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Cats and wizardry.



Yet despite all that, I bought one anyways

Paul Mac Eoin and I have kickstarted a new technology podcast. The Future Of. Our slogan is ‘infinity…awaits!’ The Future Of is not just about technology: I want to explore European views and the wider shifts in culture that new gadgets wreak. There are dozens of American technology podcasts full of the Bay Area or […]

I think we were burgled

I’m confused as fuck. On Wednesday our lodger reported that €150 missing from her wardrobe. On Thursday I discovered somebody had stolen from my change jar. They took only the €1 and €2 coins. On Friday, after a lot of talk, our lodger reported this to the Gardai. We had a 10pm visit from two […]

A hot new look

I changed the site’s layout because I didn’t like the old version. Along the way I fixed a good deal of shit code and poor design decisions. Gone is any compatibility with Internet Explorer. Off the top of my head, I: Removed KnockoutJS in favour of a teeny jQuery pub/sub model. Removed convoluted avatar […]

Wordscramble on npm

Wordscramble is also my first npm package ever! I try to learn something new each Saturday, and today I wanted to create, test and publish my own npm package. The first subject to pop into my mind was my typewriter bogosort. Wordscramble is gloriously useless. You pass in a JavaScript object and you get it […]

Dun Laoghaire ice cream

[summer intensifies]

When the work is out of hours

Data binding with jQuery for madness, fun and profit

I began to cringe before I even finished the title. Data-binding, sure, but jQuery data-binding? The fuck? So, yeah, bear with me here. This is a weekend project that I did because I could, but there’s no way in the world I would use this on a production server. The code is brittle and has […]

And then I left

In need of a beard trim, I entered a trendy new barbershop on Exchequer Street and requested one. They asked me for my name and email address.

Extend JavaScript object, and convert object into an array

Turns out I use these stupid methods in a bunch of places, and the search on Github isn’t the most effective. /** * Merge and extend JavaScript object. * * @param {...object} Objects to merge. * @return {object} object - Merged object. */ var extend = function() { var object = {};, function(argument) { […]

Three people called me smart last week

“Intelligent,” declared one. “Clever and driven,” said another.


Every programmer writes this at least once in their career. def kill_orphans end

I have the flu

Influenza, the black death, the red death, greyscale, galloping crotch rot, cooties, leporsy. Call it what you will, death is nigh.