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The smilingest cat lover in all the land

So I saw an eclipse

Any personal blog-this blog-is run out of its controller’s own desire and creativity. Lately I’ve discovered that when people begin to depend on me to provide both of those on demand, on a daily basis, my spontaneous application of them to the blog goes out the window. I could blog snippets of code or talk […]

Automatically add vendor prefixes to properties and values in Sass

I came up with this myself and discovered after that other developers came to exactly the same solution for the problem of vendor prefixes. CSS3’s flexbox is the newest greatest thing in my life. It makes incredible sense and lets me do things like: Vertically center child elements and other content without having to use […]

Operation: Break the Site III

Between my last post and today I admittedly did piss-all with the site and left a good chunk of it in a woefully broken state. I sat down today and got a huge chunk of work done: I added a new comment layout (see here). Returned all meta content to post footers. Re-enabled comment input […]

The Ouro site doesn’t look too bad

Go check it out:

Garrett and Caira in the snow at Red Rock

‘I hate Internet Explorer’ and other pearls of freelance wisdom

I hate proverbial Internet Explorer-whatever the shit browser that happens to cross my path and raise my ire, because I am easily rankled. As of now, March, I have been self-employed for seven months. There have been ups and down. I have experienced all of the thrills and spills, the joy of the paycheque and […]

Day out in Dublin

I had a crap week, so I hopped on the bus to Eadaoin last night. Thanks for the magic of my new cellphone I photographed today’s wander around Dublin: We walked from Eadaoin’s house over to the UCD campus at Belfield, got trapped by heavy rain and took a bus into town to the Science […]

Operation: Break the Site IV

I’ve fixed yet more crap since part III in this series: Search works now. Side-by-side flexbox layout for multiple images. Tested the site in live Internet Explorer and across multiple devices. The site is getting less bad.