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My cat’s vet name is hardcore

Goddammit, Past Mark

I gave such an efficient answer that this post was the top Google result for “wall of photographs css.” I wanted to take another crack at the problem from a different angle, but no, I already have it solved. Jerk.

Sandymount sunset

So I wrote a jQuery plugin

JavaScript does my head in, always. The language does any number of cool things, but the sheer variety of ways in which we can do the cool things makes my head hurt. I came up with this date checker plugin for a client piece. Take in element, element prefix name and optional millisecond epoch time. […]

I went to a job fair

I am now eligible for admission to the hallowed chambers of White Guys Wearin’ Oculus Rifts. Career Zoo is a biannual(?) job fair held at the Convention Centre Dublin over by Spencer Dock in Dublin. Career Zoo was scary, reaffirming and humbling all at once. I don’t expect any callbacks because: my resume is mediocreeeee; […]

How much would I weigh on…?

I have a morbid interest in how much I would weigh on various celestial bodies. This isn’t for everyone, but visualization of weight helps me quantify extrasolar worlds and weirdos like neutron stars. I played around with a spreadsheet yesterday to start off. I came up with a couple of functions to calculate equatorial surface […]

Pluto, spherical mosaic

This mosaic of Pluto, centered on Sputnik Planum, was released on Thursday as part of the new data downlinked from New Horizons. It’s a gorgeous stitch of a gorgeous planet. I don’t think anyone expected a carbon monoxide glaciers and pristine new ice plains at the equator of Pluto, and I for one am glad […]

WordPressish Beholding II

Work and illness had the best of me last week. I was busy all the way through to the weekend, and at the weekend I crashed hard. In the first part of WordPressish Beholding I used a waterfall analogy: I started at the top of the stream with servers. From there I descend into WordPress […]

Happy sixth birthday Garrett! / CC BY-NC 3.0

Kaleidoscopic Eadaoin

Taken at the Science Gallery in Dublin on Saturday. Eadaoin’s aunt Trish and cousin Emer came down from Sligo for an event at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, and stayed with us for the night. In the end Trish and Emer (and I; I was at home writing) arrived late and missed the Gaeilge Tamagotchi […]

An Klondike

You know what? It’s been a year and the production company have yet to pay me for my day of extra-ing, and I have a scar on my foot from the godless misshapen boots I wore. I retroactively withdraw permission to use my likeness and heretofore demand one million dollars of compensation. I am, in […]

Variable sass self/child selector

I had a problem: I had a mixin. This mixin had a payload of rules that I wanted to pass to the selector that called the mixin. Sometimes, however, I wanted to send the code to a given child selector instead. I played around with variations on Sassmeister until I came up with a mixin […]

My neighbour’s whore-cat

She’s even sweeter (and noisier) than Lenny.

Pluto, backlit panorama

I have a raging space boner. This is the most gorgeous photograph I have ever seen from space, and for once this isn’t even hyperbole. New Horizons took this panorama fifteen minutes after closest approach to Pluto (source). It was taken at a low, oblique angle backlit by the sun. I’m not a planetary […]

Dumb jQuery menu state plugin

It’s dumb in the savant sense – there’s nothing more complex than a class toggle to hide other menu items when a button is clicked. The state manager links a button a button or hyperlink with a target element. When the button is clicked, classes are added to both the button and the target element. […]

I’m proud of my son

I love my two kids to death, even if I have to do this from halfway around the world and despite adversity. Caira is wild, smart, shy and her own person. She has her birth dad’s wit and grotesque humor, and her mum’s love of the natural world. Garrett is a stubborn sweetheart, full of […]

Court: anticlimactic

See My glorious day at the District Court if you want a recap of my first appearance. It was depressingly mundane: I arrived, I identified myself and then I sat in a hall for three hours before my ninety seconds in front of a judge. Maintenance for Garrett was agreed and I went home to […]

Here’s a hypnotic spinning cyber oyster

Shit got weird this morning on Twitter.

Sheepie and scss-helpers v1.0

Cleganebowl has nothing on this hype train: Sheepie I have used Sheepie as a testbed, sandbox and ongoing learning exercise for the entire while that I’ve worked in web development. 943 commits is well enough for me to put up draw a line across versions and make a formal release of 1.0. Sure, […]

Tags: is either empty or missing in style.css header.

Theme Check will sometimes throw up a confusing warning about how the style.css file is missing proper information: RECOMMENDED: Tags: is either empty or missing in style.css header. It took me a while to figure out that it was caused by more than one file named style.css in the theme directory. Theme Check applies the […]

Pluto, full disc in high resolution

I thought we had the best photograph of Pluto until we got better: NASA released this photograph of Pluto’s disc on Thursday. Giddy me then spent an hour of my afternoon cooing over surface features. The full-sized version is a 68 MB, 8000 x 8000 pixel PNG version packed with glorious detail. So what’s my […]

Crazy cat lady diptych

We spotted this adorable and friendly tortie in Churchtown.

Rethinking Sass media queries

A look around told me that most Sass media query solutions fall into the pattern of a mixin that either calls a mixin, or from a list of preset variables. Mine looks like this: @mixin media($args) { $type: nth($args, 1); $start: null; $end: null; @if $type == max { // Can't interpolate a mixin, so […]