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Bit soft, like, thanks to Storm Desmond. I was in town for the work Christmas party.

cd to root git repository folder

I have lately done much work inside of git repositories, and cooked up this to make navigation of deep trees a little easier: git-root() { if $(git rev-parse 2> /dev/null); then builtin cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)" else echo "cd: not a git project: ${PWD}" fi } alias gr='git-root' I added the function to my zshrc […]

Killer, 2005-2015

Killer was put to sleep today after several months of illness. I wasn’t there, but I was told she had a can of tuna before the end. Godspeed you magnificent asshole.


Eadaoin and I took in The Force Awakens last night at the IMAX on Parnell Street. The 3D fucked with my eyes (heterotropia and most of the film was a smear as a result, but the film was incredible. Beautiful and wonderful.


Angst is the wellspring of all creativity. You drive yourself, rage against whomever for whatever and fruitfully Cool Artsy Stuff as a byproduct. Most creatives I know are depressives. There’re posts about it from someone every other week and it comes up in everything we have drinks in a pub. This is relevant because I […]

Dun Laoghaire before Christmas

prep 7.0

I fixed a bunch of brokenness in prep: Script will exit if config doesn’t exist. Script will exit if files aren’t passed to the script. Script will exit if necessary executables (mogrify) aren’t found in $PATH. Script will gracefully fall back if a suitable clipboard program is not found. Script now correctly uses temp folders. […]

Biannual scrape of photographs of the kids

Their family and I are back on talking terms for at least the next week. I spoke to them last night and had the opportunity to see and share photographs on Facebook.

Wherein I spoke to Garrett on FaceTime

So Caira is Caira is Caira, as you should know if you know Caira, and Caira was being Caira. Garrett: “Caira stop being such a dipshit!” Me: “Garrett, don’t use words like that! She’s your sister!” Garrett: “Yeah well I wouldn’t if she wasn’t a dickbag.” He’s his father’s son.

Hi! :)

Some neighbourly smiles from Eadaoin and I. :)

instasort 3.0

The last time I tackled this script it was way more fucking complex, what with per-OS checks, multiple loops and regex globs. Oh my. Single loop. find regex replaced by case structure. Streamlined image check and ratio functions-I only care if the image is square. Safer handling of false positives and non-image files (they get […]

Second round of photographs


Eadaoin and I took in Dublin’s Natural History Museum this morning after a lovely walk in from Ranelagh with coffee in hand.

Zshell send-to-clipboard function

I thought it would be fun to share, because I use a slightly different version of this in my image upload script. The function: Scans the system via which to find the first installed “send to clipboard” program. Fall back upon cat if none are found (from there you can copy and paste). Redirect the […]