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Here’s a queer sight for you: nacreous clouds over Dublin and the rest of the British Isles caused by winter storm Henry. It was a rare and resplendent occasion that I duly celebrated through the time-honoured act of gaping.

Dublin, early February 2016

Valentine’s day 2016

Bought champagne. Didn’t have a fucking bottle opener. Kill me.

vim colourcolumn shorthand function

While there’s probably an efficient, pithy, three-character, way to accomplish this, this works for me: If arguments are passed, take in the first. Coerce it to a number and set colorcolumn with it. There are some things I want to try (like ranges), but that’s for the future. function! RightRuler(...) let &l:colorcolumn = a:0 > […]

vim FIXME keybind

I’m onna roll, rite? This inserts a dated (format YYYY-MM-DD) FIXME comment into the above line. nmap <leader>fm :exe ':normal O# FIXME ' . strftime('%Y-%m-%d') . ': '<CR>i

Caira and Garrett, February 2016

In Temple Bar

zshell: cp the last file in a given directory

It’s come in useful for some small tasks. cp-last() { if [[ -d "$1" ]]; then echo "cd: ${1}: Not a directory" exit 1 fi cp "${1}/$(ls -A1t $1 | head -n 1)" "${2}" }


I was ordered to write

From on high an order has given unto me: I need to blog more. Okay, sure, fine, whatever. Here we are. Most of the real meaty content on this blog came out of my personal pain. A few years ago, shit blew up on me, I had a breakdown, and I poured it out here. […]

So now I have to fucking type again anways

I bought a mechanical keyboard: the Vortex POK3R/Poker 3 keyboard. I mean, I sit at a desk and type six hours per day, five or six days out of any seven. A keyboard is my tool as much as a plumber uses a wrench, and my work-provided Magic Keyboard it shit. It controls the Mac […]