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Font sizes

Good Christ above; I’ve been working with this stuff for literally years and didn’t realize how everything meshed together. It always struck me as complex, that there are many parallel paths up the same cliff, which tonight just confirmed. 1 foot = 12 inches 1 pica = 1/6 inch 1 point = 1/12 pica 1.25 […]

Killiney Hill

I was in Dublin two weeks ago. We were supposed to meet Jennifer and her kids for lunch in Dublin, but she cancelled. I took Eadaoin to the Liberties, we had lunch in some really kickass Korean restaurant and then Eadaoin took me out to Killiney Hill. It was gorgeous. The sun was out, the […]

A robin came fluttering, fluttering down…

Eadaoin submitted the robin photograph to /r/redditgetsdrawn on Reddit. I’m not going to link the thread because it would immediately give away the usernames of everyone involved, but thirty seconds of thought will find you them. But anyways: in the thread, artist Lizzy Zumbaugh replied with an absolutely gorgeous interpretation. I mean this seriously; it […]

Operation Break the Site V

AKA “Who’s left to care?” While the front-end appearance of the site hasn’t changed too much since the March update, the back-end appearance certainly has. I’ve pushed about eighty commits to Sheepie in the past few days with the goal of refactoring the code and bringing it to a higher standard: I renamed the theme […]

The Cliffs of Moher

True story: Eadaoin and I got on a bus to Kylemore the day after my birthday, except it was the bus to the Cliffs of Moher. Something YOLO fuck it. It was a lovely day outside of some awful nausea for the first hour. The weather was gorgeous, except when it was bad, and when […]

I found a folder of webcam snapshots

Images range in date from October 31 2010 to January 28 2012. Some photographs (2010 and 2011) were taken at Prospect Hill, Galway, while the remainder come from Cliffoney Co. Sligo with one or two from the library at I.T. Sligo.

Godspeed you magnificent ornery bastard

It is easy to be a fair-weather atheist. Anyone can do it with a tiny bit of laziness; you just don’t go to church, don’t pray and scoff at the notion Big Dude up above. But, inevitably, there comes a day when you have to face up to what it means to deny an eternal […]

Mostly CSS3 lightbox

I wanted a very simple and light lightbox for images on the blog, since my content has always been image-heavy: click on image, see image, close image. I hit Google yesterday for a CSS3 lightbox and found this remarkable codepen by Gregory Schier. It exploits the :target pesudoclass to create a modal box without JavaScript. […]

I had a code review

Nothing as in depth as a line-for-line pickapart, but I asked for feedback on The feedback was great and has led to a huge performance boost to the site: I moved all of my media content to a local subdomain; I added a DNS prefetch directed to the media subdomain; and I changed jQuery […]

You’re never too old to learn a basic lesson

So I shit you not, I have to learn to walk again. Story time: Back in the Prehistoric Time of May 2008, I used to catch a crosstown bus most of the way to work in Las Vegas, and then walk the rest of the three miles. I did this way because it was exercise, […]

CoderDojo Galway

David Kelly has started a CoderDojo with the support of the Bank of Ireland branch on Mainguard Street. A CoderDojo is a programming workshop aimed at children in the 9-15 age range. The idea is to give an introduction without overwhelming. A CoderDojo is there to convey the concepts in an accessible and inclusive manner. […]

Ireland votes yes!

On Friday, Ireland voted in favour of equal civil marriage for all people without regard to gender. This has not been without controversies. The movement for equal marriage has steadily gained traction in Ireland right from the moment that the country decriminalized homosexuality in 1994, and right here, now, it has reached the critical mass […]

I went to an award ceremony in a t-shirt

I am, in hindsight, rather mortified.

Lay off Roscommon

Okay so. As far as my data goes: Click either here, or on the image of Ireland, to see a bigger version of the SVG file.* The Google spreadsheet I used to compile the numbers can be found here: I pulled all of my raw data directly from this page at the website: […]

Random workstation photograph

I needed to test my upload script. :)

Blog statistics

I have begun to add back the missing archive functionality. To accomplish this I added several functions which display information about the content, along with a wrapper function which will print it all.

Yes-vote memorabilia