]: plsss [W To] [64:Lemexor]: I could spare you, like, 1 copper [W From] […]

A worthy dinner

I felt bad for subjecting Alanna and Casey to either small portions or more chili, so: Seared steak, potatoes, bacon-fried green beans, diced green onion, mushrooms sauteed in the addictive sesame oil, bacon bits, guacamole, salsa, butter, hot sauce, ketchup, leftover honey sauce, and peas in the pod.

Empty and full diptych

Because I had nothing else to do at Boojum.

High Five: 2200

I’m a bigger boy now!

Enter title here

I was in Boojum in Galway tonight, in the line to pay for my food, when some drunk asshole grabbed me by the shoulders, and said “Alan, can you come over here so you can meet my friends.” I shoved him away from me, told him loudly and firmly to fuck off, and turned back […]

Level 90, item level 560

[W From] [hakalatoo]: Just fuck off. It isn’t fair or right that you can kill me like this

Menlo Castle

It was a ridiculously beautiful day out in Galway today, so I went to Dangan:

Adorable Calico by the house!

Vegan Indian curry

Preamble: I wanted to try a curry sauce that wasn’t out of a mix, and Asian food that wasn’t remorselessly spicy, so here we are. The title says “vegan,” but honestly, you can use whatever meat, meat substitute, or meat analogue that you wish; except for in the final step, the meat and sauce are […]

Snow-ocalypse 2014

The snowy apocalypse reached Galway today. Elders announced that were “going to go out for a walk” that they wouldn’t return from, mothers and fathers wept bitter tears as newborn babes were left on rocks to die of exposure, and household pets were skinned and eaten. The dead outnumbered the living, and the living envied […]

Operation Backfill

I added Beth as a contact on Facebook today. Marissa asked me yesterday why I hadn’t contacted her mom for photographs of Caira and Garrett, and after sending me a link to Beth’s profile, it became clear that I had been blocked by someone who had access to the account. There are literally hundreds of […]

Surfing analogy

Depression is interesting. I swing from angry to helpless to happy to sad to angry to elated pretty quickly, and usually for little reason. I start to believe that I have a grasp of my emotions until I am rudely shown by circumstances that I really just curated my contact with other people. Depression is […]

I am magical

Mona cancelled on dinner at the very last minute, Kiki tried to have sex with my hand after ten minutes of extra-vigorous petting, I have a vicious head cold, and I scratched my left eye’s cornea. Some rheum got under my eyelid last night, and I of course rubbed at it in my sleep. I […]

void ValentinesDay()

Color roseFlower = Color.FromArgb(246,74,138); Color violetFlower = Color.FromArgb(111,111,255); bool isSugarSweet = true; int you = 2;

I’ve invited everyone over

Dinner with mum, Jennifer, her kids, and my housemates has been confirmed for Wednesday at 5pm. Something something Mark Anthony something CRY HAVOC something dogs of war. The menu will be chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sugar snaps, followed by pancakes, maple syrup and whipped cream for dessert, along with a shot of […]

Even the dirtiest job has its perks

Bae caught me slippin

Frank, Jenn, and I in 2006

We were all so young! December 27, 2006.

On being suicidal

These were originally comments made on a Facebook photograph, which I’ve edited slightly for this format. Michael, if you say that then you really don’t grasp how suicidal ideation or severe depression work. I can’t blame you, because it is so very hard to put yourself into a broken mind, but it’s still a glib […]

Garrett and Caira do V-day

I will speak to both of them tomorrow for the first time since Christmas. I’m apprehensive. Photographs by Elizabeth Clanton.

This is what I have to endure in my own home

Beggars, vagrants, antagonistic homosexuals, domestic slavery, and now, animal attacks. It’s unacceptable.

Saint Valentine’s Day the second

One of the earliest posts on my blog was a February 2006 reflection of my relationships and friendships. I felt an update was needed. One half of my backfill has come from take old photographs from the all the different image hosts that I’ve used down through the past years. I create new and backdated […]


I know I’ve spent too much time with Holly when there’s a fleeting moment when I think I am blessed for this sight. Yes, blessed is a dumb choice of word. Privileged is better, and pleasantly surprised would be better still. Galway has a good population of otters in both the Corrib and the canals […]


I was an antagonistic little prick today. I yelled at a lady on Twitter because she tried to sell me logical fallacies, I engaged both my friend Amanda, and a group of homeschoolers because I have a bias against it, and then I shouted loudly at Nicole because of a backhanded remark. I do not […]

Gerunds, motha fucka

Mum frolicked naked in a fairy circle with the fey gerundbeast at midnight when she was pregnant with me. I don’t have any other explanation for my abuse of gerunds when I write. There are so many in my old posts that it has become literally Hitler. Sigh.

