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SO in love

This a souvenir of our holiday arrived in my inbox this morning from Aafke. :)

Friday at Powerscourt

It’s past 11. I’ll tag these in the morning.

Caira and Garrett, October 2015

Sass mixin to generate pure CSS hexagon

I had an interview test which in part involved a CSS hexagon, so I wrote a mixin to generate one on the fly. The mixin in turn requires several other functions (such as to fetch the square root of a number), and because of this I added a math function library to scss-helpers. You can […]

Sass modular scale function

A mixin for modular scale sizes popped up on Reddit. It wasn’t written well – it tied a bunch of unit measurements together, and was fixed to use the em unit. Wait – just what the heck is modular scale? It’s a ratio which you set, and each increment of font-size (or whatever) equates to […]

Hacktoberfest: won

I put through a bunch of improvements to scss-helpers (MIT license, go grab it!) and a friend’s fork of an old theme.

Sass power function

This was fun to write. Raise or lower a number to any power, although you are limited to five digits of precision. Any number of greater precision is rounded off to the nearest whole number, so you couldn’t have an rem font-size equal to the gravitational constant (not that I’d want to do this): #gravitationally-awesome […]

Lightbox test

This test doubles as a pretty photograph of Poolbeg taken from Blackrock.

Knockout lightbox

That’s enough Sass posts for now. I am on an MVC model-and-framework crash course prompted by the pressures of the job market and a project. For the time being I’m using Knockout, because Knockout has jQuery-ish DOM event bindings. The needs of the project required me to watch for DOM scroll and resize events, then […]

Srcset test

I have wanted to play with srcset, but the effort involved to apply it backward to all of my prior posts was scary. I’ve settled on this configuration: <img src="" srcset=" 414w, 768w 640w, 840w, " alt="Srcset image test (and Killer hijacking my seat)" />

No more jQuery

Here’s a change: your Sheepie experience is now free of jQuery unless you are a dirty IE9 peasant. This morning I removed the last piece of jQuery-dependent code, a preprocessor for highlight.js. highlight.js operates on <pre> tags with a <code> child element. Since I have a few hundred older posts without code that I didn’t […]

Fetch the raw WordPress menu associated with a menu location, and add attributes to a menu item’s HTML

Today I signed the contract on a frontend developer position here in Dublin, so with any luck this might be my last post on WordPress, ever. The menus users create in the WordPress backend are stored in the wp_posts database table as discrete post objects, and the usual method to access the menus is through […]