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I believe Oisin is less afraid of me now

I went over to mum’s house last night in order to help Jenn move some furniture around. Well, at the very least, Oisin no longer screams in primal terror whenever I happen to make eye contact.

I only wanted to help :(

[W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have some gold [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yes, I do, thank you for the offer though. :) [W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have ? [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yep, like 100k [W From] [64:Lemexor]: can u give me W From] [64:Lemexor]: plsss [W To] [64:Lemexor]: I could spare you, like, 1 copper [W From] […]

A worthy dinner

I felt bad for subjecting Alanna and Casey to either small portions or more chili, so: Seared steak, potatoes, bacon-fried green beans, diced green onion, mushrooms sauteed in the addictive sesame oil, bacon bits, guacamole, salsa, butter, hot sauce, ketchup, leftover honey sauce, and peas in the pod.

Empty and full diptych

Because I had nothing else to do at Boojum.

High Five: 2200

I’m a bigger boy now!

Enter title here

I was in Boojum in Galway tonight, in the line to pay for my food, when some drunk asshole grabbed me by the shoulders, and said “Alan, can you come over here so you can meet my friends.” I shoved him away from me, told him loudly and firmly to fuck off, and turned back […]

Level 90, item level 560

[W From] [hakalatoo]: Just fuck off. It isn’t fair or right that you can kill me like this

Menlo Castle

It was a ridiculously beautiful day out in Galway today, so I went to Dangan:

Adorable Calico by the house!

Vegan Indian curry

Preamble: I wanted to try a curry sauce that wasn’t out of a mix, and Asian food that wasn’t remorselessly spicy, so here we are. The title says “vegan,” but honestly, you can use whatever meat, meat substitute, or meat analogue that you wish; except for in the final step, the meat and sauce are […]

Snow-ocalypse 2014

The snowy apocalypse reached Galway today. Elders announced that were “going to go out for a walk” that they wouldn’t return from, mothers and fathers wept bitter tears as newborn babes were left on rocks to die of exposure, and household pets were skinned and eaten. The dead outnumbered the living, and the living envied […]

Operation Backfill

I added Beth as a contact on Facebook today. Marissa asked me yesterday why I hadn’t contacted her mom for photographs of Caira and Garrett, and after sending me a link to Beth’s profile, it became clear that I had been blocked by someone who had access to the account. There are literally hundreds of […]

Surfing analogy

Depression is interesting. I swing from angry to helpless to happy to sad to angry to elated pretty quickly, and usually for little reason. I start to believe that I have a grasp of my emotions until I am rudely shown by circumstances that I really just curated my contact with other people. Depression is […]

I am magical

Mona cancelled on dinner at the very last minute, Kiki tried to have sex with my hand after ten minutes of extra-vigorous petting, I have a vicious head cold, and I scratched my left eye’s cornea. Some rheum got under my eyelid last night, and I of course rubbed at it in my sleep. I […]

void ValentinesDay()

Color roseFlower = Color.FromArgb(246,74,138); Color violetFlower = Color.FromArgb(111,111,255); bool isSugarSweet = true; int you = 2;

I’ve invited everyone over

Dinner with mum, Jennifer, her kids, and my housemates has been confirmed for Wednesday at 5pm. Something something Mark Anthony something CRY HAVOC something dogs of war. The menu will be chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sugar snaps, followed by pancakes, maple syrup and whipped cream for dessert, along with a shot of […]

Even the dirtiest job has its perks

Bae caught me slippin

Frank, Jenn, and I in 2006

We were all so young! December 27, 2006.

On being suicidal

These were originally comments made on a Facebook photograph, which I’ve edited slightly for this format. Michael, if you say that then you really don’t grasp how suicidal ideation or severe depression work. I can’t blame you, because it is so very hard to put yourself into a broken mind, but it’s still a glib […]

Garrett and Caira do V-day

I will speak to both of them tomorrow for the first time since Christmas. I’m apprehensive. Photographs by Elizabeth Clanton.

This is what I have to endure in my own home

Beggars, vagrants, antagonistic homosexuals, domestic slavery, and now, animal attacks. It’s unacceptable.