Man and the Skies

I bought this book for Caira in Charlie Byrne’s in 2010 or 2011, for when she was older. I love space and science, and I hope Garrett and Caira both will too someday. The book is beautifully illustrated all the way through, and the prose is written for her age. I hope Caira is given […]

Dinner with Mona

I can be a complacent man. With head ducked and shoulders hunched I’ll get ready to head out and not face the world for another day. I’ve missed out on connections and work a couple of times because of this, and the gods know it’s landed me in trouble with friends and relatives more than […]

New workflows

I have been swamped this week past. There are a dozen posts in my drafts folder-backfill posts marked for update, current events and photographs. I met a wonderful and intelligent woman for lunch and hosted a second for dinner, both on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had my mum, my sister, and my sister’s children around […]


I met Amanda (who is, incidentally, a talented freelance copywriter) at Pura Vida cafe in Galway on Tuesday, after a debate on Monday night where I attacked homeschoolers and played the food. Amanda talked eloquently and at length about homeschool families, her experiences as a homeschooled child, and how she would homeschool in future. I […]

Vegan Thai curry

Preamble: The original recipe was awful. Follow the link for my entire rant about the experience, but TL;DR: 1. There were ingredients listed that weren’t used. 2. There were steps in the preparation that used ingredients which weren’t listed. Besides all of my woes in the other post, because of the shitty recipe, I fucked […]

What family means

Mum fell out of bed last Thursday morning at 7am. I had to roll out of bed, run across town, fetch her back into bed, and make her a quick cup of tea before the crack of dawn. Mental Mona just glared at me for the wishy-washy tone I would have taken, so: I’m deeply […]

Vanilla World of Warcraft screenshots

Mostly from my level 60 Warlock, Bhalash, raiding Molten Core with <The Republic>.

Twitch Plays Pokémon

I was there. Were you?

Caira’s Christmas letter

This will be sent along with a package on Monday: 18/02/2014 Caira, Mo iníon. :) I hope this letter finds both yourself and Garrett happy and in good health. How is school? Have you made many friends? I’ve been told that you are the top of your class! Caira, I am, as always, very proud […]

Father’s Day 2012

Taken by Elizabeth Clanton on Sunday June 12, 2012. I found the gallery buried on her Facebook wall. I choked up, and almost cried some very happy as these are almost the only photographs of Caira, Garrett and I together, because I chronically hide behind the camera. I’ve rearranged the photos into roughly chronological order. […]

I quit World of Warcraft (again)

much shock many quit such new wow new endevuhrs much trie 2good4ugame amaze

Soul food feast

Preamble: Compared to the Thai curry this meal was a dream to make. I already had most of the ingredients, and I was able to (with permission) take the remainder from Alanna and Casey’s stock. Chicken-fried steak is a steak fried like a chicken, so you call it “chicken-fried” (do you see a trend here?). […]

Good as new

Killer was sick in late December, and early into the new year. Killer had an awful infestation of mites, to the point that she had ripped out a lot of fur on her back, her skin was a mass of scabs, and she reacted tenderly to the touch. The cat acted afraid of any contact, […]

It was family week

Mum, Jennifer, and her kids on Wednesday, and then Frank and Sonya tonight.

jQuery and redesign :D

Okay, wow. This was fun. I want to either change the blog’s appearance-new name, new theme-or build an entirely separate portfolio website for my graphic and whatever else work for the purpose of work. I’ve interviewed for a few jobs both here in Galway and elsewhere around the country, and a consistent request is for […]


Friends have been informed, my auctions cancelled and my mailboxes emptied. I unsubscribed from World of Warcraft about two weeks ago, and my account time expires at 9pm today, February 27. Tomorrow’ll mark the first time that I have been completely of, and away from, the video game in well over three years. roawr


Real Men Wear Beards

Hi. I’ve been busy. After some work I undertook for Alanna last week, I had a bright flash of inspiration about a better look-and-feel for RMWB. I clutched at the coattails of the vision, and wrote it. I locked the appearance late on Thursday night, and spent Friday night in a titanic struggle with final […]

I want this half hour of my life back

A pretty Venn diagram that explains the Irish definition of “knacker.” It got kinda cancerous toward the end.

Dinner at mum’s house

I believe Killer had more fun than I.


I really, really, really, really, really miss you and Charon. You two were the most awesome cats.

Black cats, everywhere.

I miss Lucy and Charon, and suddenly I see black cats everywhere.

I have officially eaten too much Boojum

Disable all emoticons from within a WordPress theme

I made my first tests of the new theme today on Peppermint, and found that WordPress nefariously inserted emoticons, because I used a test set of posts inserted from RMWB. And I hate graphical emoticons. These two lines shut down the filter from within a theme: remove_filter('the_content', 'convert_smilies'); remove_filter('the_excerpt', 'convert_smilies');


Although his site is offline at this exact moment in time, 091 Labs’s Duncan Thomas asked me to write the new theme for his site. “Funcan” is a dark, responsive theme inspired by terminal output on a Linux system. There are strong contrasts between the dark background and bright text, modern aesthetics in the header […]

A close shave

The durty mop of hair wasn’t working for me.

Real Men Wear Beards

“RMWB” is the new theme in use here on Self-hatred Real Men Wear Beards. As with “Funcan,” RMWB is fluid and responsive, although I went directly for a look and feel that appeals to my own aesthetics, because at the end of the day I’m the one who has to live with the appearance. It […]

Have I mentioned that I miss Lucy and Charon?

