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Cats and wizardry.



My lovely, happy newphew

Croydon, London in 2005

This is one of my oldest photographs. I took it while at a World of Warcraft guild meetup with friends (Gabi) in London on the last weekend of July 2005. I just put this up now because I wanted to see what a non-Instagram thumbnail looked like. By the time a photograph gets from my […]

Visited Jennifer

Went to Guardians of the Galaxy with friends

Guardians of the Galaxy was brilliant and funny. I organized the group for Mike, who has been ill lately, but he bowed out at the last moment. At that point everyone has made their bookings so it was too late to completely cancel. Clockwise from bottom left: Mary, Derek, not sure, Katie, not sure, Duncan, […]

x to y of z search results

I’m the dozen hundredth person to code this solution. I am always rebuilding my site on an ongoing basis-see a better way, code a better way. Today I’ve worked on the search results template. I want to be able to sort results, and have a counter for the results in the manner of “results x […]

Got caught in the rain at Menlo

Learning Sass and re-designing the site

I’m moving to Sass for my CSS. I tried, but didn’t enjoy, DRY. The principles of DRY are sounds, and there are countless use cases and successful stories, but the philosophy doesn’t fit my needs. Plus, honestly, if I have to refactor my CSS and learn a new skill, I would rather learn Sass first. […]

Ginger shitbag

Not Lenny-this is the other shitbag.

Dublin Mark

Photo by Eadaoin of City of Blackbirds.

Two thousand Instagram snapshots!

Holy small landmark. I had a great suggestion for what photograph to upload: A snapshot of a a [sic] large multi-monitor display showcasing your previous 1,999 snapshots. Moffy I keep a copy of each Instagram snapshot in my Dropbox. There is a mix of photographs from my old Wildfire S and newer iPhone; some were […]

Sass is fucking awesome

I rewrote most of the site’s stylesheet today, and I’ve barely even started begun! I reduced a dozen scattered rules down to: input[type=submit] { background: $color_bright_blue url('img/looking_glass.png') no-repeat center center; background-size: 65% auto; display: block; float: right; height: 100%; margin-top: -35px; position: relative; width: 35px; &:hover { background-color: $color_dark_red; } &:active { border: 1px solid […]

Find duplicate files in a directory

When I photographed heavily/professionally, I was rigorous in how I handled my imported raw files, and master processed (PSD/XCF) files. I was much less rigorous in how I sorted and stored my processed JPG files, to the point that I’ve found several directories with anywhere between hundreds and thousand of images, some or many of […]

Spires in Flight

The thought popped into my head a while about about what would happen if you dropped Spire from space. Imagine the carnage! Imagine the fire! Without further ado: The volume of a cone is one-third of the area of the base multiplied by the height: 0.3 * π * r^2 * h The Spire is […]

Sunset over Salthill from Grattan Road

Lenny begs

I ran out of treats…

Useful World of Warcraft macros

I recently returned to a healing alt character in World of Warcraft, and I’ve come up with some useful and multifunctional macros to share. I have mild RSI in my right arm that was exacerbated by click-targeting, so to prevent problems I moved the bulk of my abilities to @mouseover macros, with fallback for self-targeting. […]

A Penrose Triangle is apparently hard to draw correctly

I needed one for a project, but all of the triangle vectors I found through Google were either skewed or badly-hand estimated. I guess it isn’t helped that Photoshop completely lacks inbuilt tools for centering triangles.

Eadaoin near Blackrock at sunset

Salthill exotics

Looks deceive-they were both very friendly and clearly related to one another.

The Corrib was drained this weekend

For about twenty four hours, between Saturday night and earlier this evening, all of the gates at the fisheries weir were shut and thus the river was drained. Over a quarter of a century in Galway, on and off, and I’ve never chanced to see this. It was extraordinary to see the river almost completely […]