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Create multiple folders at once

The Bash shell supports curly brackets to match groups of wildcards, and you can use this to quickly create multiple folders in one go without using a loop: [z][mark][journal] $ mkdir -p assets/{sass,js,images} [z][mark][journal] $ ls assets images js sass

All of you assholes need to stop punching me in the face

This is not a request. When I was 12, a neighbour’s kid punched me in the mouth while I was making faces at him. Ever make faces while blowing on glass? Punch. Then when I was 18 or 19 15* my sister threw a remote control into my face while we fought over control of […]

I think I just joined Team HTML5 Video Fad

It was remarkably easy to do once I came to grips with the plethora of browser-specific quirks and workarounds.

Garrett and Caira do Easter

Eadaoin and I did Easter too

It wasn’t just my kids who enjoyed Easter. Eadaoin and I are home at last after a weekend in Dublin and Tipperary. I went up to Dublin on Thursday night and stayed at her house ahead of my dentist’s appointment. I went home from the dentist in a fair bit of pain, so we chilled […]


Ginger whore cat. Shocker.

I learned me some Illustrator

Dynamic-ish CSS spritesheets

CSS spritesheets are cool, even if their use is hacky as hell. You can drastically lower the load time of a site with a little prep work, but did I mention their use is hacky as hell? A sprite sheet works by showing a portion of a bigger image instead of downloading many smaller images. […]

Overly-dramatic Mark

Props to Eadaoin for the great shot. :D We went up to Dangan yesterday, but the weather was dull, the trees were barely in bloom and there was nothing neither of hadn’t photographed in better light. A shower caught us at Corrib Village, so we stopped in by the boat shed, and Eadaoin shot this […]

These are the things I do to trash talk my girlfriend

I couldn’t tell you how the crap this started, but suddenly trash talk about cupcakes is flying thick and fast on Facebook and I’ve been challenged to a cupcake-off at the Iveagh Gardens this summer. I am so fucked.

This is why I hate the WordPress community

I understand that GPL license gives you the permissions to modify the code and then do whatever you want with it, claiming as your own work, but we are not very OK with this, because this is a commercial theme and there are a lot of people who preferred to buy a premium theme rather […]