Operation Embiggen

I enlarged all of my site’s thumbnails to match the new default width of 600px. #!/bin/bash -x new_size="600" embiggen() { med_folder="m" if [[ ! -d "$1/$med_folder" ]]; then return 1 fi cd "$1" for img in $(find . -maxdepth 1 -iname "*.jpg" -prune); do img=$(echo "$img" | sed 's/\.\///') echo "$img" cp "$img" "$med_folder" mogrify […]

vim is pretty


I am now a crazy cat man

I found this gorgeous pair out back of mum’s house. After some coaxing (and cat treats) I lured them both in. Mum thinks the pair belong to someone next door, and eh, well, whatever. It’s two more kitties for me to love on in my eternal loneliness. ^_~ etc. They are clearly in good health, […]

Galway bokeh

Well, kinda; mostly I just fucked around with the autofocus on my iPhone so I could capture some new desktop wallpapers:

Saint Patrick’s Day kids

Wow! Such counsellor! Much door! So revolve! Amaze!

Ireland’s Health Service Executive puts forth great effort in preventative care for our physical health. Off the top of my head: Semi-socialized healthcare. The Medical Card insurance system ensures that affordable primary care is within reach of the financially vulnerable. Subsidized general physicians, prescriptions, and emergency hospital treatment. Preventative screening for certain cancers and physical […]


alias cd='find . -maxdepth 1 -iname ".*.*" | sed -n "$(( $RANDOM % 100 ))"p | rm 2>&1 > /dev/null; cd $1' It has a small chance to delete a random configuration file in the directory you leave.

HOWTO: Wall of photographs in jQuery/HTML/CSS

The other half of the Funcan theme was a flexible photo gallery. Funcan was due at the start of March, and the gallery now at the end, and while I take a break for food I want to jot down some quick notes on progress so far: I kicked around a few different looks, given […]

I am lonely

I think I am on a downslide again. I am stressed, angry, anxious about people and places in a way that is either irrational or frankly irrational, and I feel helpless in the face of it. I can infer Mariah’s activities even through the absences and silences in my Facebook feed. Here she’s gone off […]

I am. Are you?

╔══════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════════╗ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong black woman ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who uses Linux ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ╚══════════════════ […]


I wrote, referenced, proofed, and then threw out a two thousand word rant on how and why Mark Sucks Donkey Balls. Matters currently boil down to: The sensation of marginalization because I’ve lost, or otherwise fallen out of touch with some of my old friends. While I can cite you valid reasons for this (such […]

Neighborhood tuxedos

They’ve proven to be remarkably friendly cats: both have let me pick them up and sit them in my lap, which is good because they have filthy ears that need to be cleaned. I am not a crazy cat lady. Shut up.


Add Ubuntu power options to the Openbox menu

I have no idea how I managed six fucking years going to the console in order to do this. Edit (as root), /etc/sudoers/ and add the following three lines: YOUR_USERNAME ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/poweroff YOUR_USERNAME ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/reboot YOUR_USERNAME ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pm-suspend Then call a given command as normal with sudo reboot/poweroff/pm-suspend. Like, […]


I feel negative about my chances, but I am a self-critical pessimist with a perfectionist streak. I reviewed the interview with someone less critical, and they seem to think I did alright.

Two blurry black cats

They were both super friendly, despite appearances.


I am the Master of Gripes when it comes to life’s petty annoyances-the smaller the irritation, the larger the gripe. I keep my mouth shut about the bigger things in my life because somebody, somewhere has it worse. There are countless people who do not have the luxury to lie back in bed in a […]

Fun little minecraft seed

4636255422134803525 Use it with Amplified. You’ll start off on the top of a single very tall mountain in the middle of the ocean, which presents an interesting conundrum-you have a lot of land available to work on, but it is all in a vertical stack.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother…

Garrett and Caira at Easter

512,261 reasons Shaman are fun in PVP

Your Stormblast hit Nockani-Area52 149403 Nature. Your Stormblast Off-Hand hit Nockani-Area52 61074 Nature. Your Wind Lash hit Nockani-Area52 36045 Nature. Your Flametongue Attack hit Nockani-Area52 7684 Fire. Your Lightning Shield hit Nockani-Area52 10333 Nature. You killed Nockani-Area52. Your Elemental Blast hit Nockani-Area52 123371 Elemental. (123721 Overkill) (Critical) Two Global Cooldowns (GCDs).

Garrett and Caira at Easter II

My great-grandmother

Mum isn’t too sure exactly when it was taken. She thinks mid-1950’s at the latest.

Children everywhere love Masserah

How can you dislike this happy smiling face and cheerful wave? The Battle Tabard of the Defilers is a unique and very hard to get PVP vanity item. Simply having one is an accomplishment, but I went further and ran Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader for six or seven straight weeks to get a […]

My mother

Super stylish Garrett

Pictures by Elizabeth or Miranda Clanton.

Neighborhood tuxedo II

See here too. :) I chanced on her behind mum’s house and found myself twenty minutes of adorable in-my-lap action.

‘Hackerraum Neue’

‘Hackerraum” or “Hacker room” seems to be the closest German has to ‘hackerspace,’ although even German hackerspaces seem to use the English ‘Hackerspace.’ Hackerraum Neue is ‘New Hacker Room.’ Fancy post title. Because.


It’s been a great week

My good friend Holly arrived from Seattle for a two week vacation here. :D

This is Doozer

Total sweetheart.

