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Raleigh Row triptych

I had pictures to use up, so why not?

And now I live in Dublin

It must be natural to divvy your adult life up into booklike chapters, because many people seem to do it. The chapter I’ve just turned a page on was lengthy, running from November 2009 to May 2015. Yes, six years is overlong for a Life Chapter, but life is one of those funny books with […]

So who decided code snippets had to be boring?

Behold my new workstation

Eadaoin helped out with a part of the cost. I’m indebted to her for the assistance!

Now what?

I’ve achieved all of my short- and mid-term goals and desires: career, relocation, home office, freelance career and awesome girlfriend. My code isn’t that bad and my graphic design has seen use in startup branding. I am still no closer to Caira or Garrett, but the Legalities Creep Slowly Onward. I have it all, and […]

Get an array of per-year and per-month counts of your WordPress posts

I had to research this for a client. Their project requires a list of posts per month and per year over the duration of the blog but, like mine, they have a lot of posts spread over an extended period of time. It would benefit me to have the same count, so I approached a […]

Hermes, from The Martian

The orbit is backward, the solar panels are pointless, and there are a whole boatload of other scientific errors in the first teaser for the film adaptation of Andy Weir’s The Martian, but damn, Hermes looks fine. MATTTTTTT DAMMMMMONNNNNNNN!!

There is no heartier sign of a day well spent

So this isn’t Lenny

This adorable ginger tom came mewing up to me after I called him. He’s definitely not Lenny, but what’s one more ginger, eh?

My glorious day at the District Court

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Do not interpret this article as anything but an account of my personal experience. Do not interpret this article as legal advice. Speak to a solicitor if you have questions.

WordPress libraries for all the family

It’s been useful in the past to modularize portions of my WordPress theme, so here you go: Social Meta generates Twitter Card and Open Graph meta tags that contain information about the blog, the post and its content. Clicky here for an example. Article Images is a more utilitarian script which gives you […]

Get the dimensions of any WordPress post image

I spent 12 hours writing these functions for two libraries, so I will take half of one to write about it. I have kept this blog for eleven inclusive years (2005–2015). I intend to continue to do so for so long as I am able and interested. To add to this, I was exposed to […]

Week 2 with Killer



Ciaran at is on holdiays so I have been handling adverts for the site in his absense: It’s been a different kind of challenge to do this (you try to track down vector branding for regional companies!), although quite fun.

All hail the glorious vim master race

OR: “Moving from Sublime Text 2 to vim.” Click here to revel in my glorious vim master race desktop. I have used Sublime Text since 2011. I don’t know when I first used it, beyond clear memories of it open in class during my first year at I.T. Sligo. I asked “suggest a prettier editor […]

SSL master race

Let the excitement…commence! I purchased SSL certificates through for: :D

I hate PHP

Gerry sent me a link to PHP: a fractal of bad design after I posted a Facebook rant. My problem is this: PHP has several functions that fetch date. Two “big” one are date() and strftime(), which have different date format syntax. WordPress uses the syntax for date(). I’m sure there are good historical reasons […]

Bray Head 2015

So holy shit, Eadaoin and I have been together for almost a year. We have completely failed to manage to kill one another, which is great; it’s a real step up from my marriage. Our first trip together was to Bray and Greystones in Co. Wicklow, where we walked the cliff trail from the former […]

12 kilometre Dublin death march

Eadaoin and I gave my life a lot of thought after my rant about goals in June. So my Quetelet Index is north of 30, and from there it only gets better. My measured cholesterol levels, if I told you them, would raise your eyebrows, and my levels of physical are low enough to describe […]

Eadaoin II

Well, one year and counting!