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vim clipboard one-liners

Yank and replace all lines in a file without consuming the clipboard. " Quickly yank all lines in the file. nmap <leader>yy :%y+<cr> " Replace all lines in the file with the contents of the clipboard. nmap <silent><leader>rp gg"_dGVp

Joanna Newsom!

Joanna Newsom is on a tour of Europe, and her Irish stop has seen her perform at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. Eadaoin adores Newton’s-and I enjoy-Joanna’s music. She loves to point out the deeper meaning of lyrics; the reflections on love and time and meaning matter a great deal to Eadaoin. And here I just like […]

Snow day

…and I’m sick as shit. Eadaoin woke me up at about six am because there was a heavy snowfall. I, sick, proposed a walk around the neighborhood, which we promptly undertook. I got soaked, came home, emailed work to let them know I wouldn’t be in and then fell asleep until about one o’clock this […]

Thanks Gar

Garrett has figured out that he can call me whenever, and now does so at 1am. Thanks, kiddo.

Eadaoin’s birthday dinner was deep

It started right off with explanations of arrays and hash tables.

Mandatory vim porn

I fixed a bunch of crap (Powerline font display, mostly). Go check it out!

Have the greenest of days

I used to be a remorseless asshole when it came to the Irish diaspora because of the amount of dipshit hyphenated Americans who flouted their misunderstood past. To me you were either Irish, or you were whatever else. Never could you be both together. Great example: two ladies I knew at Expedia, one named O’Shaughnessy, […]

Eadaoin’s birthday debauchery

Eadaoin’s birthday weekend was Roman in its decadence, with high tea served at the resplendent Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry on Saturday, and a three-course feast of Mexican food consumed on Sunday.

Saturday out

Alanna and Casey came down last night. What a night it was! We had coffee in Clement & Pekoe, sushi and ramen next door in Kokoro and a round of pints at the Brew Dock. Then we went back to Dundrum for homebrewed mead on the couch. On Talbot Street saw two scumbags fighting (or […]

Caira and Garrett, Easter 2016

My Ireland at 100

The Irish Republic turned 100 today and Dublin hosted a huge parade today at the culmination of events centered on the 1916 Easter Rising. The city and country turned out in pride and today was the day to be Irish.

We did it Reddit!

NPM exploded last week. The Listos version is that Kik were not happy with a developer, azer. azer had a package in NPM named ‘kik’. Kik, compelled their trademark, first reached out to azer to ask him to rename or remove his package. azer cursed out Kik, so the company escalated the matter to NPM […]