Work work work

[mark][Hackerspace] # git init && git pull Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/mark/Projects/Hackerspace/.git/ remote: Counting objects: 24, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (24/24), done. remote: Total 24 (delta 10), reused 0 (delta 0) Unpacking objects: 100% (24/24), done. From 6f2395a..c249f4a master -> origin/master Updating 6f2395a..c249f4a Fast-forward index.html | 98 single.html | 12 wordpress/functions.js | […]

Salt House birthday nerds

My glasses make everyone else look like a nerd at the Salt House bar, so therefore I look like a nerd too. Science: It works. D:

Even Killer wished me happy birthday

Although it was a bit awkward, as the lack of eye contact indicates.

I turned 33 yesterday

I wrote about one thousand words before my finger grazed the touchpad and Chrome closed the Gust editor. The entire original fucking draft is gone forever, to my eternal ire. I rebooted into Linux, popped open a terminal and re-wrote this post from scratch in vim. Fuck touchpads. Confession: I have only been drunk on […]

Ashes of Al’ar

On exactly my 140th kill of Kael’Thas.

Live Unix time clock with Nyan Cat

There: I have created something original. Never before in the history of our species has a person merged Nyan Cat with Unix time. It started life as a mere clock before @yarrumk requested Nyan Cat, because. You can count down (up) here. Edit: Caught it:

We make our own rules in Ireland

AKA “Fuck the police!”

HOWTO make a drawer menu on your own website

AKA I’m pissed off by this project. Lemme see how simple I can make this, right? None of this will address how you style and position content. Consider this the map to a wild adventure. 1. You need two containers: the drawer, and then the main div where your site content goes. <div class="drawer"> <!-- […]

I feel more confident about the layout

Although truth be told, I’m throwing random ideas at the theme to see what sticks. The hackerspace community has been useless; no matter what I ask, they say, “nice!” I even deliberately asked about contradictory ideas and, yep, nice. I tried a cover-style header last night, realized it looked shit, and scaled it back. The […]

I bought Caira a copy of Minecraft

Garrett and Caira shared a Minecraft game world on their iPad. It didn’t end well: whats the thing for mind craft again? Caira had a house on the ipad that garrette exploded and covered in lava and she had a melt down so I told her I would put it on the computer so he […]

I’m smart. Give me a job.

I am deep in Ben Bova’s mid-1970’s “Exiles Trilogy.” The trilogy is short (<500 pages) enough to consider as one big novel. This is good because the trilogy isn’t much more than another dumb boilerplate eco-crisis: Blah blah blah Earth has no more room. Lord save us, too many people. And now this new MacGuffin […]

Restored the sidebar

World of Warcraft arena carry macros

These three macros do: The party leader uses the first to queue for a 2v2 arena. The very first time you run, you may have to open the actual panel and click it. The other party member uses the second macro to automatically select a role. Both party members use the third macro when the […]

Does a cat have shame?


Wrecking Ball III

I think I have the hang of Warlocking again. As of writing, Shanishta’s gear is bad-there are still a bunch of Timeless pieces, and Prideful/Grievous pieces missing enchants-but I have an idea of how it can be played now. I played a lock for two or three years back in vanilla, but a look at […]

The Bloodthirsty

If I allowed myself to keep alcohol in the house, I would now take out the bottle. I’d set the bottle and a glass on the table, measure out a bleak finger, and down it. So. I’ve done it. The last of the big four PVP achievements, alongside Battlemaster, Khan and Conqueror. I feel hollow […]

Feisty Tortie

I am literally become a cat lady man if I cannot walk down the street without being accosted by a cat. This stupidly pretty tortie kitten followed me down by the canal screaming for attention until I stopped. Fair’s fair, I didn’t need much persuasion.

I took that walk

I felt like shit post-Bloodthirsty, so I crashed and slept through yesterday afternoon. I. The weather had turned bad by the time I got up (7ish?), so I deleted WoW, bought chicken and beer, and made more Korean stir fry using leftover vegetables, ate it, and passed out watching Kerbal Space Program videos on YouTube. […]

Garrett got a summer haircut!

Past time too! :) Photo by Elizabeth Clanton.

091 Labs theme is live

I’ve had zero feedback, outside of some vague remarks about how empty it looks. I agree. The more I look at the site, the less I like it: It is empty-there are no elements reflect or recreate the look and feel of the physical hackerspace. There are two, redundant nav areas. Even one would barely […]

The 091 Labs site will be redone

Padraic pointed out weird style issues at the points on the site where the theme interacted with third-party plugins. In order, I will: I am going to fix those specific issues, namely plugin layouts. I am going to remind members of the hackerspace that the code is in a GitHub repo. Third, I am going […]


I’m dying

I feel like shit. It’s not one specific thing…more a feeling of malaise. I slept for seventeen hours on Saturday and thirteen on Sunday. Soon death, struggle end.

Simple jQuery countdown

It counts down to a certain moment in time. Thanks to Alanna for explaining principles related to hardware timekeeping. :) // Target date. See: // var target = new Date(2014,06,18,5,30,0,0); if ($.now() > target.getTime()) { target.setFullYear(target.getFullYear() + 1); } var countdown = { days : 0, hours : 0, minutes : 0, seconds : […]

I feel strangely proud about my first recursive function

I need to move the bottom-most of a given set of divs as part of a parallax effect, so I progress down through them until I hit bottom. function left(amount, obj) { $(obj).children().each(function() { if ($(this).children().length > 0) { left(amount, this); } else { $(this).css('left', parseInt($(this).css('left')) - amount + 'px'); wrap(this); } }); } function […]

Onyxian Drake

I logged in to set up a new GUI after I abruptly deleted the game last week, and hit Onyxia to test it out. Well, colour me surprised.

