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This is procrastination

Right now, at this exact moment in time, I have work to do. Before me I have a spread of code open in vim, a small JavaScript library that I have to refactor into a jQuery plugin. It is open, but I have made a willful choice to dally here instead. I have #ubuntu on […]

Mullingar is miserable

This is tongue-in-cheek, so put down your (miserable) Midlands pitchforks.

How well my girlfriend knows me!

Split up columns evenly with flexbox

I need to split up children elements on a regular basis (like here), and I realized that it was a waste to do it piecemeal. So: $separation is the percentage separation between columns. $separation: 2 is a 2% separation between columns, after they are sized. So, with this and two columns, each column would be […]

Mostly CSS3 lightbox II

…now with 480% more JavaScript! I rewrote the lightbox I put together in May. Wikipedia added a cool feature a while back: it you click on an image, the lightbox image is added to the URL hash. Later, if you follow the hash link directly, the image will open in the lightbox. Click through to […]

Back at an Almost-likeable Place

Aafke kindly invited Eadaoin and I to visit and stay with her on her farm in the first week of August. Kinda funny, the timing, because then there was a background miasma of drama with my ex-wife, and now there is is a background miasma of drama with my ex-wife. Some things endure. Eadaoin was […]

Holy shit, we climbed the Great Sugar Loaf

It was a scary, sobering experience. First scariness: our paper map was outdated. The trailhead I wanted to use doesn’t exist anymore. The trail seems to be still there, but access isn’t, and we didn’t discover this wonderful fact until after we’d walked for a mile along a narrow main road for twenty minutes. Thanks […]

(Better) dynamic CSS columns through sass

I spent an hour on Google after my last post on dynamic columns. I wanted an idea of everyone else’s solutions to the problem of “how can I generate dynamic columns with Scss?” I found: Seb Kay, who doesn’t attempt dynamic generation, and instead pre-generates column classes; Steve Hickey who modifies pre-existing bourbon code; Luke […]

:w saves decals arrived :D

The decals came courtesy of Reddit. All glory to the vim master race!

WordPressish Beholding

I floated the idea of these articles to enthusiastic approval on /r/wordpress/, so here we are. My name is Mark, and I’m a jack of all trades: I write, code, design and admin for a living. Sometimes the write, code, design, and admin has a happy intersection with WordPress. The site precedes the recent backlash […]

Hirsute #5, by Sean McCormack

Hirsute is a new portrait project from Sean McCormack which comprises Handsome Bearded Males Galway photographed in 2014 and 2015. Sean photographed me (I think) last Autumn at his Tuam Road studio.

One month of Killer

Killer was, and remains, a huge asshole, but we still love her.

Sheepie update!

I ran Sheepie through Theme Check and discovered some awful, shocking things about the theme’s compliance with WordPress standards. The awful, shocking things seem a tad hypocritical in light of a post series about WordPress, so uhm, I cleaned up the theme: Functions are now correctly prefixed with sheepie_. Textdomain tags are now correctly ‘sheepie.’ […]