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It’s been a great week

My good friend Holly arrived from Seattle for a two week vacation here. :D

This is Doozer

Total sweetheart.

Work work work

[mark][Hackerspace] # git init && git pull Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/mark/Projects/Hackerspace/.git/ remote: Counting objects: 24, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (24/24), done. remote: Total 24 (delta 10), reused 0 (delta 0) Unpacking objects: 100% (24/24), done. From 6f2395a..c249f4a master -> origin/master Updating 6f2395a..c249f4a Fast-forward index.html | 98 single.html | 12 wordpress/functions.js | […]

Salt House birthday nerds

My glasses make everyone else look like a nerd at the Salt House bar, so therefore I look like a nerd too. Science: It works. D:

Even Killer wished me happy birthday

Although it was a bit awkward, as the lack of eye contact indicates.

I turned 33 yesterday

I wrote about one thousand words before my finger grazed the touchpad and Chrome closed the Gust editor. The entire original fucking draft is gone forever, to my eternal ire. I rebooted into Linux, popped open a terminal and re-wrote this post from scratch in vim. Fuck touchpads. Confession: I have only been drunk on […]

Ashes of Al’ar

On exactly my 140th kill of Kael’Thas.

Live Unix time clock with Nyan Cat

There: I have created something original. Never before in the history of our species has a person merged Nyan Cat with Unix time. It started life as a mere clock before @yarrumk requested Nyan Cat, because. You can count down (up) here. Edit: Caught it:

We make our own rules in Ireland

AKA “Fuck the police!”

HOWTO make a drawer menu on your own website

AKA I’m pissed off by this project. Lemme see how simple I can make this, right? None of this will address how you style and position content. Consider this the map to a wild adventure. 1. You need two containers: the drawer, and then the main div where your site content goes. <div class="drawer"> <!-- […]

I feel more confident about the layout

Although truth be told, I’m throwing random ideas at the theme to see what sticks. The hackerspace community has been useless; no matter what I ask, they say, “nice!” I even deliberately asked about contradictory ideas and, yep, nice. I tried a cover-style header last night, realized it looked shit, and scaled it back. The […]

I bought Caira a copy of Minecraft

Garrett and Caira shared a Minecraft game world on their iPad. It didn’t end well: whats the thing for mind craft again? Caira had a house on the ipad that garrette exploded and covered in lava and she had a melt down so I told her I would put it on the computer so he […]

I’m smart. Give me a job.

I am deep in Ben Bova’s mid-1970’s “Exiles Trilogy.” The trilogy is short (<500 pages) enough to consider as one big novel. This is good because the trilogy isn’t much more than another dumb boilerplate eco-crisis: Blah blah blah Earth has no more room. Lord save us, too many people. And now this new MacGuffin […]

Restored the sidebar

World of Warcraft arena carry macros

These three macros do: The party leader uses the first to queue for a 2v2 arena. The very first time you run, you may have to open the actual panel and click it. The other party member uses the second macro to automatically select a role. Both party members use the third macro when the […]

Does a cat have shame?


Wrecking Ball III

I think I have the hang of Warlocking again. As of writing, Shanishta’s gear is bad-there are still a bunch of Timeless pieces, and Prideful/Grievous pieces missing enchants-but I have an idea of how it can be played now. I played a lock for two or three years back in vanilla, but a look at […]

The Bloodthirsty

If I allowed myself to keep alcohol in the house, I would now take out the bottle. I’d set the bottle and a glass on the table, measure out a bleak finger, and down it. So. I’ve done it. The last of the big four PVP achievements, alongside Battlemaster, Khan and Conqueror. I feel hollow […]

Feisty Tortie

I am literally become a cat lady man if I cannot walk down the street without being accosted by a cat. This stupidly pretty tortie kitten followed me down by the canal screaming for attention until I stopped. Fair’s fair, I didn’t need much persuasion.

I took that walk

I felt like shit post-Bloodthirsty, so I crashed and slept through yesterday afternoon. I. The weather had turned bad by the time I got up (7ish?), so I deleted WoW, bought chicken and beer, and made more Korean stir fry using leftover vegetables, ate it, and passed out watching Kerbal Space Program videos on YouTube. […]

Garrett got a summer haircut!

Past time too! :) Photo by Elizabeth Clanton.

091 Labs theme is live

I’ve had zero feedback, outside of some vague remarks about how empty it looks. I agree. The more I look at the site, the less I like it: It is empty-there are no elements reflect or recreate the look and feel of the physical hackerspace. There are two, redundant nav areas. Even one would barely […]

The 091 Labs site will be redone

Padraic pointed out weird style issues at the points on the site where the theme interacted with third-party plugins. In order, I will: I am going to fix those specific issues, namely plugin layouts. I am going to remind members of the hackerspace that the code is in a GitHub repo. Third, I am going […]