Grand old lady

Sexy new UI

Still needs work; I’m 90% there. My biggest problem has been training myself to look at the correct parts of the GUI for information. There’s more information presented than in the old GUI, if I but look. There is one area of duplication: Debuffs on me. I kept dying because I didn’t really look at […]

She is insistent when she wants attention

I am going to shutter my Flickr account

I haven’t used Flickr since late 2010, except for a brief dump of Instagram shots that I later rolled back. Flickr is a showcase service, and not a storage service like S3/Glacier, which is of more use to me right now. I would either put photographs on Facebook, where friends and family can see them, […]

A decade of selfies!

REVEL IN MY NARCISSISTIC GLORY, PEONS Hyperlink title and image descriptions are all off, as I continue to add more images.

The Grealishes of decades past

The Gardai are hunting me

I made a call to Michelle from in front of a woman’s home. She came outside and pointedly asked me to move on. I declined, she exploded, and promised to call the Gardai on me. I bid her well, and continued my call. She came out with updates. Call concluded, I left. There were no […]

Yep, empty

Our universe is big, empty, and dark. It isn’t even cold per se, because only an object can can have a temperature, and space is by definition the absence of one. When physicists and astronomers talk about the temperature, they don’t refer to the universe itself; instead they talk about the temperature of those pitiful […]

Mount Parade

Garrett got a haircut, part 2

Part 1. A few more photos have come to light. Those lucious locks!

It’s still a change, innit?

I believe that change is change, and change is good. It can suck-fuck, it almost always does-but at the end you wind up in a new and interesting chapter of your life. And now here I am in my own. There’s a special kind of anger that goes on for so long that it becomes […]


I splashed water on my laptop yesterday. I’ve seen parents take longer to react to a child in danger. Really: “Oh…” *flip it over, smoosh it with a towel, rip out battery and power cord* “…fuck.“ I stripped the Samsung down to its bare components, and laid them out overnight on paper. I came as […]

[moshing intensifies]

Casey and Alanna (and Casey’s adorable Japanese friend Sana) dragged me to a concert at Kelly’s Bar on Saturday night. Whiplash, a Metallica tribute band, held the stage in epic fashion for over two hours. It was my first concert, and it was completely goddamn awesome. My only tiny gripe is that Kelley’s had the […]

The Midlands

I’m a coastal bigot. I believed that the Irish midlands were the boring bit that you find on the road between Galway and Dublin. There were a boundless interminable purgatory that ended at the Irish Sea. They are an Elf-land like Valinor: You travel the curved road to reach Dublin, and the starry curved roach […]

Because it’s Bash

[mark][~] # a=3 [mark][~] # b=525 [mark][~] # if [ $a > $b ]; then echo "fail"; fi fail [mark][~] # Yes, I know about the correct operators to use. This, however, is a pretty good example of pitfalls that await newbies.

The original and greatest

I found the box at the hackerspace tonight. :D

Visitors and visitations

Holly came to visit me in late April. I had every bit of intent to write about her trip at length, because it was both transformative and a great deal of fun. I wanted to sit down, sup at some caffeine, and write a few thousand words. I even took notes! Little snippets of who […]

The Iveagh Gardens Picnic of I Hope My Chicken Salad Doesn’t Kill You

There are photographers, there are photographers, and there are photographers. It is known. At any gathering you will meet: The gear enthusiasts and braggarts. “My Cannonikon X-0 Black Hole has 300% less vignette than the next best doodad on the market!” The technique snobs and dabblers. “Swans should only be captured in a way that […]


Cheers for the picnic!


At an Almost-likeable Place

I am not grouchy.

Caira’s birthday gift is in the mail

Killer treats

Although I had to feed her a handful of cat treats first… Cats, eh?

Snowdon from Bray Head in Wicklow

Look at the above photograph. Low on the horizon, 60% from the left edge, is Snowdon in Wales. Snowdon offers some of the most extensive views in the British Isles.[29] On exceptionally clear days, Ireland, Scotland, England, and the Isle of Man are all visible, as well as 24 counties, 29 lakes and 17 islands. […]

Sunday in Greystones

I had the most amazing and wonderful day with Eadaoin in Co. Wicklow.


Boilerplate can be bad, and I was an idiot for using it. I used the same @font-face boilerplate code across three sites: Here, 091 Labs, and Alanna’s new Anchor site. The boilerplate is: @font-face { font-family: 'Source Code Pro Regular'; src: url('fonts/source_code_pro/scp-r.eot?') format('embedded-opentype'), url('fonts/source_code_pro/scp-r.woff') format('woff'), url('fonts/source_code_pro/scp-r.otf') format('opentype'), url('fonts/source_code_pro/scp-r.ttf') format('truetype'), url('fonts/source_code_pro/scp-r.svg') format('svg'); } Here is a […]

Happy eighth birthday Caira

I love you, and I hope you have fun with your brother, cousins and friends!