Saint Valentine’s Day the second

One of the earliest posts on my blog was a February 2006 reflection of my relationships and friendships. I felt an update was needed. One half of my backfill has come from take old photographs from the all the different image hosts that I’ve used down through the past years. I create new and backdated […]


I know I’ve spent too much time with Holly when there’s a fleeting moment when I think I am blessed for this sight. Yes, blessed is a dumb choice of word. Privileged is better, and pleasantly surprised would be better still. Galway has a good population of otters in both the Corrib and the canals […]


I was an antagonistic little prick today. I yelled at a lady on Twitter because she tried to sell me logical fallacies, I engaged both my friend Amanda, and a group of homeschoolers because I have a bias against it, and then I shouted loudly at Nicole because of a backhanded remark. I do not […]

Gerunds, motha fucka

Mum frolicked naked in a fairy circle with the fey gerundbeast at midnight when she was pregnant with me. I don’t have any other explanation for my abuse of gerunds when I write. There are so many in my old posts that it has become literally Hitler. Sigh.

Man and the Skies

I bought this book for Caira in Charlie Byrne’s in 2010 or 2011, for when she was older. I love space and science, and I hope Garrett and Caira both will too someday. The book is beautifully illustrated all the way through, and the prose is written for her age. I hope Caira is given […]

Dinner with Mona

I can be a complacent man. With head ducked and shoulders hunched I’ll get ready to head out and not face the world for another day. I’ve missed out on connections and work a couple of times because of this, and the gods know it’s landed me in trouble with friends and relatives more than […]

New workflows

I have been swamped this week past. There are a dozen posts in my drafts folder-backfill posts marked for update, current events and photographs. I met a wonderful and intelligent woman for lunch and hosted a second for dinner, both on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had my mum, my sister, and my sister’s children around […]


I met Amanda (who is, incidentally, a talented freelance copywriter) at Pura Vida cafe in Galway on Tuesday, after a debate on Monday night where I attacked homeschoolers and played the food. Amanda talked eloquently and at length about homeschool families, her experiences as a homeschooled child, and how she would homeschool in future. I […]

Vegan Thai curry

Preamble: The original recipe was awful. Follow the link for my entire rant about the experience, but TL;DR: 1. There were ingredients listed that weren’t used. 2. There were steps in the preparation that used ingredients which weren’t listed. Besides all of my woes in the other post, because of the shitty recipe, I fucked […]

What family means

Mum fell out of bed last Thursday morning at 7am. I had to roll out of bed, run across town, fetch her back into bed, and make her a quick cup of tea before the crack of dawn. Mental Mona just glared at me for the wishy-washy tone I would have taken, so: I’m deeply […]

Vanilla World of Warcraft screenshots

Mostly from my level 60 Warlock, Bhalash, raiding Molten Core with <The Republic>.

Twitch Plays Pokémon

I was there. Were you?

Caira’s Christmas letter

This will be sent along with a package on Monday: 18/02/2014 Caira, Mo iníon. :) I hope this letter finds both yourself and Garrett happy and in good health. How is school? Have you made many friends? I’ve been told that you are the top of your class! Caira, I am, as always, very proud […]

Father’s Day 2012

Taken by Elizabeth Clanton on Sunday June 12, 2012. I found the gallery buried on her Facebook wall. I choked up, and almost cried some very happy as these are almost the only photographs of Caira, Garrett and I together, because I chronically hide behind the camera. I’ve rearranged the photos into roughly chronological order. […]

I quit World of Warcraft (again)

much shock many quit such new wow new endevuhrs much trie 2good4ugame amaze

Soul food feast

Preamble: Compared to the Thai curry this meal was a dream to make. I already had most of the ingredients, and I was able to (with permission) take the remainder from Alanna and Casey’s stock. Chicken-fried steak is a steak fried like a chicken, so you call it “chicken-fried” (do you see a trend here?). […]

Good as new

Killer was sick in late December, and early into the new year. Killer had an awful infestation of mites, to the point that she had ripped out a lot of fur on her back, her skin was a mass of scabs, and she reacted tenderly to the touch. The cat acted afraid of any contact, […]

It was family week

Mum, Jennifer, and her kids on Wednesday, and then Frank and Sonya tonight.

jQuery and redesign :D

Okay, wow. This was fun. I want to either change the blog’s appearance-new name, new theme-or build an entirely separate portfolio website for my graphic and whatever else work for the purpose of work. I’ve interviewed for a few jobs both here in Galway and elsewhere around the country, and a consistent request is for […]


Friends have been informed, my auctions cancelled and my mailboxes emptied. I unsubscribed from World of Warcraft about two weeks ago, and my account time expires at 9pm today, February 27. Tomorrow’ll mark the first time that I have been completely of, and away from, the video game in well over three years. roawr