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[toxoplasmosis intensifies]

Stick the footer to bottom of your document

Fuck fucking CSS. I wasted two hours wanking with combinations of CSS and JavaScript with the goal of pinning the footer to the bottom of the page. The one that worked was convoluted, requiring two divs and an arcane spread of rules. The jQuery code below works better, and it doesn’t require phantom divs. function […]

The Long Walk from the Corrib river bed

PSR J1719-1438 b’s surface gravity

Diamond planets-specifically PSR J1719-1438 b-have my eye today. I tried to describe this chthonian planet to Eadaoin earlier, but I fell short because I couldn’t visualize some elements myself. The formula for surface gravity of a planet is: gplanet = G * M / r2 PSR J1719-1438 b has (both estimated) a mass of ~1.02 […]

Debug a PHP script in JavaScript console

Useful little tidbit if you don’t have access to the machine on which the script is run, but don’t want to spit PHP debug code all over the page: <?php echo "<script>console.log('" . $message . "');</script>"; ?> function browser_console_log($message) { echo "<script>console.log('" . $message . "');</script>"; } time to read counter

Like it or not as you will, but Medium has come to prominence lately as a place for thoughtful curated articles. Among other features that have caught my eye is the time to read counter, as shown in the topright corner of this screenshot: Depending on your desired level of accuracy in the counter (you […]

Meditation on the River Clodiagh

Photo by Eadaoin of City of Blackbirds.

Charleville Castle snapshots

Post and photographs to come. Work to catch up on first. :(

Gambler Mark in An Klondike

Spider at Prospect Hill

I am not sure about her exact species, but she is a very gorgeous spider regardless! I think she is Eratigena atrica. The core of her web is a good two feet across, and a good five feet in total length.

Galway skyline from South Park

I stole a page from someone’s book of techniques:

Saturday workshops at 091 Labs!

091 Labs will once again run a series of autumn workshops. The first three take place at the end of September and the beginning of October: Smartphone-ography, €30, September 20 from 10am-6pm: The first workshop by me will dive into quick-draw photography: The rules of how to compose a photographic scene, mindfulness in taking a […]

On the banks of the River Clodiagh, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Charleville Castle weekend 2014

Photograph by Michelle Geoghegan. Used with permission. I was at the first gathering at Charleville Castle in January 2007. It’s poetic that I went to what might be the last one in 2014. Seb Dooris took a break from the events this year. Tracy O’Brien took over and organized the meet through +++begin […]

[toxoplasmosis overloads]

I guess the stretch runs in the family; she’s related to this tom. She had skin mites when I first met her a few weeks back, but a text to the owner pointed them to the nearest vet and the cheapest option for treatment. All three cats in the litter appear to be dosed now!

Ella and Oisin at Prospect Hill

Happy birthday Gar

Garrett, you only remember me as a face on a screen, and I don’t know you except as a wild, wiley and bitey toddler. Every moment that I’ve had with you has been precious, given how few of those there have been. Before you were born I didn’t want anything to do with you. I […]

Yeah, to hell with the Irish lottery

6 / 45 = 0.133333333 6 / 44 = 0.1363636363636364 6 / 43 = 0.1395348837209302 6 / 42 = 0.1428571428571429 6 / 41 = 0.1463414634146341 6 / 40 = 0.15 0.133333333 * 0.1363636363636364 * 0.1395348837209302 * 0.1428571428571429 * 0.1463414634146341 * 0.15 = 0.00000795574 = 0.00000795574 * 100000 = 0.795574 0.795574 probability of a given combination […]

Fuck this fucking poster

Also, board gaming as Gaeilge. Wow.

Garrett turns five!

I feel old

Dem grey hairs

This is literally male oppression

var str = 'oo'; setInterval(function() { $('body').prepend('<h1>b' + str + 'bies</h1>'); str += 'o'; }, 10);

New 091 Labs flyer

So I swear a lot here

#!/bin/bash # List compiled from: # Slate: # Wikipedia: swear_words=( 'shit' 'fuck' 'damn' 'bitch' 'crap' 'dick' 'bitch' 'crap' 'dick' 'piss' 'pussy' 'fag' 'asshole' 'cock' 'bastard' 'darn' 'douche' 'slut' 'whore' 'christ' 'jesus' 'arse' 'bloody' 'bollocks' ) if [[ -f "$1" ]]; then echo -e "\t\nCount for swear words in $1:\n\t" printf "%-12s %s\n" "Word:" […]

Get the URL of a WordPress avatar

function get_avatar_url($user_id, $size) { $avatar_url = get_avatar($user_id, $size); $regex = '/(^.*src="|" w.*$)/'; return preg_replace($regex, '', $avatar_url); }