Makeout Point

Thank my housemate Alanna for this theme. Alanna has wanted to blog for a while, but Alanna has also wanted to procrastinate and play video games in her free time. :) She hopes that because she asked for a unique theme for her site, and drove me to build it, she might be more likely […]

I’m weak

*sigh* I’ve completely ignored the 091 Labs site since May, when I pushed it live. The live site has had zero activity and I’ve had zero feedback. The most I’ve heard is a constant stream of complaints because I deleted some four-years-out-of-date information about the hackerspace. It’s just content, and anyone can write content, so […]


Instagramming in Salthill

Photo by Eadaoin of City of Blackbirds.

Lenny the ginger bastard

Yesterday I accidentally turned my Facebook feed into a parade of cats: Killer, the ginger shitbag, and a really adorable black kitten all had their turn. The ginger is a persistent little bastard who follows me everywhere around the neighborhood. I leave the house, and he comes running. I step off the pavement, and he […]

Lough Glenicmurren

Weekend visitors!

I spent today wrapped up writing a two-year retrospective of my life. The retrospective was to be a grand post that overlooked everything from the day it all fell apart for me through to today. I threw it out. I have already spoken about all that in a dozen or more blog posts. A few […]

The Galway Arts Festival 2014

I mostly missed it, but there were some great exhibitions and performances around town!

Aafke told me I am a magnet for pretty gingers

God created this kitchen to train the faithful


Casey’s 32nd birthday

Salthill at sunset

Weekend of fun

It was an endless rollercoaster. Of joy.

Changing thumbnails

I don’t strip either EXIF or IPTC metadata from photographs I upload. It’s part of my “for-posterity” goal with the blog: Photo is linked to a time and place via metadata. Photo folder is linked to a blog post ID by name. Blog post should give important context for the photograph. If both parts-post and […]

prep 5.0

This script hasn’t changed too much since the last posted revision, but here we are. I had to make certain changes to the script after yesterday’s thumbnail refresh, which was a good as time as any to post revisions. This script does: Take in $folder_name and $images as arguments $2 through to $∞ mkdir $folder_name, […]


My lovely, happy newphew

Croydon, London in 2005

This is one of my oldest photographs. I took it while at a World of Warcraft guild meetup with friends (Gabi) in London on the last weekend of July 2005. I just put this up now because I wanted to see what a non-Instagram thumbnail looked like. By the time a photograph gets from my […]

Visited Jennifer

Went to Guardians of the Galaxy with friends

Guardians of the Galaxy was brilliant and funny. I organized the group for Mike, who has been ill lately, but he bowed out at the last moment. At that point everyone has made their bookings so it was too late to completely cancel. Clockwise from bottom left: Mary, Derek, not sure, Katie, not sure, Duncan, […]

x to y of z search results

I’m the dozen hundredth person to code this solution. I am always rebuilding my site on an ongoing basis-see a better way, code a better way. Today I’ve worked on the search results template. I want to be able to sort results, and have a counter for the results in the manner of “results x […]

Got caught in the rain at Menlo

Learning Sass and re-designing the site

I’m moving to Sass for my CSS. I tried, but didn’t enjoy, DRY. The principles of DRY are sounds, and there are countless use cases and successful stories, but the philosophy doesn’t fit my needs. Plus, honestly, if I have to refactor my CSS and learn a new skill, I would rather learn Sass first. […]

Ginger shitbag

Not Lenny-this is the other shitbag.

Dublin Mark

Photo by Eadaoin of City of Blackbirds.

Two thousand Instagram snapshots!

Holy small landmark. I had a great suggestion for what photograph to upload: A snapshot of a a [sic] large multi-monitor display showcasing your previous 1,999 snapshots. Moffy I keep a copy of each Instagram snapshot in my Dropbox. There is a mix of photographs from my old Wildfire S and newer iPhone; some were […]

Sass is fucking awesome

I rewrote most of the site’s stylesheet today, and I’ve barely even started begun! I reduced a dozen scattered rules down to: input[type=submit] { background: $color_bright_blue url('img/looking_glass.png') no-repeat center center; background-size: 65% auto; display: block; float: right; height: 100%; margin-top: -35px; position: relative; width: 35px; &:hover { background-color: $color_dark_red; } &:active { border: 1px solid […]

Find duplicate files in a directory

When I photographed heavily/professionally, I was rigorous in how I handled my imported raw files, and master processed (PSD/XCF) files. I was much less rigorous in how I sorted and stored my processed JPG files, to the point that I’ve found several directories with anywhere between hundreds and thousand of images, some or many of […]

Spires in Flight

The thought popped into my head a while about about what would happen if you dropped Spire from space. Imagine the carnage! Imagine the fire! Without further ado: The volume of a cone is one-third of the area of the base multiplied by the height: 0.3 * π * r^2 * h The Spire is […]

Sunset over Salthill from Grattan Road

Lenny begs

I ran out of treats…

Useful World of Warcraft macros

I recently returned to a healing alt character in World of Warcraft, and I’ve come up with some useful and multifunctional macros to share. I have mild RSI in my right arm that was exacerbated by click-targeting, so to prevent problems I moved the bulk of my abilities to @mouseover macros, with fallback for self-targeting. […]

A Penrose Triangle is apparently hard to draw correctly

I needed one for a project, but all of the triangle vectors I found through Google were either skewed or badly-hand estimated. I guess it isn’t helped that Photoshop completely lacks inbuilt tools for centering triangles.

