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Handball alley tomfoolery

We took a long new year’s day walk and wound up in the town’s old handball court that’s been turned into a grafitti gallery by all accounts! Total edginess ensued.

We’re hot

Potato quality, but whatever: this post comes to you from the kingsize bed of the luxury XII suite in Barna’s Twelve Hotel.

The edgy edge of edginess

Too cool for school.

The Archivening

A major gap in the Sheepie theme has been the absence of templates for category, tag and date archives. This update adds such. Changes: Added archive templates for categories, tags and dates. Made a pass to simplify theme CSS by removing dual output of px and rem values for rules. Only rem values are now […]


Here is hard-learned wisdom: a 365 project is difficult. One picks a subject, for which one then must prepare one photograph every day. As a then-professional photographer, I was defeated on Day 149 by the lengthy workflow: capture, import, cull, process, refine, upload, author, revise and submit, repeated every day. It just took too much […]

My free dev stickers from Notifuse arrived!

It’s a step up on my missing Hacktoberfest t-shirt. :( An offer from Notifuse came to light on Reddit, and like the rest of the masses I slammed their site with my order. And now, against hope, the stickers arrived! \o/

Dublin, January 2016

Hacktoberfest bragfest

My Hacktoberfest t-shirt arrived! \o/

On death

Don’t mourn for the dead, but celebrate their lives! You’re the conscious end product of seventeen billion years of wheels and cogs a-whizzing in an unconscious universe-sized machine, and when you’re gone, you’re gone; there’s no heaven, God, gods or any other kind of happy forever after waiting to receive your shriven leftovers. This is […]


So, I shit you not, but last night I dreamed about SQL queries. I was sat at my desk, at work, and there I SELECTED, JOINED, INSERTED AND LIMITED with all the fury of someone who has a job to get done. I don’t know how, but I have managed to avoid any knowledge of […]

Light tig theme

Tig (Text-mode interface for git), is a text-mode interface for git, a tool which provides a handy text interface for any git repository. While tig is great, it hasn’t picked up much of a broad following, or theming community, so it fell to me to create my own light theme for use on a dark […]

Order of the Stick(ers)!

Yeah, fuck it. I was so pleased by my free Notifuse stickers that I went full hipster with an Order of the Stick sticker set from Ookoodook.

Oh, my week?

As a self-taught coder, two of my (supposed) comforts are the intelligence and formal education of my peers. I mean, they literally went to school for this! They graduated, and then behold!, the depth of their expertise is such that they were hired on as Serious Professional Coders. It’s a big comfort blanket I can […]

2 srs 4 u

Eadaoin snapped me on a swing after breakfast at The Dean yesterday morning, and added it to our syzygy.

Reset a file to last committed version in vim

Random but useful. Eh, it works for me. My entire vim profile is available to pull at GitHub. nmap <leader>gr :!git checkout %<CR>

Thursday morning Dublin symmetry

I’m an idiot

So yeah, I may have had a silent permission problem with mod_pagespeed: root@caira apache2 $ {zcat error*gz & cat error.log{,.1}} | grep 'mod_pagespeed' | wc -l 4789168 root@caira apache2 $ {zcat error*gz & cat error.log{,.1}} | grep -v 'mod_pagespeed' | wc -l 7 Let’s just sweep this one under the rug…