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I’m dying

I feel like shit. It’s not one specific thing…more a feeling of malaise. I slept for seventeen hours on Saturday and thirteen on Sunday. Soon death, struggle end.

Simple jQuery countdown

It counts down to a certain moment in time. Thanks to Alanna for explaining principles related to hardware timekeeping. :) // Target date. See: // var target = new Date(2014,06,18,5,30,0,0); if ($.now() > target.getTime()) { target.setFullYear(target.getFullYear() + 1); } var countdown = { days : 0, hours : 0, minutes : 0, seconds : […]

I feel strangely proud about my first recursive function

I need to move the bottom-most of a given set of divs as part of a parallax effect, so I progress down through them until I hit bottom. function left(amount, obj) { $(obj).children().each(function() { if ($(this).children().length > 0) { left(amount, this); } else { $(this).css('left', parseInt($(this).css('left')) - amount + 'px'); wrap(this); } }); } function […]

Onyxian Drake

I logged in to set up a new GUI after I abruptly deleted the game last week, and hit Onyxia to test it out. Well, colour me surprised.

Grand old lady

Sexy new UI

Still needs work; I’m 90% there. My biggest problem has been training myself to look at the correct parts of the GUI for information. There’s more information presented than in the old GUI, if I but look. There is one area of duplication: Debuffs on me. I kept dying because I didn’t really look at […]

She is insistent when she wants attention

I am going to shutter my Flickr account

I haven’t used Flickr since late 2010, except for a brief dump of Instagram shots that I later rolled back. Flickr is a showcase service, and not a storage service like S3/Glacier, which is of more use to me right now. I would either put photographs on Facebook, where friends and family can see them, […]

A decade of selfies!

REVEL IN MY NARCISSISTIC GLORY, PEONS Hyperlink title and image descriptions are all off, as I continue to add more images.

The Grealishes of decades past

The Gardai are hunting me

I made a call to Michelle from in front of a woman’s home. She came outside and pointedly asked me to move on. I declined, she exploded, and promised to call the Gardai on me. I bid her well, and continued my call. She came out with updates. Call concluded, I left. There were no […]

Yep, empty

Our universe is big, empty, and dark. It isn’t even cold per se, because only an object can can have a temperature, and space is by definition the absence of one. When physicists and astronomers talk about the temperature, they don’t refer to the universe itself; instead they talk about the temperature of those pitiful […]

Mount Parade

Garrett got a haircut, part 2

Part 1. A few more photos have come to light. Those lucious locks!

It’s still a change, innit?

I believe that change is change, and change is good. It can suck-fuck, it almost always does-but at the end you wind up in a new and interesting chapter of your life. And now here I am in my own. There‚Äôs a special kind of anger that goes on for so long that it becomes […]


I splashed water on my laptop yesterday. I’ve seen parents take longer to react to a child in danger. Really: “Oh…” *flip it over, smoosh it with a towel, rip out battery and power cord* “…fuck.“ I stripped the Samsung down to its bare components, and laid them out overnight on paper. I came as […]

[moshing intensifies]

Casey and Alanna (and Casey’s adorable Japanese friend Sana) dragged me to a concert at Kelly’s Bar on Saturday night. Whiplash, a Metallica tribute band, held the stage in epic fashion for over two hours. It was my first concert, and it was completely goddamn awesome. My only tiny gripe is that Kelley’s had the […]

The Midlands

I’m a coastal bigot. I believed that the Irish midlands were the boring bit that you find on the road between Galway and Dublin. There were a boundless interminable purgatory that ended at the Irish Sea. They are an Elf-land like Valinor: You travel the curved road to reach Dublin, and the starry curved roach […]

Because it’s Bash

[mark][~] # a=3 [mark][~] # b=525 [mark][~] # if [ $a > $b ]; then echo "fail"; fi fail [mark][~] # Yes, I know about the correct operators to use. This, however, is a pretty good example of pitfalls that await newbies.

The original and greatest

I found the box at the hackerspace tonight. :D

Visitors and visitations

Holly came to visit me in late April. I had every bit of intent to write about her trip at length, because it was both transformative and a great deal of fun. I wanted to sit down, sup at some caffeine, and write a few thousand words. I even took notes! Little snippets of who […]

The Iveagh Gardens Picnic of I Hope My Chicken Salad Doesn’t Kill You

There are photographers, there are photographers, and there are photographers. It is known. At any gathering you will meet: The gear enthusiasts and braggarts. “My Cannonikon X-0 Black Hole has 300% less vignette than the next best doodad on the market!” The technique snobs and dabblers. “Swans should only be captured in a way that […]


Cheers for the picnic!