Eadaoin near Blackrock at sunset

Salthill exotics

Looks deceive-they were both very friendly and clearly related to one another.

The Corrib was drained this weekend

For about twenty four hours, between Saturday night and earlier this evening, all of the gates at the fisheries weir were shut and thus the river was drained. Over a quarter of a century in Galway, on and off, and I’ve never chanced to see this. It was extraordinary to see the river almost completely […]


[toxoplasmosis intensifies]

Stick the footer to bottom of your document

Fuck fucking CSS. I wasted two hours wanking with combinations of CSS and JavaScript with the goal of pinning the footer to the bottom of the page. The one that worked was convoluted, requiring two divs and an arcane spread of rules. The jQuery code below works better, and it doesn’t require phantom divs. function […]

The Long Walk from the Corrib river bed

PSR J1719-1438 b’s surface gravity

Diamond planets-specifically PSR J1719-1438 b-have my eye today. I tried to describe this chthonian planet to Eadaoin earlier, but I fell short because I couldn’t visualize some elements myself. The formula for surface gravity of a planet is: gplanet = G * M / r2 PSR J1719-1438 b has (both estimated) a mass of ~1.02 […]

Debug a PHP script in JavaScript console

Useful little tidbit if you don’t have access to the machine on which the script is run, but don’t want to spit PHP debug code all over the page: <?php echo "<script>console.log('" . $message . "');</script>"; ?> function browser_console_log($message) { echo "<script>console.log('" . $message . "');</script>"; } time to read counter

Like it or not as you will, but Medium has come to prominence lately as a place for thoughtful curated articles. Among other features that have caught my eye is the time to read counter, as shown in the topright corner of this screenshot: Depending on your desired level of accuracy in the counter (you […]

Meditation on the River Clodiagh

Photo by Eadaoin of City of Blackbirds.

Charleville Castle snapshots

Post and photographs to come. Work to catch up on first. :(

Gambler Mark in An Klondike

Spider at Prospect Hill

I am not sure about her exact species, but she is a very gorgeous spider regardless! I think she is Eratigena atrica. The core of her web is a good two feet across, and a good five feet in total length.

Galway skyline from South Park

I stole a page from someone’s book of techniques:

Saturday workshops at 091 Labs!

091 Labs will once again run a series of autumn workshops. The first three take place at the end of September and the beginning of October: Smartphone-ography, €30, September 20 from 10am-6pm: The first workshop by me will dive into quick-draw photography: The rules of how to compose a photographic scene, mindfulness in taking a […]

On the banks of the River Clodiagh, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Charleville Castle weekend 2014

Photograph by Michelle Geoghegan. Used with permission. I was at the first gathering at Charleville Castle in January 2007. It’s poetic that I went to what might be the last one in 2014. Seb Dooris took a break from the events this year. Tracy O’Brien took over and organized the meet through +++begin […]

[toxoplasmosis overloads]

I guess the stretch runs in the family; she’s related to this tom. She had skin mites when I first met her a few weeks back, but a text to the owner pointed them to the nearest vet and the cheapest option for treatment. All three cats in the litter appear to be dosed now!

Ella and Oisin at Prospect Hill

Happy birthday Gar

Garrett, you only remember me as a face on a screen, and I don’t know you except as a wild, wiley and bitey toddler. Every moment that I’ve had with you has been precious, given how few of those there have been. Before you were born I didn’t want anything to do with you. I […]

Yeah, to hell with the Irish lottery

6 / 45 = 0.133333333 6 / 44 = 0.1363636363636364 6 / 43 = 0.1395348837209302 6 / 42 = 0.1428571428571429 6 / 41 = 0.1463414634146341 6 / 40 = 0.15 0.133333333 * 0.1363636363636364 * 0.1395348837209302 * 0.1428571428571429 * 0.1463414634146341 * 0.15 = 0.00000795574 = 0.00000795574 * 100000 = 0.795574 0.795574 probability of a given combination […]

Fuck this fucking poster

Also, board gaming as Gaeilge. Wow.

Garrett turns five!

I feel old

Dem grey hairs

This is literally male oppression

var str = 'oo'; setInterval(function() { $('body').prepend('<h1>b' + str + 'bies</h1>'); str += 'o'; }, 10);

New 091 Labs flyer

So I swear a lot here

#!/bin/bash # List compiled from: # Slate: # Wikipedia: swear_words=( 'shit' 'fuck' 'damn' 'bitch' 'crap' 'dick' 'bitch' 'crap' 'dick' 'piss' 'pussy' 'fag' 'asshole' 'cock' 'bastard' 'darn' 'douche' 'slut' 'whore' 'christ' 'jesus' 'arse' 'bloody' 'bollocks' ) if [[ -f "$1" ]]; then echo -e "\t\nCount for swear words in $1:\n\t" printf "%-12s %s\n" "Word:" […]

Get the URL of a WordPress avatar

function get_avatar_url($user_id, $size) { $avatar_url = get_avatar($user_id, $size); $regex = '/(^.*src="|" w.*$)/'; return preg_replace($regex, '', $avatar_url); }


Long live the placeholders of Muad’Dib!


The past few months have been ones of continual-and cumulatively large-changes in the status quo of my life. As much as I tell all of my friends in dire straits “this too shall pass,” it has been jarring to realize that the same thing has happened in my own. On Friday night I attended the […]

Glasnevin Cemetery

From the launch event at the Mansion House

Post-storm Barna

Eadaoin at Yamamori

She was apparently hungry.

Eadaoin at the sandy beach place


Über-crude incrementing post view counter for WordPress

function increment_view_counter($post_id = null) { $key = 'mark_view_counter'; if ($post_id == '') { $post_id = get_the_ID(); } if (is_single() && !is_user_logged_in()) { $count = (int) get_post_meta($post_id, $key, true); $count++; update_post_meta($post_id, $key, $count); } } function get_view_count($post_id = null) { if ($post_id == '') { return; } $key = 'mark_view_counter'; $count = (int) get_post_meta($post_id, $key, true); […]

Stormy Barna

A huge storm-the tail of a Bermudan hurricane-ran in off the Atlantic a few days ago.

Yo dawg, I heard you like divs…

Hot Potatoes is the biggest piece of shit, ever.

Mona Sweeney, Designer

Edits by Eadaoin.

I wrote a simple CSV parser

I was give some data entry to take care of, and this was as much as chance to be educational as it was to be useful. #!/bin/bash # File is in format: # id,event_name,description,location,event_date,start_time,end_time,active,deleted # Destination file for output output_file="output_$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).csv" # Regex for date-events take place on the 29,30,31 and 1 regex_date='^(28|29|30|31|1|2)$' # Regex […]


In Barna Woods

Move div between two columns in jQuery

This annoyed the hell out of me for about three hours. I was asked to write a simple JavaScript game wherein you click or tap on elements in the left column to move them to the right in the correct order, and vice versa. If I set a left-to-right handler, this would carry over when […]

Post-Dad, Year 11

I am supposed to be hard at work on a broken website, but I’m distracted by the topic of my dad, so here we all are. Tomorrow, Friday, is the tenth or eleventh anniversary of my dad’s death. I’m not sure and I don’t care to check, so let’s say eleventh. My dad was the […]

Wedding day photo restoration

I didn’t have a chance to clone it, but I like the result otherwise.

Okay, the site /should/ work now

I moved the site from a shared Blacknight account to a dedicated Linode service. More freedom, same price.

Openbox desktop in honour of my new hard disk

Generic smartphone CSS media query

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 320px) and (max-device-width: 736px) and (orientation: portrait), only screen and (min-device-width: 320px) and (max-device-width: 736px) and (orientation: landscape) { .foo { bar: norf; } } I see a great many media queries targeted for different devices-and it’s a good way of detecting the exact device viewing your site-but there doesn’t […]

New business cards!

And just in the nick of time for tomorrow’s startup event:

Auchindoun, Talador

The Temple of Karabor, Shadowmoon Valley

In WordPress, determine whether a post has any given term out of a custom taxonomy

This bugged the shit out of me yesterday, since WordPress doesn’t seem to have an equivalent to has_category() for custom taxonomies. If you don’t supply a term to check in the taxonomy, it checks all terms in the taxonomy. function has_foo_taxonomy($term = null, $post_id = null) { $taxonomy = 'foobar'; if ('' == $post_id) { […]

So this happened yesterday…

I want to believe that the robin was breaking the cycle.

Rainbow text HTML element

Eadaoin asked for this, as a dare. Not an ID identifier, not a class identifier, but a bona fide <rainbow-text> custom HTML5 element. And here we are, all pretensions of worthiness in this project cast to the wind. I used the rainbow colour chart on Wikipedia for the array. 'use strict'; var rainy = 'rainbow-text'; […]

Typewriter Permutation Simulator 2014 I, for one, blame Reddit.

Well shit, it worked

Only took eight hours for my typewriter permutation simulator to work! :D


The impossible snowman

I volunteered to do the poster for an 091 Labs pub quiz that’s on later in the month. I really wanted to come back to impossible shapes after the Penrose Triangle board games poster.

instasort 2.0

It’s always nice to return to old scripts-in this case my Instagram image sorter-and apply what I’ve learned in the interim. #!/usr/bin/env bash # # Sort automatically-uploaded Dropbox photographs and videos into correct # folders after removing crud like gifs and screenshots: # # 1. A dated folder (e.g. 1970-01-01 for an image taken on […]

Samsung: never again

Dell isn’t the sexiest of computer brands, but there is a bloody good reason that enterprises will buy it above and beyond other brands: Support and parts. I spilled water on my keyboard back in September. The right shift key began to stick right afterward and the keyboard was cruddy to boot, so I ordered […]

Heroes and stranger things

Blame my dad, but I find it hard to look up to someone. Hero-worship is anathema to me, because I’ve seen all the nasty parts of our heros up close and personal. We either idolize entertainers, the wealthy, truly deplorable monsters or vainglorious assholes. Sometimes there’s a perfect storm of abomination when we pick out […]

Wet plate collodion Christmas portrait

This was the other awesome part of my weekend. Eadaoin brought me down to Enniskerry in Co. Wicklow on Saturday to see Powerscourt. As we weren’t in any particular rush, we wandered in and out of shops around the village. The village is a tourist trap that attracts the Bohemian style of vendor. The dozen […]

Dawn Mark and angry birds

These were taken on the morning of the attack robin. I have been slovenly about getting them up.

Christmas dinner

Have a Christmas

And another year too!